Birthday Cake

Hope you had a great weekend! We celebrated my birthday on Saturday, which was really fun. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see…

We served chocolate cake with chocolate icing (no messing around) and the boys were out-of-their-minds excited.
(Did you spot the typo? Oops!)
Toby helped me blow out the candles, while Anton provided steady strength.
(I love Toby’s face here:)
Then Alex cut the cake, using a wet knife, which is what we always did growing up to get a cleaner slice. (But maybe we should have used a buttered knife instead?)
And we were off!
The boys wasted no time.
It was such a lovely afternoon, and the moment when all three boys sang “Happy Birthday” was one of my favorite parenting moments so far. That evening, Alex and I went to Grocery for dinner, which was amazing. Thanks to these sweet guys for such a great day! xoxo

P.S. Cheeky birthday candles, and birthday cheese.

  1. I have the sweets for Anton’s thinky little face. Hank was just like that as a little guy.

  2. Happy Belated Birthay Jo ;)

    Wishing you the very best for the new year. xo

  3. Yum, cake! These pictures are adorable. Happy birthday!

    I posted this trick for sugar and cookies, but did you know you can also keep cake longer by storing it with a piece of bread in the container?

  4. Hi Joanna, I’m you loyal reader since a few years ago. Since I was single but on the verge of getting married, to expecting baby, until now I have a daughter of 13 months old… There’s so much things and wisdom and wit and useful tips and everything from everyday sneaking to A Cup of Jo :) Thank You, and have a Happy Happiest Birthday! Hug from Indonesia :)

  5. Happy belated birthday!! I love the way Toby is looking at Anton in the last picture, and how the kids are each a mini me of you and Alex :)

  6. Happy Birthday, Joanna! What a sweet way to spend the evening. Also that cake looks incredible.

  7. Well, those photos are just plain priceless. A very happy birthday to you and your beloved sister. Would that you could be together sooner, but until then, I am sending you both heartfelt wishes for a jolly birthday, and a lovely time when next you are together.

  8. Happy belated birthday! It looks like it was so special.

  9. shruti, yes, a cute little place in carroll gardens.

  10. marcia, that is so cool that you have twins!

  11. So cute! Happy Birthday! And don’t forget to post a picture in the new dress!

  12. Belated happy b’day Joanna! I did not notice the typo till you pointed it out :) Did you guys order the cake from a local baker in Brooklyn?

  13. I wish I had a slice of that cake right now. Chocolate chocolate is the only way to go. Happy Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! Love those photos of the boys devouring cake (and the Hannas, too)!

  15. grocery still exists! that’s good news :)

  16. Happy birthday! The cake looks delish. I would love to hear about how you are finding the new neighborhood and the new coffee/ restaurant spots you have found. Lucy x

  17. I totally wrote “Birthay” TWICE!!! And didn’t even realize it until waaay after the fact when I was looking through pictures. Ha! Glad I’m not the only one!

  18. There’s nothing better than a child’s chocolate-smeared face in pure delight. Happy Birthday, lady!

    Hot Mess Mamas

  19. Happy belated, Jo! Your little guys are too cute… though I can’t get over that chocolate-covered Anton and his adorable belly. :)

  20. Happy birthday! from Romania! May this new year bring you a lot of joys!

  21. Oh boys . . . last week on my birthday my 3 year old said out of the blue, “Oh!! Mommy! I have so many happy birthdays for you!”

    Happy Birthday!

  22. It’s amazing how much Toby looks like you and Anton looks like your husband! I wonder who a third child would look like?! Ah, genetics!

  23. Happy Birthday Joanna! Love your posts!

  24. Happy Birthday!! Why is Toby’s face so sweet and cute?! Those eyes kill me!

  25. Happy belated birthday Joanna!! Hope your year is beautiful and joyful. I love your look in the last pic. Such love!

  26. Happy birthday! Looks amazing. I still want to see you in your black lacy dress!!

  27. SL says...

    So sweet (both the cake and the boys)! Happy birthday! And yes I second sumslay, would love to see the beautiful dress. ;)


  29. Happy belated birthday, Joanna! Adorable pics! xo

  30. collette, i totally agree. my friend and i were saying how nice it is because kids inspire you to have an actual birthday cake. otherwise you just end up getting a regular dessert at a restaurant or whatever ;)

  31. amanda, yes! the boys live in them in the winter:)

  32. A local baker in town was interviewed (his cakes are ammmazzing!) and said about 70% of his clientele preferred white to chocolate. I couldn’t believe it – chocolate is amazing. It’s so nice being a parent and birthdays “slow down” a little, plus kiddos are really excited for you. Happy belated.

  33. So many sweet smiles!

  34. We made the chocolate cake this weekend, too! I subbed coconut oil for vegetable oil and it was amazing. Thanks for sharing that recipe and inspiring me.

    My son just turned 2 and he’s finally at an age where he can really participate in baking with me (pouring the ingredients, stirring, and tasting, of course). The chocolate-smeared-on-the-face pictures are the best.

    Adorable pictures of your boys!