What’s Wrong With Marriage in Movies

The other day, I heard an interview with Seth Rogen about how spouses are portrayed in comedies these days. The wife is invariably an uptight nag, while the husband is a big goofy kid.

In first drafts of the recent movie Neighbors, Seth Rogen’s character was married to, you guessed it, a nagging wife. But then Rogen’s real wife, Lauren Miller, spoke up. As Rogen remembers:

“My wife read the script. She’s a writer. She’s one of the people who was like, ‘This isn’t how it would be; like, we get along…I want to have fun, too…’

“And then as we started talking about it, that actually became the most exciting idea of the movie to us, that really we could portray a couple where the wife was just as fun-loving and irresponsible as the guy, and they got along really well. In a comedy, that is almost non-existent: an actual healthy couple that really likes each other…and they’re intimate with each other and they’re attracted to each other; when they fight, they make up really fast and easily…

“Again, in movies they like to portray marriage as like, ‘Oh, the wife and husband are always arguing and bickering’…With me and my wife, the easiest part of my life is my marriage. Like if everything was as smooth and easy and fun as my relationship with my wife then I would have a much easier time getting through the day. We really get along and we like the same stuff.”

Bravo, Seth and Lauren! Are you friends with your significant other? Are you guys on the same wavelength? Who is goofier, and who is more responsible?

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P.P.S. Aspirin works! Thanks for the sweet comments:)

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  1. I agree with Clare, Cookie & Laura with regards to how vilified Katherine Heigl was for making these very same points. This is 40 which was based seemingly on Mann & Apatow’s real relationship! Wow I’d be heading straight for marriage guidance if that was the case! Myself and my husband couldn’t sit through it.

  2. Isn’t this more or less what Katherine Heigl tried to say (maybe less eloquently?) about her Knocked Up character? And then everyone decided she was a bitch, but Seth Rogan is hailed as some enlightened guy? Don’t get me wrong, he’s great, and I thought the movie Neighbors was funny and very smartly written. Seems a bit unfair, but if it helps change how married women are portrayed in movies, tv, commercials, etc. then… I guess that’s great.

    • Samantha Reckson says...

      Yes, that’s exactly what Katherine Heigl was trying to say!! I had the same exact thought, reading this. Unfair how differently this point is received from a man.

  3. This is so true! I guess I’ve never thought of how married couples are always portrayed in somewhat negative contexts in movies. When they’re falling in love and dating its all lovey and good but then everything changes when you get married. I’m not married yet but I sure hope that my husband and I have as much fun as the couple in Neighbors! You could tell they were best friends, first and foremost, which is key in any lasting relationship.

  4. I loved this!! I’ve been a little offended about that portrayal too. I loved the movie Neighbors, because it was hilarious, but also because of the way it showed the complexities of the marriage and also dealing with becoming an adult. Rose Byrne was just incredible too!

  5. I really appreciate this post. It’s refreshing to see that there are different types of marriages portrayed on the big and small screen, we don’t have to continually feed negative stereotypes and realize that people can make it work in ways that don’t have a Disney ending.

  6. What a fantastic post! My husband and I are definitely both goofballs, and I’m often the one who’s dragging my feet about responsibilities. (Well really, I think we take turns with different “chores” we hate, haha.)

    I’ve always been frustrated by the wife-nag husband-oaf dynamic. Like, why the hell are you married? Who cast you in this boringly typical play? I look forward to seeing more movies with relatable dynamics.

  7. this is dead on. So true! My one other gripe with romantic comedies these days is the huge attractiveness gap between the funny male leads and the beautiful female leads. Why is it ok for the husband to be not very attractive if he is funny but the female character still has to be super gorgeous even if she is funny. While that may work out for real celebrities it doesn’t ring true in a movie where they are playing a normal couple for the women to be 20x more attractive than the man. It’s not offensive it just seems unrealistic.

  8. I still tell this story to my friends. When I was growing up my aunt and grandma would often have Lifetime on when I went to their house. I used to be afraid to get married because I thought my wonderful husband would beat me after we married (the husband was always perfect right up until marriage lol)!

    That goes to show you how your perception can really be swayed by movies if you don’t have the personal experience.

