Have a Delicious Weekend.

Use this page when the boss walks by.

Jim Gaffigan on binge-watching shows.

The reason I’m bad dancer.

Charts for people obsessed with Serial.

10 good documentaries on Netflix.

Last but not least: Loeffler Randall is having a huge sale, and Pinhole Press is offering Cup of Jo readers 30% off holiday cards with the code CUPOFJO.

Have a good one! xoxo

(Photo by Nikole Herriott, via Tara O’Brady)

  1. smile you to night, say no more say mellow !! wkwkwk

  2. hmm…thanks for another great roundup – can’t wait to check out these links on sunday morning with a cup of tea!

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the Pinhole Press coupon code!

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  5. That grilled cheese pic is total food porn. Shame on you, Joanna! ;)

  6. What did Caroline do with her hair? Dying to know!

  7. Great list. Thanks!

  8. Those pajamas are sooooooo chic! They make me want to buy satin sheets, a big feathery duvet and slip around in the bed in those pjs! Love em

    Elise // The Confetti Room

  9. Wish Eberjey made above a large/size 8. Super beautiful PJs! I’m going to now be on the hunt for a similar pair :)

  10. OMG, thank you so much for including my “not trying to have it all” piece! I feel famous!

  11. JACKIE BROWN is a good ‘un. It’s the only Tarantino film I would recommend to my parents. (My Pop might like RESERVOIR DOGS because he’s a big Steve Buscemi fan, but I’m pretty sure my Mom would hate it).

  12. I love the modern Thanksgiving etiquette guide! <3

  13. Had your blog bookmarked for ages. Browsed through it from time to time, never really followed. Why? I don’t know. Because now, in the past couple of months, it’s become the one blog I really love to read. I keep waiting impatiently for new posts. It’s so inspirational, witty and honest. Thank you. :)

  14. Pam Grier is one of my FAVORITE pin-ups! I just wrote my final about JET magazine and mentioned her Blaxploitation cover!

  15. Thanks to your tip I’m totally obsessed with Serial! I am convinced Adnan is innocent. Where are you after the latest episode?

  16. The “I’m not trying to have it all” just reassured me that I may someday make it as a mother :)

  17. thanks for another great roundup – can’t wait to check out these links on sunday morning with a cup of tea!

    rae of love from berlin

  18. Family is coming from near and far to stay with me for this Thanksgiving week. There will be so much food, I can’t think about it. There will be lots of laughing and baby snuggling and laughing and did I mention eating ? It will be a great week ..

  19. I look forward to your weekly updates … I really like this line on the article about “having it all”: “The remaining few hours go toward sleeping, and what’s left is a scattered, largely unpredictable free-for-all that doubles as my “me time”: a workout, a happy hour with friends, a DVR catch-up, a date with my husband, or a networking event — whatever I can fit in so I don’t go crazy.”

  20. A chilly weekend complete with library books? Sounds amazing!

  21. Thanks for sharing about the Loeffler Randall sale!!! I found some boots that I really like!

  22. The Serial charts are too perfect!

  23. I CAN’T WAIT until I make my next rainy day grilled cheese and seeing that I live in Oregon, I will probably having one in the next 24 hours…the secret ingredient mentioned in your post is also my secret ingredient for cooking a perfect salmon :)

  24. LK says...

    I am obsessed with serial! Thanks for the link!!

  25. Loved seeing the side-dish only article. I am pregnant this Thanksgiving which has unfortunately given me a horrible aversion to poultry. So turkey is totally off the menu, it will be side dishes and pies galore for us this year!

  26. Mayo has always been my go to if we only have cold butter but the real secret to making a grilled cheese sandwich is putting a sprinkle of salt on the skillet before you lay down the bread.

  27. Love the Thanksgiving etiquette, perfect for the coming holiday!