Have a Great (Long) Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend? I’m taking my first yoga class in our neighborhood! Thanks for all the inspiration, and wish me luck. Have a wonderful weekend, stay warm, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The other life-changing thing I’m buying in bulk.

Hilarious birthday cards.

I’m afraid to stop having babies.”

A museum…from the art’s perspective.

Winter blues, literally.

You probably sound like a big phony during job interviews.

Seven things I can’t stop noticing whenever I read Knuffle Bunny.”

Christ, what an a**hole!”

The perfect gift for grammar nerds.

Genius! You can now rent a wedding dress.

Why in-flight food tastes weird.

Caroline’s new obsession. (Apparently it lasts forever.)

And for this weekend: Where to watch the Oscar-nominated documentaries.

(What They See via Sho and Tell)

  1. I love this picture! Where did it come from? Please and thank you. :)

  2. thanks for these sweet comments! i signed up for a class at prema yoga in my neighborhood. it’s in a brownstone and the room is so pretty with a fireplace :)

  3. His face is priceless.

    Hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend! I so needed it.
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  4. I am completely hooked on and her daily practice. I’m a bit shy about going to class too and compound that with not really having the time and this is perfect. I follow her gentle videos at home before everyone wakes up and I start my day in such a great mood! BTW I am in no way connected with or paid to advertise her. I just love waking up to a bit of Yoga that I can do in my PJ’s. It’s also made me a MUCH more patient mama, which in the end is my real goal. Would love to hear if you give it a try. Best of luck in your Yoga endeavors!

  5. Renting a wedding dress is the best, I’m so glad you’ve bought it to people’s attention! I rented a gorgeous Vera Wang dress for my wedding almost 6 years ago, which would never have been in my budget to buy outright. I was so thrilled to have such a beautiful dress for our day, and I highly recommend it!

  6. ahh! my sister’s friend started borrowing magnolia! so happy to see it featured!

  7. YAY yoga!! <3

  8. Hope you enjoyed your yoga class Jo! I use to do yoga from time to time and I love everything about it.


  9. I hope you LOVED yoga. I’ve been practicing for 10 years and yoga is something I will do for the rest of my life. My advice: try multiple studios with different kinds of yoga. You might be surprised how different it can be at different places with different “styles” of yoga. Enjoy! I hope you love it!!!

  10. Love those birthday cards! Adorable!

  11. I hope you liked yoga!! If you didn’t — I recommend trying again with another teacher :) There are so many different styles of teaching & it took me a long time to find a teacher I really clicked with. Namaste!

  12. Interesting blogs! I felt so sad reading the “babies”, laughed at the funny cards, and love the what they see! So cool to read what others are thinking!

  13. I’m not a mother, but I babysit and do think about mothers that want to have babies for the sake of having babies. And it annoys me. I know I’m not being very understanding but it just feels so selfish to me to have babies just because you want to have babies, not necessarily children. There is a difference. If you’re just pulled by the biological urge to have something cute in your arms, get a puppy, or play with other people’s babies.

    I guess I recognize that distinction in myself, that I have always liked working with children, but never felt the maternal urge. I was not one one those kids that always wanted to be a mom. I just find children fascinating and cute, I guess especially as a creative person I’m still very in touch with what it feels like to a child. I feel much more like a teacher or aunt. I wouldn’t for a second confuse liking kids with wanting to have them (yet) myself.

  14. My mom rented her wedding dress (she’s from Elmira, NY) in 1962! :)

  15. I can’t find there a doc that’s nominated too. It’s called Joanna, it’s about a young wife and a mother terminally ill. The facts are sad, she dies but, surprisingly, the film is about the beauty of life, its precious, fragile, fantastic moments it’s worth to endure for. You must watch it.

  16. Joanna, you are a lifesaver! Thanks so much the link to the Oscar-nominated documentaries. I just got home from a movie night at a friend’s place and I asked her if she knew which documentaries are up this year and where I can watch the trailers.

    Happy weekend!


  17. Instead of the no-show socks, you totally need to check out NotSocks ( They are awesome – you put them in your shoes and they don’t slip off your heels like most of the liner-type socks do (or at least they do for me.)

  18. I can’t remember the last time I read Knuffle Bunny!! And omg the article about why plane food tastes the way it does is mind blowing!! I never considered that it was my taste bud’s fault, not the food’s. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  19. The Knuffle Bunny link… My husband and I are crying with laughter. That was FUNNY!

  20. Renting a wedding dress was done lots in the past in the UK- my mum rented hers when she was married in the 60s. I’ve always thought it was a good idea.

  21. How funny, I was just thinking yesterday about how smart my mom was for renting her wedding dress (in 1967, Indianapolis) as I was deciding whether to sell mine! It was lovely, covered in lace. And the reception space at the Y was free because my dad was a lifeguard there – they were 21-year-old college kids. :)

  22. You will do great. Once you go a few times you will expect the moves, especially in Sun Salutation, and you’ll jump into them before the instructor instructs.

  23. Oh! I so relate to the mama who’s afraid to stop having babies. We’ve decided that two kids is our limit and our second is 16 months old. Wish I could freeze time. These past few years have been so precious. One older and wiser woman told me that the love I feel for my babies is the same love I’ll feel for them when they’re in their thirties :) So sweet, but I won’t have those chubby little cheeks to kiss!

  24. lendy, i love your comment. sending you a hug and high five! xo

  25. haha sonya that is amazing! caroline said it lasted through an entire cheeseburger and fries :)

  26. As a grammar nerd, I would love one of those tees (or better yet, the long sleeved poplin version)!

    Have a good weekend, and good luck with your first yoga class!

  27. Have a great time at yoga! This is a great beginner video if you want to do a quick practice before you to go public class. I got so nervous before my first public class (I get so nervous before anything new) and I felt a lot better after practicing a bit on my own.
    I also want to say thank you for your recent link back to the Grand Canyon visualization. It’s been helping me so much!

  28. Have fun at yoga! As someone that is not very athletic/can’t touch my toes, I love going to yoga classes at least once a week. During the class, just focus on you and how the different stretches/poses feel – don’t focus on the girl on the other side of the room who can effortlessly pull off a handstand. Once I realized this, yoga classes became so much enjoyable! I also recommend trying out different kinds of classes and instructors. Eventually, you will find a perfect fit.

  29. I also started yoga for the first time this week and I am hooked. Good luck!

  30. I have a weekend alone and plane on catching on some movies (and ok reality tv) have a great one!
    In Dramatic Fashion

  31. I love that museum tumblr! Reminds me of all my visits to the Met.

  32. I love the museum views!! Happy weekend.

  33. Has renting a wedding dress seriously not been a thing in the States before? I’m from northern Europe where it’s been a popular option for at least 20-30 years.

  34. I really want to watch the Vivian Maier documentary. It makes me think of myself and all the other woman who have so much potential but we sometimes hold it inside whether its due to life, motherhood or fear. Her photos are so beautiful. As a SAHM & newbie blogger (just to keep my brain alert) I do feel like my real creative desires are a secret—even if I don’t really know them myself yet!! Psycho babble! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  35. That museum tumblr is so great. And that NYX Matte Lip Cream is the BEST. I wore that exact same shade yesterday and it stayed on THROUGH THE SHOWER.