  9. Wow, Hollywood gets something wrong. Say it isn’t so.

  10. I loved reading this. Thanks for sharing. All too often us women are seen as the nagging, moody partner when in my relationship we’re like best friends. We laugh about the silly stuf together and work as a little team. I like seeing these types of relationships portrayed because it’s healthy. :o) xx

  11. i love this! my boyfriend (soon to be fiancee) and I get along like a house on fire, I’d like to think that we’re both nagging and doofussy in equal measure haha! and we both respect each other as human beings and treat each other equally. I think it’s so important to remember that movies are just that, fictitious! go seth and lauren!

  12. I loved Bad Neighbours and one of my favourite parts (apart from all the funny scenes) was the couples relationship – It’s true couples can have fun! Although not married, my and my fella have been together over 10 years and we have so much fun and love going out together!

  13. I also feel like they make the husbands out to be stupid people who can’t take care of kids. There are too many movies where the wife leaves the husband for a day or a weekend with the children and he keeps messing up. I think most fathers know their children and how to care for them! It’s quite annoying to me!

  14. i love this. i didn’t watch the movie (sorry, seth rogan!), but much like he says, my marriage is the easiest thing ever. of course with a few exceptions, we don’t nag each other, we don’t bicker and i can’t tell you the last fight we had. we just have a TON of fun together and i hate that they usually make wives seem like annoying, boring, superficial ladies. get it together, hollywood!

  15. Thank you for that post! It is refreshing to see a movie that is completely different from the vast majority of what hollywood likes to portray. It pains me that many people view marriage as an inconvenience or something that could never work. This is simply not true. So glad to read about Seth’s relationship with his wife. They seem like down to Earth, fun people!

  16. We totally get along and both have our goofy moments! I can be a tad more responsible, especially when it comes to the kids, but generally he knows what’s going on :)

  17. I have to agree with the many posters calling him out in relation to Katherine Heigl’s earlier comments.

    I also feel very uncomfortable with the idea of patting him on the back for acknowledging that women are real, complex, multi-faceted human beings. That should be a given.

  18. I love this! So true and Seth Rogan is just the man to do it!

  19. Ditto. Well said! (and thank goodness, too :)

  20. BRAVO SETH!! My husband and I are incredible friends with a very easy, fun loving relationship. I think it’s wonderful for someone to recognize and portray what marriage is and should/could be for those in amazing or not so amazing relationships. Everyone deserves to be in a marriage like Seth & his wife have! That makes me want to go see his movie even more!

  21. My husband and I are definitely best pals, as evidenced by the fact that we both do finger guns at the same time very often.

    The only TV/movie couple that I can think of that not entrenched in stupid tropes is Leslie & Ben from Parks & Rec.

  22. I get frustrated with the same wife movie portrayal as well. Glad to hear they get it!

  23. We watched this movie last night with friends after I saw this post; what a great time! It’s a romance, a buddy movie, a frat movie, and each one is hysterical and … well. I don’t want to give anything away, but omg, how nice to see comedy that affirms one’s faith in people for a change instead of implying we all suck.

  24. Love this! and yes my husband (who cleans, cooks and is in general, not a moron) is always upset the way husbands and dads are portrayed. And I am not a nag! He does let the boys be a little rowdier, but thats pretty much it. I think my 6 year old is dismayed by how much we agree, especially when he is trying to get away with something. Its cheesy to say that we are best friends, I’d love to see husband and wife friends and teams, but I guess that is not drama

  25. I would just like to point out that it was Seth Rogan’s wife, not Seth Rogan, who made sure the husband-and-wife relationship in “Neighbors” broke the stereotypical mode. He even says so in the interview quoted in this post! I say we need to give kudos to HER, not her man!

  26. Great timing!! My husband and I just watched this movie last night and were so impressed (and surprised!) to find that it depicted a much more realistic, nuanced and endearing portrait of marriage than so many movies tend to do. So refreshing!

  27. Oh, whenever I find my significant other, I so want it to be my best friend and partner in nerd crime!

  28. I always love the way Seth Rogan talks about his wife in interviews!

  29. traci, i LOVE that sentence: “Seven years of wedding bliss/crap/stagnant/crazy/fun/ ETC! later, I still consider my husband my best friend.”

    lauren, your comment made me lol.

    love all you guys!!!!!!!! :)

  30. My husband and I are best friends even though we are complete opposites. He likes the outdoors, i love theater/opera. I’m more goofy and more responsible, he is my rock.when we do argue, we try to make up before going to bed, so that there is no tension in the morning. it works

  31. We were chatting with some new friends at a house show last night – our first date night out since becoming parents – and talking about how we met/married, and I started to feel self-conscious how we were just gushing about how great the other person is. I just turned to him and said, “you know, I really like you.”
    And I do! Seven years of wedding bliss/crap/stagnant/crazy/fun/ETC! later, I still consider my husband my best friend & favorite person.

