Have a Wonderful Fall Weekend.

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything fun? We’re going to our good friends’ cabin in Connecticut. I’m looking forward to stretching our legs and taking long walks in the woods. (Meanwhile, Toby is out of his mind excited for the rental car.) Hope you have a cozy weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Office humor.

You guys, IT’S THE FUTURE!!!!

Would you go paragliding? It looks magical.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on parenting.

I just bought this and love it.

Why women get flak when they talk.

Ballet dancers behind the scenes. (I love that you can see them sweat.)

Yoga poses for a good night’s sleep.

13 things your pilot won’t tell you.

The secret to great toast.

Good reminder: Give yourself a break.

A Wonder Years reunion. (Paul got cute!)

Snow White goes to medical school.

Plus, for all readers: Get 10% off ONA bags with the code CUPOFJO10. (Good through Friday, October 31st.)

  1. I love finding Emily Johnston’s non career advice on here :) she’s amazing!

  2. I’m curious about that sweater too… if it’s hand-knitted it would be great to know the pattern :)

  3. Your blog is SO adorable! Fun links- I’ll be checking them out! :) Have a great week!

  4. That post photo, though. What a sweet little hipster baby ;-)

  5. I have to ask Jo. Where did Anton get that little red sweater he is wearing in the picture? It is adorable!

  6. Love that photo of Anton. Reminds me of my 16 month old who loves throwing leaves through the park fences. Can I ask where his beautiful red sweater coat is from?

  7. Thank you so much for the voice video. I have always need told what a great voice I have at jobs. Then, I didn’t get a job one time and when I asked the interviewer why, he told me I sounded harsh and scary. I have since been so self conscious. Now I feel better!

  8. See Jo, this is one of the many reasons I adore your blog. This round up was so perfect and chock-full of things I love! Yoga, NPR, Tina & Amy, grilling toast and I’m taking a 22 hour flight on Monday, so that piece about flying was so interesting! Thanks for all that you and Caroline do to give us great reading material :)

  9. Love the sweater Anton has on…is it hand knitted? If so, I must track down the pattern!

  10. lb says...

    In regard to the Wonder Years, Paul’s bar mitzvah was NOT the first time this topic had been addressed on mainstream tv. Back in the early 1960s (late ’50s?), there was an episode of the Dick Van Dyke show called “Buddy’s Bar Mitzvah” where Buddy visits a rabbi and prepares for the bar mitzvah he missed out on when he was younger.

  11. I like the smart princess thing but how can you take anyone seriously that calls it “barnes and nobles”??

  12. Regarding the image, the hood is so cute!! Btw, I totally needed that post about yoga poses to do for better sleep!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  13. What an adorable hooded sweater your child is wearing! Any chance you could share how to find/purchase the pattern?

  14. Thanks for sharing about The Wonder Years! It’s one of my all-time favorite tv shows, so I am very excited it’s coming out on DVD! I wish the music weren’t modified, but I thought I’d never see it get to DVD, because of the music rights.

  15. I wonder why they think that it’s biological that we are more critical of women’s voices? How can they tell it isn’t just very deeply ingrained in our culture (and, uh, most cultures)?

    I didn’t even know what vocal fry was until I saw a YouTube video telling me how awful it was.

  16. hahaha paola, caroline and i were saying the exact same thing!

  17. kelly, thanks! i’m not sure, i’ll ask alex xo

  18. alex, thanks for your note! oh yes it’s an extra fee, i just meant that they have monogramming (versus not having monogramming). sorry for the wording confusion!

  19. Hmmmm, Paul Pfieffer’s looking kinda cute ;)

  20. I love that Toby is so excited about a rental car! My son got so hyped up last week to stay in a HOTEL! It was like Christmas.

    Have a great trip!

  21. Love the links – the bag is gorgeous!

  22. My 4-year-old is obsessed with rental cars, too. Glad to know she’s not alone :)

  23. LK says...

    I love that he is so excited about the rental car. I remember as a kid I would also get weirdly excited for the rental car, always trying to guess the type of car or color. It’s just so funny what kids get excited for (reminds me of an episode of house hunters. There was a kid who was maybe 7 or 8 and he would get so excited every time they went in a bathroom and saw double sinks. He would scream, “I get my own vanity!”)

  24. Great photo to accompany your weekend links! Wondering what kind of shoes sweet Anton is wearing…?

  25. I just went paragliding in Annecy two weeks ago! It was incredible. I’m slightly scared of heights, but it really wasn’t scary AT ALL. It was very peaceful and comfortable the whole time. I loved it! I highly recommend Annecy, France and paragliding.

  26. Hi Joanna!
    I’m so in love with the Cuyanna bag, you said in your previous article that they offer the monogram but it’s actually 10$ when I try to place an order. Is there a special code or something ?
    Thank you so much and have an amazing weekend!
    Cheers from Paris!