The Cup-of-Jo 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Cup of Jo 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

This year, people (us included) seem so excited for the holidays that we’re starting the gift guide a little early. I’m psyched to kick off the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide (the first post is coming right up). As always, I’ve tried to find things for every budget and personality, and I very much hope you enjoy it.

You can find past gift guides here: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007.

Ok, let’s do this thing! xoxo

(Photo by Petra Warrass)

  1. Joanna, I would love to see a gift guide for the old $20-or-less Yankee Swap! It’s so hard to find gifts that can be fun (or funny) for any possible recipient!

  2. Joanna, I have always loved your guides and am stoked you are doing it early this year! In the past few years I’ve already done my shopping already but this earlier guide ROCKS! :) Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! xx

  3. Very sweet gift guide and good ideas! Glad to see you are still featuring Rifle Paper Co., such a cool company that I first found out about from your blog a couple years ago :)

  4. I am thrilled! But there is something about that cover photo that is creeping me out; it reminds me of True Detective! GAH!

  5. it’s strange i CANNOT wait ether! maybe because thanksgiving is late this year? whatever i’m all ready to check out the gift guide!!

  6. I keep hitting refresh hoping to see the first guide! Can’t wait!!

  7. Love, love, love these gift guides!

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  9. I have used many of your gift ideas. Thank you for the holiday cheer!

  10. Hi Joanna! Wondering if you might do a gift guide for in-laws/parents of significant others this year? I’ve used your other guides for suggestions, but am completely stumped this time around!


  11. yay! I always LOVE your gift guides. I have purchased multiple things from them in the past. Thank you for doing the work for us :)

  12. I was JUST coming over to see if you had any posted for this year since I was working on my lists. Sweet! Can’t wait to check them out.

  13. Sweet, I’ve been waiting for these lists. I’m desperate for ideas this year!

  14. Hooray! Look forward to this every year!!

  15. I’ve been waiting for this! Can’t wait!

  16. Can’t wait to see what’s on this year’s list! I’ve put up my tree and am full of holiday cheer! :D

  17. I absolutely love, love, love your holiday lists. I always learn so much from them! I’m very much looking forward to them again this year.

  18. Yeah, yeah, yeah from London !
    Ps. Moved to London thanks to your post “Where do you live ?”. So excited for my firts Christmas here! Now to the Holiday Gift guide !

  19. It’s not Christmas until I’ve seen the bearded hat! Please say it’s still on there
    .. X

  20. It’s true! I feel so pumped for the holidays this year! What is it about this year?

    Excited to see your picks!

  21. Yay!

  22. yay! I was just saying I’m usually so annoyed by pre-thanksgiving holidayness but this year, I just feel so jazzed!