Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re going to our friends’ house for pizza tonight, and Alex and I watched the Godfather this week—I forgot how good it was! Also my mom gave Toby this apron and now he’s totally inspired, so I’ve been teaching him how to crack eggs, slice bananas and stir oatmeal:) Hope you have a great weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

The random thing I’d love for Christmas.

The one word you should never say to guests in your home.

A trick for making perfectly domed muffins.

The rules for touching British royals.

Santa Claus is real. (No, really.)

This Dutch home sends prospective buyers on a roller coaster!

How do you make pasta even better? Like this.

Kate Middleton flipped out when she met Jenna Lyons.

Sexy dress for the holidays.

I love men, but I’m thinking of having a baby without one.”

A great appetizer for parties.

And here’s the 2014 gift guide so far, if you need some ideas this weekend…

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo via Kendra Smoot’s Instagram)

  1. Godfather is my favorite movie! Which one is your favorite?

    I know that everybody agrees that the first was the best one, but I do love the third. The final scene of the three waltz is just perfect. Sums up the whole trilogy nicely.

    I’m becoming addicted to your blog and posts :)

    Helô, from Vestido do dia

  2. R says...

    Thanks for the links, Joanna. I never made any comments before, but this time it was too much to digest. I do empathize with the woman who doesn’t seem to find a suitable partner to have children with. Each one of us have their respectable reasons to have or not to have children, but we can’t just talk about it in a matter of “wanting”. This is not like deciding on a new carpet or what to have for lunch. I believe that a single woman (or man) can be able to raise a child in a loving well balanced home, but one must ask ourselves first if we have the proper motivations and conditions to do it, Can we give a child what he/she needs in order to be a happy healthy human being or are we just satisfying our own wishes and ideas of self-fulfillment?

  3. Very interesting links! Love Kate middletons face meeting Jenna Lyons!

    I found the article by the woman who wants to have a baby on her own heartbreaking! First, why is wanting a child something to be ashamed of? It’s such a natural and beautiful thing! Second, unfortunately, she can’t have a baby on her own- that child will have a father, whether he’s involved or not. She says it might be best for her to have a baby “on her own,” but is it best for the baby?

  4. I just told my husband the other day I would love replacement slipper socks for Christmas! He had gotten me a pair when we were first dating, and I’ve worn them to bed every winter since. Now, they are sadly falling apart, so I am in need of a new pair. Just sent him the link you posted. :)

  5. I love all the weekend links you collect for us. I went down a rabbit hole of articles from the link about the woman thinking of having a baby on her own. So fascinating. Thank you, Joanna!

  6. I went to the fertility clinic last week to discuss artificial insemination. I’m turning 40 in a couple months and I want children. In my head, I’ve finally managed to uncouple the desire for a loving relationship and the desire for children. I don’t have to find a partner first and then have children. I can have a child and then find my partner. It was such a revelation and relief to realize I can still have both, just not in the same order. It frees me up to move on the having children, which has a time frame, and finding love, which doesn’t.


  7. Love the article about what not to say to guests! I read it a few weeks ago, right before family came for Thanksgiving, and changed my approach to welcoming guests to my home. Great advice.

  8. I really love reading your Have a Great Weekend Post!

  9. I’ve inherited saying sorry from my wonderful mother, but I agree – I must break the habit! Great little post! Adore your blog and enjoy your weekend (and pizza)!

  10. That pasta looks like heaven!

  11. Thanks for the great post! It was very interesting.

  12. I wore those Butter socks during my c-section for my twins- heaven!! :)

  13. A) I have a really bad habit of saying sorry to people when they come into my home. I always feel like it is not clean enough for guests. My mom’s house is ALWAYS perfect…mine, not so much. I am going to try to stop this. I guess I have my first resolution for 2015.

    B) Really, who would not freak out when they meet Jenna Lyons. I would. #girlcrush

  14. Haha love your random selection of links! Found the article about the Royals amusing x

  15. You always find the most delightfully random stuff from the week! I love it every Friday. Happy weekend to you!

  16. one of my girlfriends had a baby, solo, in august. she just turned 44. she wanted to be a mom, and finally realized a man didn’t have to factor into the situation, not in the traditional sense. and i applaud her everyday, for many things, but mainly because she’s a great mom to Fiona.

  17. Very interesting debate in the comments on the article about the woman who wants to have a baby solo. It’s a predicament I see a lot – and it’s very interesting to see how women handle it, and how others judge the handling of it.

  18. Oh, my jaw dropped when I saw that picture of the pasta. Bon Appetit kills it every time.