Have a Fun Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Alex and I are going out for burgers tonight, and tomorrow we’re taking the boys to a tuba concert. I was also looking through old photos, and it’s crazy how little they were just one year ago! Finally, more than ever, I want to thank you for all your funny comments and thoughtful insights these days. It’s such a pleasure to have this community of likeminded women. Hope you have a good one (stay warm!), and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Cacio e pepe with a twist.

Toby and I have been playing this game every night.

How babies used to fly on airplanes.

A bike path inspired by Van Gogh.

How to draw a perfect circle. It really works!

Disney Princesses have ridiculously tiny waists.

A really bad month.”

Caroline got me obsessed with using this beauty tool.

20 baby names that are getting popular.

Made me laugh.

WOW. Hugely inspired by ballet students on Instagram.

Italian chefs rate grocery-store pasta. (Go, Trader Joe’s!)

11 idioms only Brits understand.

Remember Caroline’s break-up haircut? Here’s the result:)

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo by Mark Kaarremaa. Bad month via Miss Moss)

  1. I know this is definitely not a forum for conservative viewpoints, just because we all like the same shoes and lipstick colors, but I was pretty shaken up by Jessica’s abortion story.

    I just can’t wrap my head around a society so callous as to celebrate the use of abortion-on-demand as birth control when “things” get “inconvenient” [read: a child is conceived] and then the subsequent need of fewer than 30 days to rebound.

    Yes, motherhood is awesome, and we celebrate that together a lot via Cup of Jo. I believe it is awesome and also sacred.


  2. I have been using Clinique eyelash curlers for years now and I adore them; they make you feel great on no-makeup days!

    Thanks for introducing Jessica; what an amazing story/illustration.

    Have a great week.

  3. I love your blog. I read it almost everyday. I love the inspiring, thought-provoking and interesting articles/pictures/tidbits you post on Fridays. With that being said, I don’t understand why you would ever post that horrific story of a woman murdering her unborn child. It seems so out of character for your blog. Why would anyone discuss abortion using a cartoon as if it’s something flippant or amusing?it is so disappointing to see something like this on A Cup Of Jo.

  4. LOVE Caroline’s new hair! Absolutely beautiful.

  5. Caroline looks gorgeous… what a fab haircut. I think she will have a lot of dates to look forward to!

  6. I love the made me laugh link! Thanks for making my day again! :)

  7. hey!!! have been reading your blog since 2009 and it’s the craziest thing not knowing you but still wonder “hey, what Jo&familly have been up to lately?”

    Today, inspired but your whole blogging story, I decided to create my very own blog

    Please drop by if you will

    Hugs from Brasil

  8. Oh I’ve been loving your blog so much lately, Jo! Sometimes, it’s just what I need. Keep going! :) P.S. now I’m hooked on Serial!

  9. Where did Caroline go for her new cut? I LOVE IT!

  10. “The really bad month” is beautifully done…so heartbreaking and honest. I hope Jessica has some people come into her life who will love her for real…it doesn’t sound like her ex or friend did at all. Love makes the difference between feeling underwater with no options and feeling empowered to see other choices.

  11. Joanna, you just made me NEED two new things: Tweezerman Eyelash Curles and Don’t Break the Ice! I think my daughter will like to play with the ice a lot.
    This week I’ve been wondering about Caroline’s new haircut. She nailed it. She’s stunning!! Go Caroline! Have a fun weekend too!

  12. Thank you for sharing those links! I loved the ballet dancers and Disney Princesses! I
    I hope you will have a great weekend and enjoy the tube concert!
    I am going to Zurich to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Days. It is my first time and I am excited:-)


  13. Caroline, your new hair looks really pretty and fresh (:

  14. Love your posts, especially today’s one on idioms. As a Kiwi (New Zealander), we are very au fait with the British idioms but can only imagine if you’d heard them for the first time, they would seem so strange! One US idiom I was completely bamboozled by was ‘bangs’! I had to Google it. We call them fringes, as do the English… One of our own idioms that gets foreigners v. confused is ‘bring a plate’, meaning, a plate of food to someone’s BBQ, lunch, dinner party, etc. Anyway, thanks so much for your wonderful inspiring posts, I always look forward to reading them! Mary-Liz :-)

  15. The “really bad month” was so upsetting to me. I’m moved, but not in a good way, truly sad. On another note, I am about to chop my hair also and was wanting bangs but not real straight-across “bangs.” Caroline’s are perfect, I’ll have to show my girl when I go!

  16. Caroline looks amazing! Very ‘Natalie Wood.’ Great choice. Happy Weekend!

  17. I’ve been wondering about Caroline’s do and I LOVE it…but is it violet???? I can’t tell.

  18. My daughter’s name is Juliet and August was on the list for our son (he ended up being an Edmund). I guess I’m a trendsetter!

