Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? We’ve had a great week in California and are heading back to New York this weekend. (By the way, this book saved our lives on the plane.) Hope you have a great one, and meanwhile, here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Who else is psyched for the final episodes of Mad Men?

February is officially the worst.

I wish I’d had these in California.

Amazing cookies, no baking required.

What a fascinating ethical question.

Okay, take a deep breath.

What a sweet way to announce the sex of your unborn baby.

Can you match the dog with its owner?

Why no one at Fashion Week is wearing tights.

How to lose weight in four easy steps. (Made me laugh.)

Whoa! This guy rules at Wheel of Fortune.

The fleeting joy of getting rid of clutter.

The best Bachelor recaps, written by a former contestant.

Really, really loving this new shirt.

(Photos of Joan Didion in 1968 by Julian Wasser, now showing at Danzinger Gallery. Gender reveal via Storq)

  1. @grace, you’re right…..but at least it’s a different color? :)

  2. @christina, thank you!! haha, you are awesome to remember!

  3. @patricia, literally laughed out loud.

  4. February really is the worst! Ugh! Great article!

  5. The “ethical question” in NYT about one-way tickets to Mars. Wow. The piece really moved me. I even read it out loud to my husband. I always look forward to your Friday links! They strike the perfect balance of thoughtful and funny.

  6. “February is pitiless, and it is boring. That parade of red numerals on its page adds up to zero: birthdays of politicians, a holiday reserved for rodents, what kind of celebrations are those? The only bubble in the flat champagne of February is Valentine’s Day. It was no accident that our ancestors pinned Valentine’s Day on February’s shirt: he or she lucky enough to have a lover in frigid, antsy February has cause for celebration, indeed.”
    ― Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

    Thank you, as always, Joanna!

  7. Love your recaps. Funny about the no tights. I keep wondering why! Why! As it was in high school, I think I will still choose less “cool”, more warm. The no tights people need to stop trying to make fetch happen :)

  8. I was thinking the same thing about no tights in all the Fashion Week pics. I know these people go from a limo to the show, but it looks strange when we all know we are in a extreme freeze. And pics of the men at the shows without socks, haha! I love that look in summer, but not now.

  9. Joanna, is the everlane model your friend Caroline?!

  10. Love the links!! I just finished reading “38 reasons why I want to marry my boyfriend” and saw your blog mentioned in it!!!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you and Alex (Oscar weekend) ;-)

  12. God I missed ur blog !

    Finally bit of time to check it out yeaahh !!

  13. We are heading to Long Beach,California next week. We have no vehicle. Any suggestions as to places to go while we are there? Thank you. Love your blog!

  14. best follow up story!

  15. Oh my word, the penis and sharpie story!!! That is awesome.

    Such a great compilation of links this Friday! xoxo

  16. Every time I intentionally take the time to read these Friday posts, I leave feeling so fulfilled. So many great things to think about! And that story about the sharpie and the whiteboard…hilarious! Hope the transition back from LA to NYC isn’t too harsh. Brrr!

  17. Thank you SO MUCH for the last hour of my life…the Sharleen recaps/blog/insta….I am in heaven! yay!

  18. Those bachelor recaps REALLY took me down a rabbit hole! Phew, who know that crappy TV could be so engaging? :)

  19. Hmm. I identified with the (de)cluttering issue. And I love the breath video.

    Thanks again for all these. When I am busy to click away, I go on your blog and immediately feel like I am in the loop.

    Safe travels!

  20. rachel and vargofamily, good good point!! thank you so much, i’ll change this now.

    also, a funny story: i used to teach the LSAT for kaplan, and after a while, i was promoted to help hire other teachers. for their auditions, people would come in and teach anything non-academic for 5 minutes so that we could see their approach/style in front of a class. one night, a woman came in and taught the difference between gender and sex. (so i should have remembered this!) she drew a picture of a penis on the white board and did her talk, which was really great. but then at the end she realized she had used a Sharpie instead of a non-white-board marker so the image was stuck permanently on the board. we were all in hysterics—including her. ps she was hired :)

  21. Nikki B, I’m going through the exact same thing and I had the same reaction to the “lose weight in 4 easy steps” piece.

  22. fun links! just a thought…those balloons announce a baby’s sex, not gender. gender is how someone chooses to identify.

  23. That Breath video was really something…powerful. I love these links you share… :-)

  24. Loved the take a deep breath – travel safe!

  25. Sex and gender are two very different things and they shouldn’t be used interchangeably! (It’s definitely my most ranty subject!)❤️

  26. The 4 things that made you laugh… made me hysterically cry. Funny how people read things so much differently. Currently in the mist of a horrible life altering breakup after 5 years and using this mans method of coping. I guess there is hope.

    P.s. Thinking of you and your family. xo

  27. I’m so excited for Mad Men as well! Great photos.

  28. I’m obsessed with Sharleen’s recaps! They’re so much more interesting because she lets us in on some of the “TV magic” of the show…puts things into perspective but also makes everything so much more compelling.