High Maintenance

When we were in California over the holidays, I stumbled across the web series High Maintenance, a series of short films about different people who order pot from the same guy. “While the premise may sound goofy (not to mention potentially alienating for those who don’t partake),” says the New Yorker, “the execution is flawless.” What I loved about it: The show captures certain types of New Yorkers so precisely; I kept forgetting they were actors. It was hilarious and compelling. I ended up binge-watching all of them within 24 hours, sneaking episodes while the boys were napping.

I’d highly recommend it. See them all here.

P.S. Which shows do you binge-watch? Plus, the best written TV shows of all time and a hilarious Girls spoof.

  1. Call the Midwife – love, love love… season 4 is starting soon!

  2. LOVE this show now!!!! I just binge-watched it! So fun! Thanks for telling us all about it!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Just watched the first episode and yes, such perfect New York stories. (Also, Cousin Matthew is ALIVE! I KNEW IT!)

    As for binge watching, I CAN NOT RECOMMEND THE AMERICANS ENOUGH. SOOOO GOOOOD. Actulaly, I am currently re-binge-watching now in preparation for the third season to start at the end of the month. It’s set in the 80s (awesome music and costumes) and involves sex, disguises, deception, espionage, politics, thrilling chase scenes and lots of action. At its core, though, it is really a story about marriage told through the lens of the cold war and russian spies. It is fascinating, well-written and wonderfully acted. I have no idea why Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys haven’t received more critical acclaim for it, because they are phenomenal. Available streaming on Amazon Prime. Next I’ll be moving on to Transparent!

  4. You got me hooked on NYC Ballet series, now on this! Hilarious! Being out of NY for two years (after 12), I like having distance on all these situations because they are all sooooo true it’s scary…….

  5. I don’t enjoy shows with violence or drugs in them (you’ll never see me watching breaking bad) but am watching Girls now.

  6. My favorite binge right now is Broad City! WAY better than Girls. It’s actually entertaining!

    Also: It’s Always Sunny, Gilmore Girls, Twin Peaks, Orphan Black, and Parks and Rec (multiple times!) to name a few.

    I’m a college student with (currently) a light work load so I watch a lot of Netflix.

  7. Transparent is an absolute must-see (or must-binge!).

  8. Haha i just watched the trailer and first episode. I wasn’t expecting to like it, but I did! I’m also a fan of how the episode was only 5 min long, and good thing too, because I’m supposed to go to sleep now and get up early in the morning for training :P Thanks for sharing this! I’ll definitely be watching the rest whenever I have time. I also found out about the podcast Serial through you (and later saw it pop up on other blogs) and binged-listened to that :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  9. I don’t know anyone who’s watching HM, & I’m a superfan! So excited to know more folks are discovering & appreciating it.

  10. Transparent on Amazon Prime!! Soooo good!!

  11. THIS IS THE BEST SHOW! so glad you featured it on your blog joanna!!

  12. EB says...

    Oh man, love a good show! Orphan Black, Bletchley Circle, Broadchurch, Brooklyn Nine Nine…

  13. OOH Doc Martin is amazing too! It’s a British comedy set in Cornwall – you would love it.

  14. The Bletchley Circle and Miss Fischer Mysteries on Netflix. Mystery period dramas with strong leading ladies, aw yeah.

  15. I just in the past couple of days, did a slight binge, catching up on shows I missed during the holidays while I had people here.
    But what I am currently having a lovely binge on, is Doc Martin.
    I am embarrassed to admit, I never watched it before and now I can’t wait to see more each night. I am doling them out to myself so they will last longer now.
    To Annie P .. I wondered if I was the only female who didn’t miss an episode of Justified :)

  16. Currently I’m binge-watching Scandal. I’ve never seen any season until recently and now I’m halfway through season 2 and really enjoying! I was wondering what show to binge on next so I’m glad you posted this!

  17. I just binge watched all of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Loved it. It was described as Seinfeld for jerks.

  18. I saw the episode ‘rachel’ while binge watching Dan Stevens’ shorts and clips. LOL it was great. He’s so good in it. A far cry from Downton. I suppose I should catch the other episodes. Love that you pointed this out.

  19. I’ve been binge watching Gilmore Girls. It’s the perfect end of the day treat. Also: Call the Midwife and Lillihammer

  20. The only show I ever binged watch was Entourage. I know it can be crass, but there’s something I loved about it. :)

    This looks intriguing!

  21. I have binge watched Downton Abbey and Justified, now watching The Americans.

  22. I love High Maintenance! Those little sneak peeks into characters’ everyday lives are so rich with humor and insight <3

  23. Over the Holidays I watched The Wrong Mans with my family, it’s a BBC show airing on Hulu in the US, starring James Cordon. It is hilarious, many of us were in tears, but also has a dramatic storyline. A true dramedy – highly recommend! I think there are only about 10 episodes.

  24. I definitely binge-watched the first and second seasons of Homeland. I cannot imagine having to wait a week for each new episode if I had caught it when it first came out on HBO!!!

  25. Is it available on Netflix? Where did you watch it?

  26. I used to binge watch Felicity. I still enjoy its slow pace, quietness, and subtlety. More recently, I binge watched Madmen, which I had no idea was so delicious to watch.