Gift Guide Part #3: Your Outdoorsy Sister Who Is Always Up for a Bike Ride, Tells the Best Jokes and Is a Genius with Emojis.

Cotton shirt tailored to have a “feminine boy fit,” $168, for hikes and adventures. (This cheaper one is cute, too.)

Salted chocolate chip cookie mix, $14, for obvious reasons.

Gold temporary tattoo set, $18, to wear on date nights or just “for funsies,” as she would say.

A set of gold notecards, $18, so you can be penpals!

Organic cotton plant cozy, 22 Euro, to spruce up a boring pot and make her home feel cheery.

Funny mug, $16. To offer just enough encouragement.

lost-in-translation-word-bookAn enchanting book of untranslatable words from other countries, $9.73.

West Coast necklace, $125, since she thinks it’s the best coast.

Cheeky San Francisco tote, $18. (Or this San Francisco candle, $16, that smells like fresh bay air.)

Portlandia Cookbook, $16, to make her laugh. (Bonus: It has serious recipes, too.)

Wood Sage and Sea Salt perfume, $60, an amazing scent that somehow captures her essence: “Waves breaking white, the air fresh with sea salt and spray. Alive with the mineral scent of the rugged cliffs. Mingling with the woody earthiness of sage. Lively, spirited and totally joyful.”

Back issues of New York Magazine, $6.99 each, for fascinating articles, genius covers and funny flashbacks.

Give an animal (like a goat, a cow, a pig or honeybees) in her name to a family in need, starting at $20.

P.S. More gifts for sisters, and the 2014 gift guide so far

(Portlandia Cookbook photos by The Kitchn. Perfume photo by Glazed Over Beauty)

  1. joanna – i LOVE YOUR gift guides. i’ve been following since last year and the ideas are so unique and lovely and fit the people i need to buy for! PLEASE don’t ever stop doing this at holiday time!!!! THANK YOU!!! (i’ve had some coffee, sorry for the all caps!)

  2. What great ideas! My sister totally fits your title. :)

  3. Totally just donated in honor of my sissies! Not a whole goat, but a contribution!

  4. So this gift list was obviously made up for me :)

  5. A lot of people support livestock gifting charities like heifer international at this time of year, but it is not as good of an idea as it sounds and can actually further impoverish communities.

    •Animal donation programs can fail (and the animals die) because the recipients don’t have the money to afford proper vet care (if it is even available), and donor programs sometimes don’t account for that in their funding (It costs a lot more than people are willing to pay per goat as donors.)
    •All farm animals require proper nourishment, large quantities of water, shelter from weather, and veterinary care. It is questionable whether it is worthwhile to devote such resources (in critically short supply in many developing countries) to such an indirect way of feeding people.
    •Animal donation programs perpetuate dependency of people on donors (versus working with recipients to address their own needs, be it acquiring animals or seeds or whatever, but by themselves)
    •Animal donations are easy for donors and make them feel good, but what is needed more are the less “sexy” things like leadership, peace building, psychosocial assistance, basic business training (how to save money and get where you want to be), and training in how people can help themselves out of poverty.
    • Supplying cows, goats and chickens to impoverished people with limited resources can just add to their burden.

    Please see
    for more information.


  6. Your gift guides are amazing. Thank you so much! Christmas is so much happier when you actually have good ideas for people!

  7. ND says...

    Hey Joanna, could you review the barre fitness class you went to in SF? Curious about your thoughts. Thanks!

  8. Your gift guides are so clever and inspiring. I am doing my first gift guides and I wish mine looked so easy and put together as yours!
    Happy shopping!

  9. HAHA I just got back from SF (Thanksgiving break) and that “in fog we trust” tote is perfect. I really love the book of untranslatable words. Other Wordly has a nice collection of words, both English and foreign :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  10. Thank you so much for featuring Heifer International!

  11. This gift guide perfectly describes my best friend/soul sister. Now to pick the perfect option from the list!! Thank you!

  12. That perfume sounds amazing. I can’t wait to get to the perfume counter to give it a whiff! Also, I had no idea there was a Portlandia cookbook! You always know about the best stuff!!

  13. I just love terrain. The les fleurs calendar is so pretty!

  14. Aww, I like the Heifer International idea :) Their catalogs of animals are so adorable when they arrive in the mail (but obviously what’s more important is what the cute animals help people do)!

  15. Thank you so much for mentioning Heifer!! I’m from Arkansas and have visited Heifer International. It is a wonderful organization. I give flocks of geese to everyone as Christmas gifts every year!

  16. Thank you so much for including my plant cozy, Joanna! I love this gift guide! xo

  17. I’ve been looking for an anniversary gift and decided to check this list just in case I might see something for my bf, and donating an animal is so perfect! I know he would love the idea of providing to a family with this kind of help.It’s giving someone a fish AND teaching them how to fish:’) Thank you so much for showing us about this! It be awesome if you could write a post dedicated to Heifer, specially now for the holidays, so more people can learn about it and give to those in need. God bless ♥

  18. i freakin’ love your gift guides!

  19. Those tattoos!! I just ordered them for practically everyone on my list and now have to include them in my own gift guide. Great find Joanna!!

  20. janna, wow, i’m going to check that link out right now, thank you.

  21. Back issues of New York Mag – brilliant! Thanks for these awesome suggestions.

  22. Love the ideas. I love Jo Malone colognes!!

  23. I have to go find a sister. All I have is a crummy brother who wants me to come visit and go fishing with him. gaaaa !

  24. This gift guide is VERY on point and I AM the sister that this is catering to (not to toot my own horn or anything but a plaid shirt, chocolate chip cookies, Tattly’s, a quirky mug, canvas plant holder and giving farm animals? Yes PLEASE!)

  25. Um, so… I’m the sister that would best suit this gift guide as this is VERY on point for me. The only problem is that I’m the only girl in my family who reads blogs! Dilemmas…. ;) Love this one Jo!

  26. You ALWAYS have the BEST gift guides! I love that you include a charity at the end of each one. In my family, we decided (starting last year) for each couple to give to a charity of their choice instead of giving gifts. It makes life so much easier and makes you feel so much fuller during the holidays.

  27. Great list. YES to Heifer! I am definitely this “type” of sister. But I never say “for funsies!” :)