Everyday Fall Shoes

I’ve been looking for a go-to fall shoe, and I just discovered these leather loafers. You could pair them with jeans and sweaters and instantly look cool and effortless. I like that they look like men’s shoes, but are graceful with a small heel. The olive color is my favorite.

Thoughts? Aren’t they lovely?

P.S. My other fall staple.

  1. Absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love that Everlane designs staples for that modern, crazy-busy woman…thank you for reminding me to check out their shoe selection. These are perfect for this Fall transitional weather.

  3. Love these!! I’m such sucker for a good masculine touch to the classic feminine style -these loafers do just that. It’s quite sexy. Can’t wait for them to have the burgundy pair in my size!

    Thanks for featuring these, and I wish you a lovely fall! x

  4. Yep, I think I need these. I’ve been looking for a good pair of fashionable, yet comfortable shoes. I was thinking about getting leather slip on sneakers. Loafers are a little classier and more versatile though.

  5. I like these, but I’ll wait until I see a few reviews online. I bought the everlane sandals this summer, and the sole was so smooth and slippery that I couldn’t even walk!

  6. I looove everlane! Their concept is so brilliant and these shoes are flawless. They’re going on my Christmas wish list for sure.

  7. Do loafers ever go out of style? But I am 40 something so I have seen them cycle through many a time. These look very much like loafers my mom had in the late 70s. Love them. Now I have some real 80s penny loafers! Nothing rocks my Cure t-shirt better. Love them still

  8. I totally have my eyes on these! :)

  9. I just can’t get on board with loafers – I know they are super popular, but they just feel too 80’s to me, and not in a good way.

  10. I love Everlane – the Cotton V is perfect! And I would like a pair of those loafers, but my only problem is their shoes don’t come in size 11! I’m 6′ 2″ so shoe shopping can be a struggle :) If you have any suggestions for girls with, shall we say, gracefully large feet – I’d love to hear!


  11. I was just looking at fall loafers or oxfords! I was eyeing a Sperry and a Boden pair, but these are lovely too. I’m a little worried the pointy toe will be too narrow for me though…

  12. Oh my god, I absolutely love this shoes and really need to buy a pair. They are so pretty. I love the olive but also the brown colour.

    Thank you for the hint.

    Love, Nina

  13. Those shoes are lovely! I just ordered a couple new shoes so these will have to wait but definitely going on my fall wish list!

  14. These Loafers are awesome. Structured but elegant, they pull every outfit together!

  15. I have been looking forward to these coming out, and was SO hoping they’d have navy blue…I’m on a search for the perfect navy blue flat!

  16. I saw these yesterday and am dying for the olive pair! But I purchased a pair of cognac woven Dieppa Restrepo loafers for this fall, so I really don’t NEED the Everlane pair….

  17. had a bad experience with their customer service via a defective backpack, so…won’t be back. these are a little fugs, sorry!!

  18. I’m so into the loafers at the moment. Complete any look!

  19. Okay, so in theory these are really cute. But my feet are huge. Like, size 11. I don’t think a size 11 in this shoe would look cute. This is my sadness as the ’90s come back hard– finding a cute shoe is not an equal opportunity effort.

  20. You read my mind…was actually just thinking this morning that I wanted to get something like this. They are ordered and on their way to me now! Thanks!

  21. The pair of olive loafers are a beauty. They’d look special with vanilla colored socks.

  22. I’ve been seeing loafers all over the city this fall. They easily go with everything it seems–jeans, skirts, dresses. I really love this style.

  23. I just ordered these too! I got the black.

  24. Been wanting to try ordering from Everlane but I just haven’t done it. Love the idea of loafers for fall. Thinking of a black velvet pair and another distressed leather pair that Splendid makes. Easy to throw on and run out the door!

    PS- that model is annoyingly gorgeous ;)