Have a Great Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Alex’s mom is visiting, so we’ll be showing her around our new neighborhood. Every building is draped in fake spider webs and glow-in-the-dark spiders; and the crisp air and fall foliage are bolstering. As Anne of Green Gables said, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Can you spot the dog?

Drunk J.Crew models made me laugh.

How to chop onions without crying.

(Or you could wear these.)

Happiness tip: Buy experiences, not things.

10 words to ban from your emails.

The surprising clothing item you should stock up on this fall.

Life with a pet lion.

Crazy fact: If you rub garlic on your feet, you’ll taste it thirty minutes later!

How to estimate when people will arrive at a party.

Made me laugh. I’m old!

The 70 Percent Rule—when to delegate.

We’ve baked these cookies THREE times in the past two weeks. Highly recommended.

(Photo of Diane Keaton and Al Pacino in The Godfather. Email words via Swissmiss)

  1. Oh my, the drunk J Crew models are hilarious!! I imagined it being read by Cecily Strong as “the girl you wish you hadn’t started a conversation with at a party”! Too funny.

  2. Onion goggles are the best! I don’t chop without them.

  3. I just noticed your reference to Anne of Green Gables..sooo cool because I live on Prince Edward Island, home of the author L.M Montgomery…..this October sure is gorgeous!!!! Erica Dunsford

  4. I’ve been babysitting for a few years now and I’ve learned so much.

    I can definitely tell you from this side of the relationship that, like a reader mentioned, I’m pretty good with kids (I think partly because my own childhood is still very fresh in my brain) but what used to make me feel really on edge was when I have to take care of the children in front of the parents.

    Parenting is so personal, and it’s hard to know what they think is acceptable behavior–the same mother can seem oddly lenient about certain things and then pretty conservative about others. Spanking, organic vs. GMOs, vaccinations, dessert, saying bad words, using proper names for genitalia or not, crying it out or not, you can never predict what one parent thinks is ok or not.

    Sometimes I feel a little crazy about nitpicky parents–I feel like I should be given similar treatment that a teacher is given-that is, trust that the values I’m instilling are useful.

    I used to feel hesitant scolding or discipling children in front of the parents, because most (american) parents don’t like other people telling their kids what to do–even if that’s what they hired them to do! But now I’m more confident about my choices, if a kid misbehaves, it’s my responsibility to not tolerate it. It shouldn’t be “your kids, not my problem.” We should be a village.

  5. I actually had no idea that chopping onions actually made your eyes water until last year when I chopped onions without my contacts in. My eyes don’t water at all when I’m wearing my contacts.

  6. ohh, i was so hoping the cookie link was oatmeal as i was clicking. day made :)

  7. As soon as I saw the Drunk J.Crew blog, I thought of you! It’s so funny

  8. The article on the words that are banned from an email lead to a really useful article on how to use hyphens and n and m dashes. Thanks for leading me to this!

  9. Um, that lion story is pretty amazing! Being a Leo myself, I would love that!

    By the way, I also wanted to let you know I started a new lifestyle website that encourages submissions, Habit & Home! Take a look if you have a minute :)

    Thanks! xo

  10. I just made those cookies. They are amazing. I healthed them up A LITTLE by using whole wheat party flour and using turninado raw cane sugar and a bit less of the brown sugar. My husband could not believe there was no butter in them (he’s a batter fanatic). Definitely a repeat recipe. Perhaps some coconut flakes next time? Or dried cherries?

  11. Just another tip for cutting onions without crying: Breath through your mouth only! My eyes always burn and tear up when I cut onions, but the last few times I’ve cut them I’ve tried only breathing through my mouth and I didn’t shed a tear!

  12. I enjoyed reading the 70% rule but my inner feminist cringed reading “he” versus “he or she” in this line

    “Put simply, if the person the CEO would like to perform the task is able to do it at least 70 percent as well as he can, he should delegate it”

    Thanks for sharing :)

  13. I am definitely glad I live in a world with Octobers, especially since it’s my birthday month. Plus, any excuse to binge on candy is okay with me. :) Have a great weekend!

  14. ha! the “i feel like i’m 20, until i’m in a room with 20 year-olds, then i realize i’m 30” made me LOL! exactly how i feel. young at heart, but still aged a little more than a newly-turned-20 :) thanks for sharing! & for the laugh! needed it…


  15. Joanna, did you use canola oil or coconut oil in your cookies??

  16. When you said a surprising clothing item you should stock up in fall, my only thought was “fleece leggings I guess.” Boom! Glad we’re on the same page.

  17. I am so freaked out by the garlic fact!

    Love these round ups—I look so forward to them each week :)

  18. Oh! Those cookies are exactly what my dad used to make. I got out the recipe card, and now it’s sitting on my desk begging me to make them. I totally understand why you keep making them!

  19. find momo is my FAVORITE.

  20. my husband also taught me to cut onions under the vent/fan above the stove, it’ll suck away all the fumes!

  21. my husband also taught me to turn on the fan/vent above the oven (and cut my onions under the fan) — that’ll suck away all the onion fumes! it works every time.

  22. I’m old too! (35). And I work with lots of lovely 20 something’s. I often get included in their “she’s our age” descriptions, and need to point out gratefully that I’m not “our age”. On a night out I also once forgot my age and said in all sincerity that I was 28. Obviously my mental age. Did you once write a post about thinking we were a certain age our whole lives?! I’m very happy married with two gorgeous kids and wouldn’t swap my extra years for anything. Certainly not all that anxiety and all that “who am I?” Thank god that’s all over.

  23. You always have the best friday links!!! I totally agree on buying experiences. I recently bought a nice camera (which is a thing, i know) but its actually becoming more of an experience gift to myself… it makes me go out, see the world, interact with people, and learn something new!

  24. I remember reading something a while ago about not using the word “unfortunately” in emails–they suggested to switch it with the word “actually,” which is more matter of fact and less condescending. I think it’s a great swap!

  25. Happy Friday, Joanna! I need to try that trick for cutting onions without crying.
    Also, I can vouch for fleece-lined leggings. I discovered them at Payless last year and immediately bought two pairs. Apparently they sell out pretty fast here. They saved my life last winter.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  26. I’m 26 and I totally relate to that e-card! It’s crazy how big the age gap can feel sometimes.