  19. I couldn’t wait to see what your beauty tool and that happens to be my go-to eyelash curler!! Ha!! Have a fab weekend! Love the ballet instagram pics too – I always wish I had continued with my ballet classes after college:)

  20. They still have airplane bassinets! They’re just in front of the bulkhead seat now, I used one when I flew to France last year with my then 6-month old daughter.

    Love the Bad Month, wanted to give her a hug.

  21. Don’t Break The Ice! omg i had to laugh b/c we play this as a drinking game. chug a beer or take a shot if you break the ice ;)

  22. I *love* Caroline’s haircut!
    The beauty tool that I’ve been super happy with recently is the Tweezerman Smooth Finish hair remover – it acts like threading to remove hair & doesn’t hurt much. I’ve been using it a couple of times a week and I’m so happy with the results. Took a couple of tries to figure it out though.
    (I am not in any way connected to the company or paid by them, I just love this weird thing!)

  23. Wow, Caroline! Stunning!!

  24. Caroline. Girl. You look GOOD.

  25. The pasta article is so helpful. Yeah, Trader Joes, so good and so reasonable.

  26. Caroline’s haircut makes her look sophisticated, and she should love it!

  27. Caroline’s haircut looks GORGEOUS! I wish my hair did that ;)

  28. This is completely not my business, but it seems like you might be a little blue lately (maybe light blue…like Mediterranean ocean water blue). So just wanted to send good thoughts to you and your crew. I might be super wrong, but the good thoughts are non-refundable.

    Anyway, I always enjoy your posts- thank you :)

  29. Caroline looks soooo glamorous!! I love it!! :))

  30. AG says...

    Dayum, Caroline!!

  31. I love the photo selected this week, there is something about black and white photos on the water that make my heart swoon, the man is looking at the woman as if she is everything, and she looks so chic!
    Great hair Caroline, perfect break up hair!

  32. Long time reader, first time commenter? commentator ? lol, either way i just wanted to say your “have a Fun Weekend” post are by far my favorite things to read on Fridays, and some times all week!!! Keep it up PLEASE!!!!!!

  33. Ah… it was a break-up cut! It looks great. I did one of those a few years ago and it didn’t look as nice as that. I’ll leave it at bad highlights… Go Caroline!

  34. That baby on the airplane picture is hilarious, although it probably made for much more pleasant flights!

    A Really Bad Month was so powerful, but the part that made me the most angry on the writer’s behalf, is when her friend bailed on her for the Apple Store! WTF?? The ex-boyfriend being a jerk was obviously bad too, but her friend?? Unacceptable.

    – Jenny

  35. Caroline’s new haircut is SO CUTE!

  36. ariella, oh yes, we link to jessica olien’s site for sure! (see the actual link) i just was crediting miss moss for posting the link this week and helping me find jessica’s work. does that make sense? thank you so much!

  37. haha, katie b, my cousins always say “cheap as chips”!

  38. OMG on the haircut! Gorgeous, Caroline! Great choice. Femme Fatale….

  39. I always look forward to your weekend roundup, but this week’s was especially interesting/funny/thought-provoking. The British idioms – I think most of them would be instantly understandable to an Anglophone Canadian, too – certainly I remember being told not to be such a nosy parker as a kid:)

  40. Caroline, you look stunning!

    I love these roundups :)

  41. alexis, i wish! she is so cool! we found it online somewhere—it was taken by mark (his link is in the credit). thank you!! xo

  42. Caroline’s hair is amazing!
    Joanna, just wanted to give my friend Jessica Olien props on her work, “A Really Bad Month.” Looks like you’re crediting Miss Moss? Here’s Jessica’s site.
    Thanks for another great weekend post. I love kicking my Fri morning off with you!

  43. Caroline, you look AMAZING!!!!! I too was really excited to see what you’d choose, and it’s so, so good. Enjoy it!!

  44. what a coincidence we just started with don’t break the ice this week too. 4.5 year old says it’s the best game ever and even the 2.5 year old can play it pretty well. Won’t be too long before Anton can join in.

  45. I was wondering about Caroline’s haircut! So darling!!!

  46. Yes, awesome picture. Who is that in the photo? Does he have more in a series?

  47. How cute Caroline looks!! LOVE! Have a happy weekend <3

  48. Enjoy a great tuba concert! Sounds wonderful, would like to hear about the boys reaction, if you feel like it!

  49. WHY did they change the baby bassinet? What were they thinking? It was ingenious! I’m so bummed that it doesn’t exist anymore.

  50. That haircut is AMAZING! SO sexy

  51. What a great photo! Is that you? If so, how cool! If not, you’re still cool, but where did you find it? ;)

  52. ahhhh!!!! I was just going to comment and ask where Caroline’s new haircut is? I’ve been checking back all the time to see it. It looks amazing! Hoping to see a post about it in the future. :)

  53. Oh my goodness! I’ve lurked at your site forever (although I may have commented last year, having been inspired by you to buy that plaid Madewell scarf). But that photo’s by Mark, my good friend and neighbour — so odd to recognize it — he recently shared a wonderful painting-in-progress that an artist friend’s creating, based on this photo. . .