Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend? My mom is visiting, and the boys are in heaven (and eating too many chocolate-chip cookies). Hope you have a good weekend, and here are a few links from around the web…

How to email a busy person.

I just got this dress for the holidays:)

Would you drink this?

WHOA! Flights from NYC to LA might be just 2.5 hours in the future.

A gorgeous Brooklyn townhouse.

The real reason you want to eat your adorable baby.

Cinque Terre on a budget? Yes, please.

Winter party idea: Soup swap.

Why don’t all parking signs look like this?

The truth about Instagram photos.

Reading anything good these days? I just started this fascinating book, which apparently has two alternate endings.

How long it takes to feel better after a breakup.

A room filled with…rolling hills?

Celebrities who dramatically changed their bodies for movies.

Fascinating article: Money can’t buy happiness. (I liked the part about the summer camp.)

(Portrait of Romy Schneider and Alain Delon in 1959, by Nicolas Tikhomiroff and Yves Manciet)

  1. happy weekend

  2. i’m about 3 weeks post-breakup with the gentleman i was prepared to marry, but i’m hopeful the 3-mos peroid will bring more clarity & peace. Eager to hear how is Caroline doing?

  3. I loved your cookie swap post and had a cookie swap night with my friends and now I’ll definitely be putting the soup swap idea forward to them too!

    Betty x

    The Betty Stamp

  4. Chocolate and wine leaves me….curious?? And a little unsure. But at a recent Halloween party, another inventive mom and I wound up mixing apple cider punch with red wine (as a trick-or-treating to-go mock sangria) and it was surprisingly delicious! Thought I’d pay it forward… :)

  5. I just finished The Goldfinch and don’t really know what to do with myself now.

  6. AD says...

    I picked up The Post-Birthday World years ago when I worked in Tribeca and roamed Barnes & Noble on my lunch breaks on cold days(the cupcake liner on the cover pulled me in). Lionel Shriver is now my favourite author and I recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a good read. I admire her use of vocabulary. Happy reading!

  7. ‘Post Birthday World’ was so beautifully written! I loved the ending/s and found myself thinking about the book for quite some time. Very ‘Sliding Doors’ or one particular scene in ‘Unfaithful’ where Diane Lane’s character imagines herself hailing a cab instead of sticking around.
    I think we all have these moments of what if…

  8. My littlest person turned 4 today. I suspect we’ll be celebrating 4 all weekend. Well, that and finals.

  9. On the subject of money not buying happiness, I think money CAN buy happiness. Just depends how you look at it. Lack of money sure buys unhappiness. If money enables freedom then that equals happiness. Not having to slog away at a 9-5 job because you have the means to spend your time in a way you choose = happiness. Not having to worry about how to put food on the table = happiness. Yeah, maybe after you earn your first few million, the next few million aren’t as sweet, but I don’t see too many self-made millionaires complaining about their lives. Money can’t fix heartbreak but at least you wouldn’t have to be heartbroken while working three jobs to put food on the table.

  10. I work with people who get 200+ emails a day, and I think the key thing is to keep it brief. There’s nothing I hate more than looong emails. And sometimes a phone call works wonders. I come from the techy generation but I have learned that often it’s better to just pick up the phone or walk over to the person’s desk rather than spend time crafting the perfect email that may be misconstrued anyway.

  11. what great links. I am looking into the red wine hot chocolate the thing is I am not a chocolate fan so it still will be fun to try and let others try. Also the parking sign change needs to be done. I know that I get confused looking at some now and I am like uh so can I park here? lol and most never say anything about Sundays and you freak out like is it off limits or is it free, then you see other people parked and feel at ease. great post as always

  12. Oooh a soup swap sounds fantastic this time of year! Let’s see…for this college gal, it’s work, studying, work, and more work this weekend! Oomph!
    ~ Samantha

  13. Jo, I look forward to your posts very much. Please keep on writing!

    x Emily
    West Village, New York

  14. Love the dress and the townhouse!

  15. I love “Post Birthday World”. The parallel possibilities are woven together in such a lovely way. Not a very light book for the holidays, but great winter read.

  16. I just read a wonderful book, We Were Liars, from E. Lockhart. It’s YA, but it’s amazing. I recommended it.

  17. I am eagerly waiting for your mom’s column! She sounds like such a great person!

  18. I just started reading The Dirty Life and can’t put it down. It’s so meaty and fast paced, I’m trying to savour it. Have a great weekend, Joanna!

  19. Cinque Terre are soooo beautiful and just lovely. I wanna go back and see it in the winter time too. One day..

  20. LOVE the penny tile with dark grout in that D*S home tour’s bathroom.

  21. Oh that breakup 3 month rule is so true. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hurt, but I just remember the crushing emotions getting better around then, along with the temptation to call/text a guy.
    I just started reading the Outlander series. I love an epic series to get me through the winter, and this one is pretty great so far!