United States Cutting Boards

We’ve been long-time fans of AHeirloom, the Brooklyn-based shop run by a husband and wife. The couple, Amy and Bill, created their first state-shaped cutting board for their wedding, where they served cheese on boards shaped like their home states (Michigan and Connecticut).
Today, they’re giving one reader a set of two wooden cutting boards in the states of her choice. Which would you pick? (I’d go for Michigan!) They’d be awesome for parties or gifts or just to have around the house.

To enter, leave a comment below telling us your favorite state. The winner will be chosen on Monday at random. Thank you so much!
Update: The winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing!

Bonus for all readers: Get 15% off with the code CUPOFJO15, good through this Sunday.

(Photos by Alyssa Kirsten)

  1. Kelly says...

    New York

  2. Michigan!!!! For sure. And probably Arizona as that’s where we live now :-)

  3. Al says...

    I grew up in AZ so that would be my first choice!

  4. Georgia! I’d love to win one for my displaced Southerner mama :)

  5. Love it!! I’d choose ohio and new york!

  6. I would love a Texas because I live there or a Colorado because I’m getting married there next summer!

  7. New York & California :)

  8. Arkansas!! <3

  9. Missouri! Or Minnesota! Both places I’ve lived… not sure if I would gift this or hoard for myself :)

  10. Michigan #smittenwiththemitten

  11. Michigan, the mitten state, for sure

  12. I left in 1998, but I still miss Oregon and am proud of my beloved home state.

  13. i am moving into a new place with the love of my life and she really wants the california one.

  14. California!! I could definitely see placing a couple of sharp cheddars on the shape of CA, thank you!!

  15. South Carolina and Washington- the place where we met and started our family, and where we now live. Thanks!

  16. California is my fav! It would look so lovely serving up cheese and grapes. Or fresh local fruit. So many options!

  17. It would definitely be California!!

  18. As a Michigander who married a Kentuckian…well, I’d have to still go with the Mitten State. :)

  19. I just bought two as a wedding gift for our friends – Texas and California! I would pick CA for myself :)

  20. I’d love the MI one! My husband and I are both from MI though we live in Brooklyn. :)

  21. Always wanted one of these! I would choose my husband’s home state of TN since he move to my home state.

  22. Oregon of course! Seriously considering this as a Christmas gift.

  23. Missouri…it’s home

  24. My hometown- New York of course! :)

  25. Long time fan of A heirloom! I’ve purchased two cutting boards as housewarming gifts , but I’ve yet purchased one for myself. I would LOVE the California board .

  26. Washington, DC, will always be home. Though, we do need to work on the whole becoming a state thing.

  27. I would want MA!!
    how cute

  28. South Carolina!

  29. We live in Michigan now, but my husband’s and my heart will always be in our home state of Ohio. :)

  30. J says...

    I would definitely choose Ohio! The buckeye state and my home state! Gorgeous!

  31. New jersey and Indiana.

  32. Florida!!

  33. Pennsylvania!

  34. CA for sure!

  35. Hmmm. I think NY–where we got married…and either Missouri or Ohio. These boards are lovely.

  36. Without a doubt, South Dakota!!

  37. These are adorable! I would definitely choose my homeland, Louisiana!

  38. Definitely Washington or Minnesota! Thanks!

  39. WI for me and MN for my best friend!

  40. I love these! I would get one for me and my mom to share (WI) and one for my old college roommate (MN)! Such beautiful boards.

  41. I would choose Montana!

  42. I think I’d have to stay loyal to my home state of New Jersey, even though my husband and I are now legal NY residents. (He grew up in California but is, like, the only person who doesn’t like it out there, so he won’t fight me for it.)

  43. I would choose VA (my home state, and where my mom and sister live now) and my husband’s home state of PA.

  44. I would love a Texas cutting board! I might have to get 2 Texas ones and give the other as a gift. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  45. I would get both Hawaii (even though it’s a little impractical for use as an actual cutting board) and Idaho! I’m from Hawaii and my husband is from Idaho. ;)

  46. For me, it would be Iowa. I spent 10 months there, going to a “cow pie high” in the suburbs of Cedar Rapids, when I was 17. I’m 23 now and I haven’t had the money to go back and visit my lovely host family, friends and the state itself, my home away from home, yet. This would definitely bring some Iowa back to me! I really do miss it a lot.

  47. Ohio and Oregon

  48. Tough choice– Michigan or Alaska!

  49. New York! I had to move away 3 months ago but I miss it so much.

  50. Rhode Island, all the way. I bought one of these for my friend’s wedding and she loved it!

  51. I would choose Massachusetts and North Carolina. Thanks!

  52. I’d go with Michigan, where I’m from, and Tennessee, where I live now… But then there’s also California, where I was born… A hard decision!

  53. My favorite state – Pennsylvania…and it’s currently the best time to be there, the fall!

  54. Iowa!! Where I was born and raised. Go Hawkeyes :)

  55. Alabama and New York! My home and home away from home!

  56. Hmmm either Texas or Arizona. How perfect are these?!