Have a Fun Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to the Natural History Museum tomorrow and might take a two-second walk around Central Park before the boys inevitably complain about being cold. Also we just painted our apartment (we went DARK!), and I’m excited to share some photos soon. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

Butterscotch pudding for the win.

On meaning. (“You come to understand that most people are neither for you nor against you; they are thinking about themselves. You learn that no matter how hard you try to please, some people in this world are not going to love you, a lesson that is at first troubling and then really quite relaxing.”)

Jimmy Fallon’s worst date ever. (Guess who it was with!)

Fashion dads made me laugh.

It’s okay to hate your spouse for 10 minutes a day.”

Ayn Rand reviews children’s movies.

Have you ever tried these? Do they work?

If Serial were a romantic comedy.

This makes me want a dog.

10 New Year’s cooking goals.

A hypnotic map of the wind.

Clever trick for making round ice cubes.

Hilarious live coverage of The Bachelor. (Are you watching?)

(Marriage post via Swiss)

  1. The handwarmers are really great!

  2. Kristina says...

    Hi Joanna, really enjoyed reading this haha, and i must say those handwarmers are a must. I’m speaking from experience.

  3. Hey Joanna, waiting for your photos soon. Have a fun weekend. Thanks for the links of many fun posts. I went through some of them. Liked really :)

  4. I’ve seen that article about meaning linked on a couple of blogs, and I’m confused. The author includes a lovely (in my view) quote on meaning and meaningfulness, then proceeds to bash this search for individual, personal meaning, favoring what he calls “real moral systems” instead. I’m curious, do you like the idea of finding and making your own meaning, or do you share the author’s apparent view that glorifying “meaningfulness” is “flabby and vaucous”? (I wholeheartedly disagree with him!)

  5. My read the “I hate you for 10 minutes a day” article aloud with my fiancé. It was so entertaining yet full of wisdom; a great mix of heavy & light. In the moment that followed, after I finished the last sentence, my fiancé said only this (in reference to the last sentence)..”You don’t need a compass in Rome!” to which I responded, “THAT’S what you took from that?!” Haha. He made a great point though & we laughed at it all. Thank you for sharing! (Loyal reader for years now. You do great work!)

  6. Thanks for the link to the article about meaning – some great advice. I really enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts :)

  7. Hey there! Part of my job is sometimes spending long hours outside and in these crazy winters we’ve been having I’ve pulled out those handwarmers. Totally work! (Just read the directions before using them!)

  8. The handwarmers definitely work in Vermont! I have been using them for years for many outdoor activities from ski races to sledding. Love reading your blog, by the way!

  9. Fashion Dads – I’m crying….my FIL, Father and sometimes husband(eek) will all make it onto this site soon :)

  10. My husband is a postal carrier and he takes a couple of those hand warmers with him on really cold days.

  11. The hand warmers totally work! I put them on the back of my neck and they make my whole body warm.

  12. The hand warmers saved my life when, for 5 days, we had no power after a big snow storm 2 years ago. Each day the temps did not get above 10 degrees, and we have no fireplace. It was horrible. But I had a whole box of those hand warmers (I use them when I got skiing), so what I did was dress in fleece from head to toe (literally), stay under the covers (down comforter, thank god), and placed about 6-8 warmers all along my body. I could sleep thro the night like that and they stayed warm all night, I guess because I was under so many layers of blankets and down. I love them so much I would marry them, that’s how good I think they are. Does that answer your question?? : )

  13. We buy Hot Hands in bulk for snow skiing. Sometimes my 8 year old complains they make her too warm (she’s kind of her own furnace) but we’ve never had complaints of burns like one person mentioned.

  14. The hand warmers work! Work well for stuffing in the toe of your boots (as long as you’re also wearing socks). I’ve worn them to cold football games and for skiing.

  15. The wind map is so hypnotic! But I shall not be fooled. Wind chill is a serious pain in the… everywhere -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  16. Joanna, I have Raynaud’s syndrome and when I go skiing I desperatly need foot warmers. They do work!
    Have a nice weekend! We are going to visit my lovely grandmother, she turned 96 three days ago! Cheers!

  17. Handwarmers 100% work

  18. This weekend I’m marching in my town in the memory of the killed journalists in Paris
    #je suis Charlie

  19. I used those hand warmers all the time while teaching English in Japan as the winters were brutal and they didn’t heat the drafty schools until December 1 each year, no matter the temperature!

  20. hot hands saved my butt my last half-marathon- I would have been frozen stiff without them!

  21. The hand warmers totally work! I just saw I am not the only one to comment on this how funny! Have a great weekend! Hope the trip to the museum is fun!

