Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Our friend has an annual autumnal party, so we’re heading there tomorrow for cider donuts and mulled cider. And my friend Alpha just told me about hot buttered apple cider, which I’m now curious to try. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Daylight savings is officially the worst.

Every mom in Brooklyn seems to be wearing these shoes.

These password security questions made me laugh.

Now THIS is a tiny apartment.

WOW! An incredible list of grammar tips.

Women having a terrible time at parties in western art history, and women refusing marriage proposals.

Behind-the-scenes of Girls Season 4.

Abbey has such fun ideas for her new apartment.

The truth about Ebola.

Logos with hidden messages.

I am fat, my fiancĂ© is thin, we are getting married, that is radical.”

This old dog acclimates kittens to dogs to increase their chances of adoption.

Amazing house tours.

Even sign language has accents.

Plus three past posts you may have missed:
* Offbeat wedding shoes.
* A Manhattan apartment tour.
* Why children cover their eyes when hiding.

Have a good weekend! Cheers :)

(Ingrid Bergman and Alfred Hitchcock in London, 1948, photo by Kurt Hutton. Dog link via Shoebox Dwelling. Ebola link via Diana)

  1. Thank you for posting this about Blogging. Truly delighted this post !

  2. We don’t do daylight savings in where I am from (Saskatchewan, Canada). We are the only province in Canada that does not follow this practice.

  3. Joanna! I love your Friday posts, but, as I’ve told you before, I adore Anton. And your voice saying “nice!” is so nice too! Cheers! :)

  4. Always happy to read your site. Your Friday postings are better than most of my RSS feeds. Thanks for the great links, as usual!

  5. I always look forward to your weekly roundups. They always have such great links. just opened nearly all of them in tabs and am gonna take a look now! Have fun at the atumnal party – sounds like such a great idea!

    rae of love from berlin

  6. happy weekend :)

  7. Oh that Anton, he’s so dreamy! Cheers!! Happy Weekend!

  8. That is adorable! Ha…I know what trick I’m going to try to teach my 19 month old…who so far only says dad, mom, moo, and juice. Sigh.

  9. Yay Girls! And yay Daylight Savings Time, you’re crazy! :) I love an excuse to stay in bed and cuddle for an extra hour, though the early sunset has me drinking a late afternoon coffee to stay awake after 8pm. ;)

  10. oh, joanna, you are SO positive, gracious, and lovely, even in response to commenters who might give you a little bit of a hard time. thanks for being so graceful!

  11. That list of password security questions is hilarious! That small apartment is fascinating. I don’t doubt that it’s possible to live in a tiny space, but I don’t think it would feel like home to me – having to adjust the space all the time depending on use.

  12. awww, Boots! We have a 65 lb retriever/newfoundland/setter mutt who has helped raise a lot of kittens that we foster until they get big enough for adoption. It’s so fun to see little half-pound kittens react to the friendly giant – most usually freak out and hiss initially, but almost all end up being the dog’s biggest fan. I hope that does mean that they arrive at their forever homes ready for anything (we also without fail end up introducing the kittens to a vacuum cleaner – that they don’t so much warm up to, ever)

  13. that’s funny, julie! they’re practically required footwear at the the carroll gardens playground. now i want to bike over to williamsburg and see what all those moms are wearing:) thanks for the note!

  14. I’m a huge Hitchcock movie fan, and Ingrid was one of his best leading ladies. Thanks for posting this photo.

  15. I loved the grammar tips! Your Friday lists are the best.

  16. This line from Lindy West’s piece: “someone might love me one day if I lost enough weight to qualify as human.” How our society gets away with its treatment of overweight people is way beyond me. Great roundup, as usual.

  17. Great list! The “fat bride” story was very interesting – I’m so excited for her! :D

  18. I will have a 13 month old to hang out with this weekend… I hope someone else will do the cooking .. it is cold and windy Upstate but the autumn colors are fabulous.
    Have a good weekend !

  19. Cheers to you Anton!
    He’s the cutest little thing :)

  20. grammar tips are fantastic and i just ordered the moccasins with the leopard detail. your friday lists are my fave!

  21. I don’t think Daylight Savings time is the worst! I have been quite pleased with the extra hour of sleep!!

  22. Love your site. love it. but i need to clarify your comment about moccasins was the equivalent of the ebola truth message.
    Not every mom in Brooklyn wears those. Maybe in your neighborhood :) where classic chic moms are testing the waters of bohemian hippie chic? But in my ‘hood and the others I hang mostly in (clinton hill, bed stuy, bush wick, fort greene, williamsburg, green point. I can honestly say, I haven’t seen those shoes on anyone since two summers ago.

  23. The list of grammar tips is great! Always love the Friday link list. Have a beautiful weekend!

  24. Cheeeers! OMG so cute! How can you not eat him up all day? Heart melt. Have a great weekend!