1. Best shirt ever! Most commonly heard phrase from kids to parents, ever. So good.

  2. Bed time can be so hard, if I were you I would tell him he could pick five (or whatever you are comfortable with) rituals for bed time and then work that number down slowly over time, I found it hard as a parent to let go of those rituals, but we deal eh!

  3. This is perfect for 7 yr old nephew!

  4. ah, does this come in adult sizes because this is so me!

  5. This is more of a nap time saying – at bed my boys CRASH! (Thankfully!)

  6. Love this! Our little guy has PJ’s that say READ TO ME. Always makes me laugh.

  7. I have the I’m So Tired shirt from them. Their t-shirts and tanks are great!

  8. Oh wow, that’s perfect for all of my little people. They should also make one that says simply “NO,” bc geez I hear that all the time, or “I DO IT MYSELF.” the tee shirt ideas for toddlers are endless!!

  9. there should be a corresponding one for mom saying “I am”.

  10. My son is 7, so the mantra now is, “i don’t have to pee!” (try anyway! we’re getting in the car!)

  11. Haha I like this. Is it from ThugLife t-shirts?

    I get often get funny shirts like this from their site, great for presents :)


  12. haha, jordan, or when people say, “you look so comfy!” (=like a slob!)

  13. This made me think of something totally different- I hate it when people ask me if I’m tired, I feel like its code for, “you look like crap!” I’m a teacher and I always laugh when a student says, “Miss Carroll, you look so tired!”… Those are the days I know that i didn’t apply enough make up!!

  14. Oh, I thought that was a mama mantra :)

  15. Same here. My boys are never tired at bedtime!