Tomboy Shirt

Last night, I was lying in bed simultaneously watching The Bachelor and reading Atlantic articles when I clicked over to Madewell and saw this shirt. I felt like I was looking at my mom in the 70s. I have a photo of her wearing almost this exact same shirt, with messy hair and a middle part, standing on a sunny rooftop in England. There’s something effortlessly lovely and relaxed about these types of collarless shirts. I’d love to wear this one all winter and spring.

Thoughts? Would you wear this?

P.S. It would look beautiful tucked into these.

  1. That’s funny, I have a couple of shirts in this style now. I like that they have no collar standing up, my hair is long and I hate to always put it in a ponytail because of shirt collars bothering me. Madewell is always fab, imo.

  2. I like the simplicity of this shirt!
    Yes i would wear it, of course!


  3. just an fyi…I ordered a shirt with the same collar from another store (landsend), and it looked horrible. The reason I think, was that I have a shortish neck and long hair – I looked like a turtle. If you have a long neck, I think it would look great!

    • Put your hair into a ponytail . I do that when I have collars that bother me with my long hair.

  4. Any suggestions for banded collar shirts like this for men (besides J Peterman)? We just watched Grand Budapest Hotel last night and my husband was exclaiming over the shirts M. Gustave and Zero were wearing when they were on the lam.

  5. Love it, but high necked shirts don’t tend to work well on short large-busted ladies (unless anyone knows of any that do???)

    • I never knew that .. I thought it would be just the opposite, large busted ladies don’t always want to show off that beautiful big bust with a low cut shirt .

  6. YES! :3 It looks exactly like the shirt I gave my BF for xmas! Sadly, it didn’t fit him and we didn’t have the time to give it back. :( Lucky it fit me tho! :)

  7. I really like this shirt – great style!

    …but for $75? Ugh. Not in my budget anytime soon.

  8. I like this kind too !
    One piece I got from J.Crew long ago looks pretty much the same.
    And so does one of those old Comptoir des Cotonniers pièces that will not leave my closet (even though i tried to get rid of it several times)

    Have you noticed how the model and Charlotte Gainsbourg look alike ? Almost a doppelganger ? Stunning !

  9. Love it, would wear it, want to buy it, can’t afford it :(( but OMG yes so cute

  10. I wore shirts like this in the ’70s! I even had a maternity version in 1975!

  11. jenn, yes! we just got delayed because of the holidays :) stay tuned :)

  12. I loved this shirt when I tried it on at the store…just biding my time until there’s a sale!

  13. I wish I looked better in collarless shirts. Speaking of your mom, Jo, are you still working on the advice from mom post/series?

  14. Yes, I am loving the tomboy style right now! Some days I want a dress, and the next it’s all menswear!

    I also really like the jeans you linked to. Effortlessly cool.

  15. I had a flashback…it could be me in the 70s. A friend & I made these & sometimes we found shirts we liked but took the collars off.

    I probably wouldn’t wear it now but it is a nice memory.


  16. I just saw one at a vintage shop in Paris. It was Mens and thought about getting it to wear over leggings! Looked oh so comfy! Love mom 70’s fashion:)

  17. that is such a “joanna” shirt!! would be so cute w pretty flats (and i can even picture it with a jean skirt?!).

    p.s. thoughts on the bachelor? have you noticed that they haven’t included any lengthy conversations between him and the ladies? i have a hunch it’s because all the conversations are painfully uninteresting….

  18. The link doesn’t work :( only takes you to main Madewell page.

  19. LOVE but I almost always love anything from Madewell. I will tell you, between Madewell and JCrew I have my home wear and my work wear all covered. I almost never shop any other store.

    My mom looked like that in the 70s too.