How to Get Ready for a Party in 5 Minutes

The holidays are approaching quickly—along with travel, parties and hangovers. The goal is to feel fresh and pretty through it all, but it’s easy to end up bleary eyed by mid December. So, we asked makeup artist Ashlee Glazer to show us how to navigate three tricky holiday situations…

Problem: “Help! I have a holiday party in an hour. How can I look great fast?”


Ashley’s advice:

1. “Every makeup artist swears by YSL Touche Éclat in #2,” says Ashlee. “It’s magic for highlighting and concealing.” Apply it under your eyes, above your brow bones and along the sides of your mouth, then blend with your fingers, to look instantly brighter, prettier and more awake. Says Ashlee: “It’s expensive but it’s worth every penny.”

2. Next, a festive red lip is easiest on-the-go, since you don’t need a full mirror or super coordination. “Forget about doing a smoky eye in the back of a cab,” says Ashlee. One of her favorite lipsticks is Armani Lip Maestro in Hollywood. The stain is velvety soft and glides right on. The best part: The color lasts and lasts, so it’s perfect for nights when you’ll be talking, eating and drinking all night.

Problem: “Help! The party was great, and now I have a hangover.”

how-to-fix-hangover-beauty-makeup-cover-upAshley’s advice:

1. After washing your face, start with Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, which is soothing and moisturizing. Gently dab it underneath your eyes using your ring finger (which is weaker than other fingers and won’t stress your delicate under-eye skin).

2. Hangovers leave your lips DRY, so exfoliate with Fresh Sugar Lip Polish with brown sugar and shea butter. Gently massage onto your lips with a finger and leave on for a few minutes. Then wipe your lips with a damp washcloth—and you’re left with smooth lips. Bonus: Exfoliating your lips makes them naturally rosy and plump.

3. Hot pink lipstick “is a secret weapon when you’re tired or hungover,” Ashlee explains. Hot pink has blue undertones, which brighten skin and make both your teeth and the whites of your eyes appear whiter. Her favorite is Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Electric Pink. Apply the color on lips and dab a bit along the cheekbones to instantly look wide awake.

Problem: “Help! I have a long flight home. How can I arrive looking fresh?”

how-to-plane-makeup-travel-best-makeup-products-tutorial-Ashley’s advice:

1. Two words: SELF TANNER. The day before you travel, apply self-tanning gel. The best, according to Ashlee, is Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel, which goes on streak-free and doesn’t smell funny. “People associate self-tanner with the warmer months,” says Ashlee, “but you need a healthy glow even more during the winter.”

2. The Evian Facial Water Spray is a cult favorite for travel. The cool, relaxing mist feels calming and helps relieves anxiety. “It keeps skin hydrated on a long flight,” says Ashlee. “I never travel without it.”

3. For travel, the ideal products are do-it-all multitaskers. Ashlee recommends Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Passion, a flattering sheer fuchsia. Apply it to lips and cheeks during the flight to arrive looking fresh and pretty.

What are your plans this holiday season? Hosting guests? Going anywhere fun? My dad and aunt are coming to visit for Thanksgiving, and I can’t wait:)

(Photos by Vlasta Pilot for Cup of Jo. Makeup by Ashlee Glazer. Thanks to Gaby Cetrulo for modeling. This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. For years, we have loved Nordstrom for all our beauty needs. Thank you so much for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo)

  1. Marissa says...

    Love these holiday outfit and make up idea posts – hope you do more this year!

  2. Really enjoy the quick tips on how to look fresh after traveling. often i get off a plane and have to go straight to a meeting and trying to look my best is hard since flying leaves your skin so dehydrated. Really would love if you elaborated on that section more.

  3. Ashley Chew says...

    I would love to see a hair tutorial with Gaby!! Her hair looks amazing!!

  4. I just recently discovered Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and I love it. I’ve only heard good things about YSL Touche Eclat, that might have to be a stocking stuffer to myself this year. . .

  5. Great tips.

    I am off to Berlin for a bit of romance and christmas atmosphere next weekend with my boyfriend. We are staying in the lovely area Prenzlauer Berg with lots of cute cafés, great restaurants and cozy parks. Naturally we are going to check out many of the German christmas markets around Berlin and we are only plaining on sleeping in at the hotel, eat awesome food and walk around all over town while strolling in the shops. I cannot wait. In Denmark we do not really celebrate Thanksgivning, however we do celebrate a tradtion in November (Mortens Aften) with similar food to what Americans eat for Thanksgivning. Though Danes eat duck opposed to turkey. Sounds like you got some great times ahead Joanna :)

  6. Hi Joanna, great post. I love all the looks, so minimal yet elegant and beautiful. Would you mind sharing where the grey sweater that Gabby is wearing in the “hangover problem” is from?

  7. Oh, come on! If I only looked half as cute as the ‘before’ photos!

  8. Seriously, she is so darling. I have to add my “she looks just as good without any make-up” to the chorus. (Having said it, though, these tips are great, and thanks for specific colors, etc.) xox

  9. Great post! Excited to try that YSL pencil. What color did she use on Gabby?

  10. Haha, I thought the same thing as some other commenters – I look like the hungover pic on most days, and that’s me trying to look good! Oh dear… I was also wearing that same sweatshirt on my flight two days ago with my backpack and headphones. But I still looked hungover apparently :)

  11. Hi! Fun post! Where is the greyish shirt/top from in the last one about the long flight home?

  12. This whole post is ADORABLE. (My favorites are actually Gaby’s hangover pictures – ha!) And I would love a tutorial on how to actually use Touche Eclat – I’ve shied away for years because I just don’t quite get how it’s supposed to be used.

