Four Fall Outfits

My friend Courtney lives in rainy London and has four kids, yet somehow always manages to look put-together. I’ve always been curious about how exactly she does it, so I was psyched when she agreed to share her four fall uniforms…

Look #1: Dress, scarf, similar hat, booties.

“I have a teeny tiny closet, so I’m really selective about what I buy. I’d rather buy one nice thing than five trendier things. My closet is filled with things I’ve worn forever, things I’ve had for years and years. Dresses are really easy to wear because you don’t have to think about your top and bottom—it’s just one thing to throw on. And they’re feminine and flirty.”

Look #2: Sweater (similar here), similar coat, jeans, scarf, bracelet, booties.

“I wish I had more time to think about outfits in the mornings, but, with four kids, I’m often in a rush and end up throwing on favorite jeans and a comfy sweater. It’s embarrassing to admit, but I always ask myself, “Would a Parisian wear this?” and then try to put together my outfits based on what I think the French would do! They are so good at accessorizing, so even if I’m wearing jeans and a simple sweater, I’ll try to add a few accessories. I feel best in skinny jeans. I like the slimmer profile and think they suit my short legs!”

Look #3: Sweater (similar here), skirt, bracelet, nail polish, booties.

“These suede booties are definitely my go-to shoe—I have them in black and tan! They’re super comfy and easy to wear—perfect with jeans or dresses. My lovely husband teased me about wearing too much black a few years ago, and after assessing my closet I realized he was right. (Black is so easy! It goes with anything!) I’ve made a lot of effort in the past few years to add more colors to my wardrobe.”

Look #4: Shirt, pencil skirt, booties (similar here), similar beanie, nail polish.

“It has taken me years to figure out how to dress for this crazy London weather! It’s become a habit to grab a hat and scarf as I walk out the door—even in the summertime, as it’s never quite warm enough for my liking. Also, hats are my way of hiding my often messy, unwashed hair. “

Thank you so much, Courtney! Really digging the black nail polish!

P.S. Courtney’s beauty uniform, and more pretty fall outfits.

(Photos by Lesley Colvin for Cup of Jo)

  1. I just bought that black Asos skirt. It’s still available!

  2. Elin says...

    Have you seen Love is Strange? Marisa Tomei’s style in that movie is THE perfect fall wardrobe. Please watch it!!!

  3. I would love for you to do another post with Courtney in some spring outfits! I think spring is the hardest season to dress for, because we’re expected to wear light, summery clothes but it’s still so cold (at least here in Chicago!).

  4. Lovely outfits, perfect for Paris as well..

  5. Great outfits – I love these posts for some inspiration and the gorgeous London setting!

  6. Love this post. Can Courtney do a hair tutorial?

  7. she’s so beautiful!
    I like all of them

  8. Can we all just admit that we want to be Courtney Adamo when we grow up? Love seeing her on the blog!

  9. I am all for the stylish moms and mommy blogs. I like your features and they are all so inspirational. But I can’t justify paying more than $300 for a pulled together head to toe outfit or $50 for a child’s sweater (yes I have read her mommy blog, the one that features children clothing, toys and vacations etc). I have 2 boys (4 & 7) and I definitely don’t look like that even when it is just a day out with the family.

  10. Is she a model? She looks so familiar, and I feel like I’ve seen her before in an add campaign, like Ann Taylor or maybe J.Crew? Am I right or am I going crazy?? Either way she is beautiful and so stylish!

  11. love all these looks! though sadly, anything with bare legs is just to cold for our falls. ;)
    xo, cheyenne

  12. Ummm it’s gotta help being that good looking to begin with I reckon! She’s gorgeous and her style is fab – I just dont reckon I could pull off the looks she does!

  13. I cannot agree more with Katie K. I read your blog religiously and love your thoughts and opinions. However, I also feel like your beauty/wardrobe posts have been dominated by fairly ideal-looking women, not to mention typically Caucasian women. I don’t like the term “real women” because obviously she’s a real woman too! I’d just like to see more diversity in both body type and ethnicity in these posts :)

    Thanks Joanna!

  14. Her hair!!!! Could gorgeous Courtney share her tips for amazing hair like hers?? Thank you for this post :)

  15. I agree with Katie K.
    I love the posts but then I read the comments and it is all about how pretty and effortless it looks etc and the fact is that she looks effortless in these clothes when she is being photographed but most people wouldn’t. I am sure a lot of people are wearing a sweater and skinny jeans right now but don’t look as put together in them as she looks here. Sometimes these posts ring false to me. I know that you don’t do it on purpose but that is how it seems.
    I know that you are writing a blog but it makes me cringe when I read people comment on how pretty your friends are etc. It is a blog people…just like a magazine…as Kathy Bates said….nobody looks at the middle aged fat woman.
    This is not reality!

  16. Thanks for this! I love seeing how Courtney styles all her ace & jig pieces. What a natural beauty!

  17. I really enjoy these features on other women’s lives, and I so admire Courtney’s amazing style. If at all possible (if you feel it fits with your vision of the blog), I would love to see more diversity in the women featured on this blog. I believe one other commenter alluded to this in a previous comment….but it would be so refreshing to see more women featured on the blog who might be more relatable (aka. woman of different shapes, sizes, heights, etc). It seems as though almost all of the women featured could be models. They are truly stunning. That said, I love your blog and sincerely appreciate the styles of the women you have featured. Just some food for thought! :)

  18. I have followed her on Instagram for a while and I always love her outfits, and the clothes that her adorable kids are wearing. It’s a family full of style. I would love to see their house tour too!

