Gift Guide Part #1: Your Beautiful Mom Who Smells Like Soap, Loves Jane Austen and Makes Chocolate Chip Cookies Every Time You Visit.

Flowers every month, to get her through the winter, starting at $149.

Stroopwafels with caramel that melt over a hot mug of tea. $20.

Felted pan handle covers because a) she’s an amazing cook, and b) where have these been all our lives?! $28 for two.

Blood, Bones & Butter, $10.27, the gripping memoir of a New York City chef Gabrielle Hamilton (it was a wild ride!), along with her new cookbook, $27.

Faux fur throw, $79, the softest, coziest blanket (our friends have one), so she can cuddle up while reading books, watching Homeland and listening to Serial (and then call you afterward!).

Porcelain table lanterns, $35, beautiful handmade candleholders to make her dining table glow.

shearling-cloud-slippers-best-giftSnow Cloud Slippers, $49.50, because it feels like walking on clouds.

bath-perfume-bobbi-brownBath perfume, $72, the loveliest light scent, which smells like you’re fresh out of the shower.

Head massage because it’s the grown-up version of getting your hair played with. Prices vary.

A card saying how much you love her, since that’s all she really wants anyway.

P.S. , and the complete 2014 gift guide.

(Book photo by Tara Noland)

  1. I love all the gifts. The fur throw is gorgeous!!

  2. Though your header don’t quite sum up my mum — sadly no cookies in our house — I love the bees card and that the saucepan handle cover. I’m making most of my gifts this year, but have promised my mum a bread tin for her new kitchen. Anything to keep mum happy!

  3. Stroopwafel!! My favorite!

  4. I love the wallet! Check out my store!

  5. Lovely gifts. Although as a Dutchie I could never in my life pay 20$ for stroopwafels. They cost around 2$ here. Wait, maybe this could finally be a way to move to NYC and make a living there: through stroopwafels :-). Love your gift guides every year!!

  6. Yay! I’m so glad your gift guides have started again, Joanna! You always pick out the best stuff :) Those fur throws look so incredibly cosy — I would definitely have to buy one for myself too!

    Ali xo

  7. Stroopwafel FTW! Also, definitely getting the felted pan handle covers.

  8. Those felt pot holders are genius! I should get them for my stepdad who loves to cook with his cast iron skillet.

  9. I love your gift guides, both for the gift ideas and for the lovely way you describe the people in your life. Your admiration and love for them glows, which is so sweet to see.

  10. Wait, you know you cant get bags of those stroopwafels from Trader Joe’s for like $4 right? They’re fantastic and addictive and maybe $4 is just cheap enough to cause some really bad dietary decisions :)

  11. Oh, stroopwafels, how I love them! They’re my long-lost love since I’ve had to go gluten free.
    That said – lovely post, Joanna! Looking forward to reading your other gift guides -purely eye candy for me, being in Australia and also, boast boast, pretty much done with my Christmas shopping!

  12. I completely love the personal touches you add to these gift guides – from descriptions of the different people in your time to the “that’s all s/he really wants anyway.” Makes my year every year.

  13. I love the flowers and massages ideas! My mom runs an essential oils business, goes around teaching people about essential oils (their usage and such), and even goes to conferences dedicated to this. She’s often demonstrating the usage of essential oils by massaging other people, so I think she’d really enjoy switching roles and being the one getting massaged for a change :P I also really love the mug (with the stroopwafels) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  14. Love these ideas for my lovely Mama!


  15. yummmmm waffles!!

  16. SL says...

    those flowers!!! they just brought a huge smile to my face. :)

  17. We have one of those Restoration Hardware throws and it just the best! Everyone who comes over kinda swoons over it a little. Good gift idea!

  18. After being in Holland for a few weeks in September, and spending much of that time eating stroopwafels, it pains me to see them sold for $20 a dozen. That being said, I would be very excited to receive those as a gift (and probably should have bought tons of bags to give as gifts).