Our Holiday Cards

Do you send out holiday cards? Over the past few years, I’ve gotten really into the tradition—it warms my heart to see our fridge covered with photos of friends and family.

For our own cards, we always turn to Pinhole Press. They have tons of beautiful holiday cards, and you just add your names and a favorite photo. (We always hand-write a little note on the back, too.) This year we used this card, along with their new Happy Holidays envelopes to make the letters feel extra festive.
We also made this one to send to a few close people who have witnessed the constant chaos of our family. :)

Bonus: Pinhole Press is offering Cup of Jo readers a whopping 30% off holiday cards with the code CUPOFJO, good through December 5th. See all the cards here.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo; family portraits by Winnie Au. This post is sponsored by Pinhole Press, one of my beloved long-term sponsors and a company we have used for years)

  1. Hi ladies!
    Like Stephanie, I would also like to know where you found the heart stamps! (One year I found them at the post office stamp kiosk, hoping for an online source!)
    Thanks! And an extra thanks for the Pinhole Press discount!!

  2. So cute! Always love your choices in photos for your holiday cards!

    I have a question about signature ettitquette on hiday cards. I’ve been having them with my name first (wife) followed by hubby and baby. I noticed that you’ve always had yours with hubby first then yours and the babies. Have I been doing it all wrong the last couple of years!?! Would love your input on this since you and Alex are both writers. I’m feeling and looking really illiterate and stupid. Eeeks!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. So cute! I am behind this year on our photos. I still need to order them. In fact I still need to find a picture.

  4. darling! and I like the second one better ;)

  5. I still send traditional storebought holiday cards (not photo cards) with somewhat lengthy handwritten messages. (I love stationery and letter writing.) It is sad, though, that most of the cards I get don’t have anything personal in them – most are not even signed. I agree with the poster above who said that photos with the whole family are better than just photos of the kids. If it’s just photo of the kids and doesn’t have anything handwritten in it, it gets tossed in the recycling bin immediately.

  6. Alex’s smile in the second card looks just like Anthony Perkins before he killed Janet Leigh.

  7. I love that picture of the boys on the table. Also captures the constant chaos at our house (our kids are just about the same ages as your boys). Thanks for insightful posts!

  8. I’m obsessed with Christmas cards! I buy new ones every year (even though I also swear every year that I’ll just send out left-overs from the year before), usually from minted. Since it’s just me and my husband, I generally don’t do a photo card (but you bet your button I will when I’m pregnant/we have kids). I swear I’m the only one who enjoys it so much, but I semi-bully my family into sending them also. So excited for Christmas!

  9. Thank you for introducing me to Pinhole Press a few years back. I just love their designs. I only wish shipping to Canada wasn’t so expensive. Still, I will be going with one of their designs for sure, just need to scale back on my number!

  10. Thank you so much! I just ordered 3 calendars from there and got the discount!

  11. @unknown, you are so cute! we were debating waiting until after thanksgiving, but maybe we will start next week instead!

  12. distar, i’d totally recommend covering your sofa in blankets like we do! we have spilled things on them more times than i can count. that blanket was from Terrain. i don’t think they sell it anymore but they have lots of other pretty ones:

    xox joanna

  13. Hi Joanna- gorgeous cards! Unrelated question- what type of blanket is that covering the sofa? My kiddos are on the verge of destroying our very nice new sofa and that looks like a great solution.

  14. so cool, and great photos!

  15. Love the second photo so much! It really captures the sweet chaos of life with littles :)

  16. YAY HOLIDAY POSTS. Been checking incessantly for your gift guide, per usual. My favorite little corner of the internet. :)

  17. LOL at the ‘peaceful’ shot – it is so funny! The look on your face as you anticipate Anton’s next move! Hysterical!!!!!!

  18. So cute! Love how natural these photos are! I love candid shots! Not your typical awkward family photo :P (nothing against those by the way!)

  19. stephanie, they were standard ones from the post office, believe it or not!

  20. christina, that’s so interesting! i always thought oldest to youngest:) but maybe it is the rule. i’m going to google it now!

  21. cute holiday Cards :) If we hadn’t already purchased ours from Tiny Prints we would be interested. Love the photo you guys used!

  22. will be waiting by the mailbox ;)

  23. Where did you get those cute heart stamps? I love them!

  24. lovely and festive cards, joanna! one thing that i noticed– you listed alex first, before you. i thought that typically the wife’s name is listed first. or am i just imagining such an etiquette rule? did you debate the order?

  25. cheryl, agreed. i love everything they do.

  26. I use to send them but actually I always buy a pack of six or ten designed by UNICEF or Red Cross. Anyway, I like personal cards too like yours. You are such a warm and nice family! :)

  27. Very cute :) My mom has given up on holiday cards as no one ever bothered to say thank you. Now it’s just for a few select family members.

  28. Lovely cards, especially the second.
    Much prefer to see the entire family when I get cards from friends. Not a fan of just the kids and it is imperative to hand sign the card, if it isn’t signed with a little note I toss it, there is nothing festive or friendly about an electronically signed holiday card.

  29. Too cute, I might have to use them! We always send holiday cards out, but I’ve never heard of them.

    Would love for you to enter my giveaway if you’re interested. Enter here! x

  30. I love your cards, they are so pretty! I’ve never sent holiday cards, but we just got married and i would love to start the tradition with our new little family
    In Dramatic Fashion

  31. This is awesome! I really wanted to get nice holiday cards this year and 30% should be just the thing to convince my husband! Thank you <3

  32. Super cute! I love the envelopes!

  33. I love sending out holiday cards but I’ll admit I’ve never sent out a photo card. I think a hand-written card is so much more meaningful and personal. I usually just insert a photo of the kids in the card to close friends and family. Nonetheless, giving and receiving holiday cards is a lot of fun!

  34. Wow, what a deal! I got the memory card game per your recommendation and it was lovely! I think I’ll get our Christmas Cards through pinhole as well. Thanks! Ps. Love the kids crawling on the table :)

  35. These are adorable holiday cards. Every year the boyfriend and I consider making one to send out but think it will be better and probably cuter once we have little ones of our own. I think it might be a little silly to just send a card with a photo of our goofy dog. Did you do holiday cards before you had the kids?

  36. Beautiful card! Love it!! Can’t bel the holidays are around the corner :)

  37. Adorable! Just ordered cards from them for first time this weekend. I have ordered their memory cards which are great quality. Can’t wait to get my cards.