1. my sister in law and i have a thing where we try and find the funniest silliest most inappropriate cards possible. we usually end up laughing til we cry every time! it’s great.

  2. Do check out this lovely site! It’s a little stationary company who works out of a red bard in the middle of a field, here in mid-Missouri. :) They’re awesome ladies (and one gent) who make the most lovely of things! Hand painted cards, posters, fabrics, boxes, etc!


  3. I like the Aquarius one! I am planetary lover :)
    Happy birthday Joanna and Lucy!

  4. My favorite cards most recently have been this girl:


    She has some great ones and I love how honest they are. Over the past few years, I have become obsessed with cute greeting cards and I often times order them 10-20 at a time so that I always have something on hand. Etsy is a wonderful place to find unique cards!

  5. My go to are “papyrus”

  6. I love Emily McDowell’s cards too – I keep an assortment on hand.

    Happy Birthday to you too Joanna!

  7. Omigosh the Urban Outfitter cards are fabulous. Thanks for the ideas, LWF and others! I’m going to up my game in 2015 and buy some for the whole year. I already always include $5 Starbucks gift cards, which just make everyone’s day better.

  8. Happy early birthday Joanna! Emily Mcdowell makes my favorite cards :) I buy them for birthdays, holidays, etc.

  9. Hi Joanna, I’ve been reading your blog for years. One of my favorite daily rituals! I am an illustrator living in Brooklyn and i designed a line of stationery because i wanted to create something that would be more art than they are cards. Please check out Miss Molly Paper for some truly unique and cards!! http://www.missmollypaper.com/stationery-2/

  10. Happy birthday to you both!

  11. Very nice selection!
    The one with the pig is so funny!


  12. Awww, I really like the way you said that your twin sister’s birthday is coming up soon. So sweet :)

  13. For my best friends’ birthday, I gave her the “Lost in Translation” book you had in your Christmas gift guide (it’s such a lovely book). On a blank page at the back of the book, I wrote my friend’s name in the same style as the book, and then wrote a little phrase underneath describing her in a fun font. I considered that my card! She loved it!

  14. You’re so cute. Happy almost birthday, yourself.
    Have you ever noticed that Trader Joe’s has a selection of cards for cheap? It’s my go to when I’m last minute giving. :)

  15. Happy early birthday! I love the indigo card!

  16. I like the hat card.
    Thought…get together with the boyz and make a homemade card for your sister.
    Happy Birthday Early!