  19. Just love. Love. Great.

  20. I follow her on Instagram and love her style so much. Her children are always dressed perfectly as well. She is just gorgeous! Always my style inspiration!

  21. I love the “simplicity + good accessories” pattern. I’m short and curvy, so I feel like busier pieces overwhelm my body, as if the clothes are wearing me instead of the other way around… when I strip it back but add some polish with a necklace or big bracelet, it works much better!!

  22. great looks – number two is definitely my favorite. the model is also beautiful and has the best hair.

    rae of love from berlin

  23. These outfits are gorgeous and she is gorgeous. Love these ideas.

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  25. im in dire need of THE BEST black leggings EVER that don’t fade or stretch. can anyone help?
    much love xo

  26. She is one of the cutest mommas I’ve ever seen. I love following her and her family. Thank you for the fun post!

  27. Hi Joanna, I love (love love) your blog. Lately, though, I’m feeling like we’re looking at impossible ideals of beauty. I’d have loved to see these same outfits on a variety of women. The models lately have been people who look amazing without even trying. That’s not the case for me, and probably not for many readers. I don’t think that your blog has always been like this; for example, many of your beauty uniform posts are with pretty but relate-able women, and they go behind the scenes to show us flaws or tricks. On the other hand, recently I’ve felt like all of the women are just so stunning that it’s a little disheartening. Of course the makeup looks great — they don’t need it! Of course the clothes look great — they’d look great in anything! Maybe you could use some local readers as models, which I think you’ve done in the past? We women need to stick together, and I think part of that is being real with one another! Just a thought… (This is a small but I think important gripe, and otherwise I think you’re doing such a wonderful job. I am always so impressed.)

  28. SL says...

    I love that white midi skirt. It’s so refreshing next to neutral, fall colors. thanks for sharing, joanna!


  29. I feel like Courtney is the ‘It girl’ of the mom/blog world💛
    She is effortless.

  30. Great and simple key pieces. Love it!
    Ever since I’ve been to Paris on holiday I ask myself the exact same question whenever I’m getting dressed or buy clothes: What would a Parisian wear? My closet has definitely improved after that.

  31. Love this! Great outfits and tips. Now, please tell me how to look Parisienne Chic in this extreme cold!(Seriously, can you do a post on this?)

  32. give this woman a blog! she is beautiful and fabulous!

  33. she has FOUR kids?!! I love her even more for being so effortlessly chic. awesome outfits, love them all, especially that lovely dress!

  34. I love all of these looks! More Courtney please!

  35. I love the second look! I’m a college student and only need to worry about myself, but I don’t even dress half as well as Courtney! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  36. Holy cow. That sweater she is wearing has already sold out at Madewell – since this morning! This is some powerful advertising!

    I aspire to a “capsule wardrobe,” but it’s a pretty expensive endeavor, as it turns out, and not so easy when you’re pregnant on and off for a huge chunk of your 30’s and changing sizes all the time. Someday!

  37. Joanna, you have such beautiful and stylish friends. I love these posts on style. I struggle with what to wear and always end up emulating things I like on other moms.

  38. I follow Courtney on IG and her children are beyond beautiful and SO is she!!! OMG I LOVE the hair, so natural and pretty. Great outfits. I wear a variation of the same thing every day and would so so much rather have few great clothes than loads of mediocre pieces. Another great post. <3

  39. Amazing. I’ve been loving all of these outfit posts, but this one is exceptionally great.

  40. She looks absolutely beautiful, effortlessly! What a great idea to consider what the French would do?! I think I’ll begin to incorporate that into my outfits selection! Thanks for sharing these Fall looks!

  41. I absolutely adore Courtney and am thrilled every time she makes an appearance! I agree- she should have a weekly feature! :)

  42. I wish she had a weekly contribution :)

  43. love her!! she always looks great and with 4 kids, that can’t be easy. also, I feel like I need ankle boots now for some reason.

  44. I love Courtney’s style! Also, I have that Madewell sweater and I can vouch for its quality and warmth! I wear it so often!

  45. Lovely! These are gorgeous outfits, very simple and classic and easy to throw together.

    I wonder though, how do you manage with suede boots in the rain? Aren’t you worried they will be ruined? I live in Seattle so I know that pain all too well! Even with a protective spray I’m not brave enough to wear them on very rainy days.

  46. Such great outfits — and I love the “what would the French do” idea. Which my outfit totally does NOT pass today. Whoops :)

  47. She is gorgeous!

  48. oh wow, i absolutely loved this! so great to see staple pieces rotated. and i completely agree about the “would a parisian wear this?” question. i’ve been really trying to simplify my wardrobe lately, with printed dresses, well fitting slim fit jeans, beautifully knit jumpers, and great shoes – so happy to see my “goal” outfits shown here! also, her hair is so good. definitely needing a chop soon.
    thanks so much for such consistently wonderful content!!

  49. Those outfits are fantastic. I can’t believe she has 4 kids. She looks younger than I am!

  50. she’s so fabulous! I love when she is featured in your posts!


  51. This is called effortless chic and I love it! Simple and elegant looks, she looks beautiful. Love the dress and the beige boots