Lovely Bags

The weather has suddenly gotten much cooler, the leaves are falling off the trees, and it suddenly feels like fall. For fall pieces, we’re loving Cuyana, the San-Francisco-based brand of handcrafted leather bags and accessories. The founders, Karla and Shilpa, believe in buying only what you love and will wear for years. Their philosophy is “fewer, better things.”
What do you think? Are you already looking forward to the holidays? I can’t believe it’s almost November! See Cuyana’s full collection here, if you’d like.

(Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Cuyana, a brand whose products and mission I love. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Cup of Jo)

  1. You’re so lovely.

  2. I love your sweater (as well as the bag and scarf)! Where is it from?

  3. “Fewer, better things.” I love that philosophy!

  4. I just received an Alpaca cape from Cuyana–love it!!

  5. I have a grey, monogrammed cuyana tote I wear to work and I love. It fits everything I need and is beautiful. But i also want to know where your jeans are from!

  6. Okay this is a bit off point, but I can never commit to buying stuff online! I know that seems crazy in this day in age, but I just prefer old school shopping. I have a hard enough time making selections when I’m there let alone the Internet! I do feel like I miss out on a ton of deals :/ Since you post a lot of online deals maybe you can do s post about online shopping…where and how do I begin? I don’t think I’d start with clothes because my size is always fluctuating (I’m not a naturally skinny mini like you!)

    If Cuyana has an actual store I will definitely check it out next time I’m in the city (to us that’s SF)!

  7. Usually I don’t get bags that have one big compartment, because I’d end up throwing everything in there. Also, the straps look a little thin, but I guess that isn’t an issue for you, so I’m sold!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  8. absolutely goregoues products! i’m obsessed with the cape and the dress!

  9. I have one of their totes in black and I LOVE it!! I want every color!

  10. “Fewer, better things.” What a wonderful philosophy. For buying, for gifting, for life. I’m going to repeat this to myself the next time I consider a purchase.

  11. Their wallet is EXACTLY what I’m looking for. Love it! Thanks for this great post! (Also love the infinity scarves!)

  12. They do make lovely bags. Also the styling in these photos are great. Very fall-esque.


  13. Ahh, want a monogrammed Cuyana tote so badly! Too bad it’s out of my current budget as a poor college student…but its definitely on my to-get list for the future! :)


  14. Love this post so much! Thank you for sharing this lovely company. I see many things that I would love to own, and I love their philosophy.

  15. I received the leather tall tote in caramel as a Christmas present last year and love it! It works for all seasons, and I get a lot of compliments on it. I love the “fewer, better” philosophy, but it takes a lot of work and self-control to really live it!

  16. Beautiful things, but I can’t seem to find anywhere on their site/blog where their items are manufactured? Jo, do you have this information?

  17. Wow, I’m kind of in love with the spirit of this. It’s exactly where I’m at right now. Excited to try a few of their beautiful things, and to try their lean closet program as well.

  18. So glad to see your smiling face as the model this time :) I love their mission and wholeheartedly agree. I’ve never heard of these guys so I’m excited to peruse their website.


  19. I love that philosophy! I always end up buying cheaper versions of the things I want. Inevitably after a year I make a huge trip to Goodwill will all of my crappy, pilly sweaters & pants. Think I’ll go by those $200.00 boots I’ve been jonesing for now ;). Thanks!

  20. I’m in love with your sweater! And it’s so becoming on you. Do you mind sharing what it is?

  21. I love the saying “fewer, better things”!
    As a jewelry designer I sometimes feel the pressure to sell as many things as I can and keep up with the trends. But the thing is, I want to create artful objects that people cherish. I don’t want to try to convince people to buy something to match their outfits and just end up as clutter in their houses.

  22. I LOVE Cuyana! Wonderful mission, and the quality is fantastic. I have the scarlet tote. :)

  23. Fewer, better things is exactly what I need! Love these bags and the hunter green is gorgeous.

    Aesthetic Lounge

  24. I love their stuff so much, especially the travel case set, I’ve wanted it for ages! If only they shipped to Europe! Joanna, please persuade them to ship to me ;-) xx

  25. Mmmmm this is going on my Christmas wish list.

    Joanna where are your jeans from? I’ve been trying to find that exact style.

  26. Those bags are absolutely beautiful, Jo. And don’t you think that infinity scarves is the best invention invention ever? For me, it’s right up there with baking soda and cinnamon rolls.:)

    I would love to bundle up in the alpaca one you’re wearing this winter. Oh and the color is so on trend!:)

  27. Joanna, you perfectly captured Autumn in this post, from the accessories to the setting. Such a beautiful, fleeting season…

  28. I love their knits as well! Totally onboard with the philosophy of buying less but better. Thanks for sharing Joanna!

  29. I’ve heard so much about Cuyana recently and I really love both their mission and gorgeous products. Their scarves and capes are simple yet beautiful!
    In Dramatic Fashion