Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? I’ll be wishing my twin sister a happy birthday tomorrow—unfortunately, from 2,600 miles away. But I’m looking forward to having cake with the boys and I’ve been hinting to Alex about this recipe;) Hope you have a fun weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Goodbye, Mom and Dad!

A better way to make pizza.

The cost of things in the U.S. after being away for 14 years.

The best thing about winter. (Made me laugh.)

A French girl’s trick for getting dressed.

Why the world seems quieter when it snows.

Whoa, what a fascinating quote about children playing.

How awesome is this living room makeover?

A genius way to organize your workweek.

Late person vocabulary.

Love these beautiful prints.

The funniest invention I’ve seen in a while.

(Cost of things link via via Miss Moss)

  1. no joke, i had to get a walking desk installed for my boss! hahahahahahaha.

  2. I hope you had a fabulous birthday with your guys! I know they loved celebrating you!!! xo

  3. Har. I love that “The Billfold” website. Too funny.

  4. Happy birthday! I tried the chocolate cake recipe at the weekend and it was delicious. I made a smaller sized cake and used the left overs to make some cupcakes. Yum Yum!


  5. Hi and hope you’ve had an amazing Birthday weekend! Thank you again for this lovely post!

  6. Happy birthday Jo. I used to live in the town with the ice on the cars – it’s Versoix, on the banks of the lake near Geneva, Switzerland. It’s a lovely town- with a great coffee shop called Cartier and views of Mont Blanc.

  7. err, *quite* sure…

  8. My husband always request the chocolate yogurt cake that you linked to a few years ago for his birthday!! Hope your birthday was a wonderful one. That quote about children’s play really has me thinking. As a teacher, I’m not quit sure how to wrap my head around it!

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope you got the chocolate cake, or something even better. :)

  10. Happy Birthday, Joanna! To your sister, too! Hope you get that chocolate cake. :-)

  11. Happy birthday!
    I really love the parents at the door. Mine do the same, and I can only imagine always wanting to walk my girls out.

  12. My grandparents walked us to the elevetor every time. EVERY TIME. That’s so sweet. Thank you Joanna for sharing!
    And happy happy birthday for you and Lucy! …have a little piece of cake for me!

  13. Sitting is killing you and hurting your back. When you sit 5x as much force goes through your spine than when you’re standing.
    Everyone should have treadmill desks….

  14. HAHA late person vocab = me. Woahh, the “why the world seems quieter when it snows” is really interesting. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  15. Happy bday!

  16. Happy happy birthday!! Have a lovely weekend & birthday celebration! xo

  17. My birthday is on the 1st! Happy birthday to you and Lucy <3

  18. Oh man. That took me a minute. It must be Friday. Your TWIN SISTER – so it’s your birthday too! Happy Birthday!!

  19. That chocolate cake recipe you’re hinting at is amazing!!! My sister baked if a few months ago, heavenly goodness. Yumm I’m craving it now…
    Happy Birthday!

  20. That recipe for chocolate cake from Add a Pinch is amazing!! My sister made it a few months ago. Heavenly

  21. Happy birthday to Jo and Lucy! What an awesome way for Lucy to spend a birthday – at the Super Bowl!

  22. Happy Birthday! Regarding getting dressed–I feel like a lot of the “French ways and tips” are more of a European thing (but I know everyone coins these things as French). My mom is from Germany and she raised me in such an organic, natural way with classic style that I appreciate so much as an adult! I used to think she was just so old fashioned and un-hip!

  23. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOANNA!! I hope you have a lovely birthday date with your husband & your favorite dress choice is divine! Great Friday post as always!

  24. Happy Birthday!!

    And when I worked in an office I often joked to my boss that one of those treadmill desks would improve productivity….he never went for it! :)

  25. This is keeping me procrastinating for a while :) It’s my brothers 21st birthday this weekend. It looks like he’ll be getting this chocolate cake haha.

    Jersey Gypsy

  26. Happy birthday and great round-up! The mom and dad link is too sweet!

  27. Happy Birthday! That chocolate cake recipe is the one I always use. So good!

  28. Happy birthday weekend!


  29. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, enjoy delicious cake (or cheese), feel beautiful in your new dress, and beloved by your three guys.

    Thanks for keeping us all entertained all week long!

  30. no way! i can’t believe you guys have actually seen/used them! i would love to try one.

  31. Happy birthday!! My mother has used that recipe for my own birthday cake (at my request) the last couple years!! (Although I skipped the espresso powder). It is DELICIOUS!

  32. Happy Birthday to you and your sister, Joanna!

  33. Happy birthday!

  34. My coworker actually has a treadmill desk and she loves it! She said it took a bit to get used to but now she gets so antsy at a normal desk.

    And Happy Birthday!

  35. My husband seriously considered the treadmill desk a few months ago but thankfully went with just a standing desk. I’m on my feet all day at work but if he doesn’t make the time to move around, he would be spending atleast 8 hours a day sitting at a desk!

  36. Ha! As I’m typing this, I’m walking on that *very treadmill*! I work from home so I decided to ask my company to get me one and it’s *amazing*. No more sitting motionless for hours :)

  37. Oh I hope you both have very happy birthdays!!

  38. A great roundup! The article that caught my eye was the one about the cost of living in the US. My husband and I only spent 2 years abroad (technically 1, the other was in rural Alaska which fully removed us from American culture). Even though we were only gone for 2 years, we realized how drastically the inflation had risen since we’d moved. I love America for so many reasons, but the economy is not one! We dream of moving to South America one day :)

    Circus & Bloom

  39. Have a great Birthday! We are busy with Superbowl prep..and thanks always for the wonderful links!

  40. I am such a fan of Peter Gray and his research on children, education, and playing. I had not read about children playing in concentration camps — this totally blew my mind. Such thought-provoking stuff!

    Also, on a lighter note, the quietness of a snow-filled day was fascinating. Great links, Joanna!