  22. hot hands definitely work! I’ve used them since high school. they saved my life when I was living in cold Eastern Washington in college. Stick them in your gloves and shoes if you’ll be outside in the freezing weather for a while!

  23. Hot hands definitely work! I can attest to that. I live in the U.P.! :)

  24. Have a great weekend Joanna!
    I have been reading your blog for quite some time and I absolutely love it! I especially enjoyed the “motherhood around the world” posts. I’m from Norway myself and I think it’s interesting to hear other peoples opinions in regards to raising children in Norway.

  25. Love the hand warmers – just put them in a sock or some kind of fabric to hold them – too hot to be right up against your skin. Great for football games, or my husband uses them for golf.

  26. Oh that husband hating piece really struck a cord. There are certainly 5-10 minutes on most days that i can’t stand the guy… In the same way he can’t stand watching me get undressed and throw my clothes on the chair in our room instead of taking the two minutes to put them away properly. We drive each other crazy with those little nit-picky pet-peeves… for ten minutes a day. And spend the rest of the 23 hours and 50 minutes madly in love.

  27. That balloon ice trick makes me nervous! I’m allergic to balloons (latex)!

  28. the hand warmers workbut the foot warmers by the same brand are AMAZING

  29. Handwarmers are great, but I recommend looking for Japanese brands! I think they’ve perfected the technique so it’s super long-lasting and safe, and they have different ones too: you can put them in your pocket, or there are ones you can stick onto your shirt (lower back or belly).

  30. I use Zippo’s hand warmer when I’m snowshoeing. My husband lights it up at home before we go since it gives us a full-day of warmth on one fill up. USB hand warmers seem to get good reviews too, if you’re concerned about using lighter fluid (though once the Zippo warmer is lit, I’ve never been worried about having it in my pocket as it has a metal encasing and when inside its pouch, it is comfortable to the touch). Single-use hand warmers are good to stick in tight spaces like your boots. They make smaller ones for that purpose, as other commenters have mentioned.

  31. Joanna – I really enjoy reading your blog everyday! Cup of Jo is one of my favorite blogs.

    I enjoyed listening to Serial and thought the Funnie or Die and SNL Serial parodies were funny, but I find that Serial Dating parody really distasteful!

  32. We love hothands when we ski! Seriously a miracle!

  33. That Fallon video is pure gold.

  34. I like the article on hating the husband for 10 minutes. It really needed to be put out there as permission or something.

  35. We sell those hand warmers at a pharmacy I work in here in Australia. We don’t really have the New York climate for them day to day but they are really really popular with our ageing and diabetic clientele who find they have circulation issues- I thought they were a bit gimmicky at first but they do actually work!

  36. yay thanks for the handwarmer tips!! going to try wearing them while riding my bike to work.

  37. jennifer, looks like it’s going to be a good one. and DRAMATIC.

  38. adrianna, it’s so freeing when you realize that not everyone’s bad moods have to do with you! :)

  39. On meaning…so true. Now I just need to remember that nobody cares so be YOU!

    the wind map is relaxing. I need to put it on my tv on Mondays during Luna’s naps when I am already thinking that I will need a glass of wine later. Ha!

  40. Haha! No, not watching the Bachelor this season…I should say, yet. Have a great weekend!

  41. I love the link “on meaning.” It’s so true and so freeing. It’s very hard to understand for me, that we’re not all thinking about each other, and considering each other. But we usually aren’t, and that’s ok. It’s not sinister, it just is. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Hand and feet warmers are wonderful! We use them for football games a lot. I agree with Melissa–you’ll need a layer between the packet and your skin or you might get burned. After you open them, you shake them to activate.

  43. I was dying over Ayn Rand Reviews Children’s Movies. Hilarious!!!

  44. LB says...

    Ha! I busted out those exact same hand warmers yesterday when it was -2 in Boston and my hands went numb just walking the dog across the street. Definitely worth it, I need to stock up now!

  45. The handwarmers are really great! I used them once while I was snowmobiling in Vail. I slipped them into my gloves while they were on the handle bars of my snowmobile and worked like a charm in the freezing cold!

  46. those handwarmers are a MUST for football games!

  47. I love the handwarmers! I get a crate of the foot ones(with sticky bits to stick to your socks) every winter, and I put a pair on whenever I’m going snowboarding and it’s colder than 15F. I totally recommend them.

  48. From a native Minnesotan, Hot Hands work. They come in especially handy during the coolest celebration on Earth, the St. Paul Winter Carnival. And for things like ice fishing and drinking beer outside at the largest winter festival — you know, the usual winter activities.