Gift Guide Part #4: Your Brother Who Would Always Let Your Giddy Toddler Sit on His Motorcycle, But Then Up and Broke Your Heart by Moving to France.

Smartphone leather gloves, $98, for chilly days and PDA.

Olive oil, $35, for displaying on his kitchen counter and elevating pastas and toasted baguettes.

Mt. Fuji Ice Mold, $15, which makes an ice cube that looks like Japan’s highest mountain. (The bubbles naturally create a white peak and clear base!)

Pulled pork, $49, enough for 8-12 sandwiches—plus buns and slaw. (Former Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl says it’s the best North Carolina barbecue she’s had in a long time.)

Palo Santo sticks, $15, to make his home smell woodsy and warm.

A welcome mat, $50, that will make his guests smile.

Eat like a New Yorker tote, $26, to woo him back to NYC, where he belongs.

Everything bagel pasta, $9. See above.

Knife keychain, $11, for impromptu picnics. (This one‘s cool, too.)

Bike horn with 24 fun sound effects, $20, because you know he’d actually use it.

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(Pasta photo via Cool Material, pork sandwich photo via Gourmet.)

  1. Mmm… If he lives in France he will find an Opinel knife for less money than this! Local product… ;-P

  2. This title cracked me up. Great list. Everything bagel pasta?!?!?!

  3. I just ordered the doormat for my brother. It’s PERFECT.

  4. Please tell us more about your brother! I almost don’t believe you have one! haha!

  5. every year at your gift guide, I tell myself that you keep the one best gift (the one you will actually offer) secret and I’t makes me soooo curious because these are already wonderful.

  6. Joanna the good thing is that you have to visit him in France, and France is sooo near to Spain! if you decide to know Madrid, I will be here waiting for you ( I have a little girl too). And you could buy olive oil so much cheaper than in New York… My God!!! I use a lot of olive oil with everything, and here you can buy 5 l. for 15$ …The olive oil price is the only thing I don,t like of living in NY.

  7. yes the french girlfriend!! i’ll ask my brother if he’d ever want to do a guest post. that would be a fun idea. his stories/photos are awesome.

  8. haha the beard hat!!! you guys are so cute, i love you. i was going to include it, but then i thought maybe it feels redundant after posting it for 6 years, ha! also, my dad gave it to him last year so he actually has it now :)

  9. And obviously the wool beard beanie…

  10. Since he moved to France, that means you have an excuse to visit France! :) It would make for a pretty great series of blog posts…

  11. Love those ideas!

  12. I love the NYC tote!!! Great round-up!

  13. I second (or third or fourth) the request for guest posts on life in France! It’d fit in so well amongst the past posts on Parisian life. :)

  14. BEARDED HAT!!!!

    And yes, does this mean he and the French girl are seeeerious? Tee hee hee

  15. The mat is extremely funny to a swede – “sup” translates to “get drunk already!”.

  16. yp says...

    I just passed the bagel pasta to 3 people and they all freaked. What an amazing idea!

  17. I want most of these items for myself! Especially that pulled pork. NOM.

  18. Super curious about your brother living in France. Didn’t he also have a French girlfriend in your post about going to the UK earlier this year?

  19. My brother is moving to New Zealand. I know how you feel.

  20. My brother isn’t this mature yet haha. I can still satisfy him with candy and video games :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  21. Guest post from brother about life in France?! :)

  22. Sfoglini makes the COOLEST pastas and I have one for my own brother for Christmas this year! I got him the radiator pasta they did with Bronx Brewery. I mean… beer pasta. Is there anything a dude could want more than that?


  24. Your brother moved to France?! SO cool!!

  25. Noooo, where’s the beard hat?!