  13. hi jenny! i actually bought the black dress at a little boutique in brooklyn years ago. thank you for asking!

  14. love how applicable these quick and easy tips are. from the part on Getting Ready for a Holiday Party, can i know where that fabulous black dress is from?

  15. Yes to red lips! If I’m going for a party straight from the office, I need 3 things: red lipstic, Chanel Les Beiges powder/bronzer (obsessed its an understatement) and a concealer. Great advice :)

  16. The “before” hangover picture is what I look like today…at work…not hungover :)

    Love these tips! I definitely want to try the red lip thing for our company party this year.

  17. Great post, and I’m bookmarking a few of these, especially the eye products – always on the lookout for creams and concealers to help out there.

  18. please repeat with normal person that doesn’t already look gorgeous on the before pics :)

  19. I love the grey sweater she is wearing, can you tell me where its from? Love your blog!

  20. Haha! Here you are lovely Gaby! She looks gorgeous in every single picture! Love the black dress and the cozy grey sweater, and of course her eyebrows.
    Thanks a lot for these tips, Joanna! I’ll try the self-tanning trick.
    We don’t have Thanksgiving, so I’ll wait til Christmas time. Cheers! :)

  21. Joanna, I follow your blog religiously, and I think this us one of my favorite posts ever. Thanks!!! Happy holidays to you and your adorable boys!!

  22. Really awesome set of tips and Ashlee looks so put together in all of these examples and looks great even in the “before” photos.

    rae of love from berlin

  23. I dunno…this model looks pretty great in the “before” photos as well. More natural looking for sure, and she definitely doesn’t look even half as bad as most people I’ve seen who are actually hung over (myself included!) Either way, good tips.

  24. Fun! Love the tips and pics.

    Can you do one on how to turn post-baby once passable now limp and naff hair into Gaby’s glossy locks? Serious hair envy.

    That avocado eye cream is the best. Flight tip: use it on cheeks and forehead as well as under eyes during take off. It’s pricey, so only a dab, but you’ll arrive peachy soft. Same with night before day after, if you can remember to apply before crashing out.

  25. That’s it! I need to try the YSL product. Everyone recommends it!

  26. May I ask where you got the plaid shirt from?? i love the shirt a lot.

  27. I’d like to know how she does her eyebrows, I like that they don’t look contoured. I DESPISE that make-up trend!

  28. I LOVE Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment! Thanks for the ring finger tip!

  29. Make up artist Lisa Eldridge shared her in-flight skin routine online to which I stole a few habits from. Especially for looong international flights. Applying Dermalogica skin hydrating masque every few hours is a skin saver!

  30. My biggest issue in long flights and wanting to arrive looking fresh is bloodshot eyes. It’s inevitable in that dry airplane air that when I land I look like a white rat. Any tips for that?!

  31. Where did the yellow backpack come from?

  32. I seriously love these tips. The self tanner one was all I needed to put it on my list. I love a healthy glow instead of pasty legs (which is currently occurring). :] // ▲ ▲

  33. cazzableu – gaby is wearing touche éclat in #2

  34. I would also like to know where that gray tee came from. I love it!

  35. great tips, I would love to know where the necklace is from in the holiday pics.

  36. Who makes that great grey tee???

  37. Nice tips but its funny- I think she looks better in all the “before” photos :-o

  38. I think I like her better in the before pictures. She is naturally gorgeous! I know I’m in the minority, but I just don’t like bright lipstick. It makes most people look so pale and washed out. Love the softer colors.

  39. Those lips colors are so pretty for winter!!!

  40. Gorg!! Where is that black dress from in the first few photos?! Would love to wear for a holiday party! xo

  41. I swear by touche eclat- its one of my biggest beauty splurges. (two babies who dont sleep will give you serious dark eye circles). I do NOT however, ever wear lipstick! This post has got me wondering if I should rethink that though. I just like to be able to SMOOOCH my babies and my husband without worry that I will get lipstick everywhere. Is that lame? I know…. I just wear kiehls lip balm (it has the BEST shine and makes my natural lip color come through beautifully). The model is so pretty. I love the red lip on her, its so fresh and festive.

  42. I’m going to Seoul, Korea from Germany to visit my family and as much as I can’t wait to see everyone, I’m dreading the long flight. I love the tips and I have to say I also like to add just a tiny bit of solid perfume on my wrists and behind my ears. Just a dab can really lift you up from that flight coma and because it’s just a tiny dab, it doesn’t make you feel like your drowning in a sea of scents (both good and bad). Thanks for the tips :D

  43. i had no idea that you can use the sugar lip treatment on cheeks. great tip!

  44. Very pretty lips!

  45. Nice tips! Which shade of the Touche Eclat is your model wearing?

  46. Great tips! Gaby is gorgeous!

  47. I love all these tips. I can’t help but feel like this model looks so great in every photo that it’s hard to get a real before / after!

    I definitely do NOT look like that good hungover. =D