    One of the things I loved about the TV show, The Office, was that Jim & Pam still got a kick out of each other. They’re an on-screen couple I can actually relate to!

  32. This is so adorable. Sometimes my SO is a big doofus. And then alternately I am a big doofus. But really, we are best friends and have the MOST fun together. One time I was getting really emotional and trying to pick a fight with him and after a long pause he said, “You’ve had a blueberry in your front teeth this entire time.” And I lost it. And the fight was over. And it was awesome.

  33. I realized when I met my husband, that the reason that he was so EASY to hang out with, was because we were meant for each other. It had never been so easy to get along with and trust someone. We fight, and 12 years can dull some of the spark. But we go up and down and through it all, the think is, is that we like each other, a lot. I am the uptight one, but I do like to have fun and sometimes when the kids are all in a good place and I can have some “me” time. My hubby and I discover each other again and I am always happily reminded of why we chose to spend our lives together :)

  34. I used to call this the “Men are stupid, women are irritating” trope in Hollywood. Dull, repetitive, and not very interesting. Way to go, Rogan and Miller!

  35. I have mixed feelings about this. I totally agree that movies show the worst version of a marriage. I think is lovely to have a good dynamic between husband and wife. Be funny, caring, loving parterns.
    But on the other side, to say “the easiest part of my life is my marriage”… I don’t know. Marriage is tough! It’s difficult because we are always changing. Personal crisis that of course affect the couple. Couple crisis. Marriage needs a lot of work. Specially in days when you don’t feel awesome about you, your partner or your couple. SPECIALLY in those days.
    So to hear someone say that marriage is the easiest part of his life… I don’t know. Mixed feelings.

  36. Who knew Seth Rogen could pull such a cool hottie?! (No offense Seth, sorry!)
    But seriously, very admirable and true! My husband and I got married Because we were best friends/had liked each other since 8th grade;)

  37. While we are only 29 and 30, my husband and I are best friends. I affectionately refer to his as “my favorite person in the whole world.” We want to experience everything together.

    Sometimes, yes, he’s funnier or more laid-back than me, but sometimes the roles are reversed. We are way more dynamic than the static roles of funny husband and nagging wife.

    We make up songs while laying in bed at night and we save every episode of Walking Dead and Game of Thrones to watch together. We dance in the living room and hallway while cooking dinner. We just generally get along.

    I feel like the portrayal of a nagging wife means that she wants to change her husband somehow. Mine is the funniest person I know and his laid-back fun-loving attitude balances out my occasional OCD tendencies. I wouldn’t have it any other way… even when I do fall into the toilet at night because the seat is up.

  38. Oh, i love this! xoxo

  39. Definitely! I don’t understand how relationships that aren’t based on friendship make it in the long run. Mutual respect and admiration go a LONG way, in my opinion. My husband and I have been together for 6 years (married for 1) and although I love him with all my heart, it’s nice that I like him everyday too ;)

  40. So I didn’t love Neighbors… but I did LOVE the relationship between the man and wife – those were the best parts of the movie (my fiance agreed). I wish the movie was just about the couple. I agree that they presented a more realistic relationship than most comedies (especially of the Judd Apatow variety).

  41. Thank you for this post! While I don’t think violence in TV/movies causes violent acts in real life, I also don’t think poor relational depiction causes poor relationships. BUT! I do think its a tragedy when we (as a culture) normalize hurting people, infidelity, or even unhealthy stereotypes (the nagging wife for example). The one that really upset me is the normalizing and even glorification of infidelity. Writers that intentionally manipulate the viewer to ‘cheering for’ the affair. It can’t help but feed into our insecurities in relationship (thinking “all men cheat”) or convincing us (women) that “its ok to be the other woman”. These are ideals that are hard enough to combat in real life, much more so after being “hollywooded-up” on the screen.

  42. The thing is that marriage is so mulit-dimensional. I am definitely the more responsible person in my relationship, because if I don’t think to do something or remind my husband to do it, it doesn’t get done. Sometimes I AM the nagging wife. BUT that’s only one part of our relationship. It doesn’t define us as a couple or as people. He’s still my best friend who I love to cook with, read aloud to, and laugh with over inside jokes. Just because I tend to nag and he tends to goof off doesn’t mean that that’s who we are or what we’re like or our roles in our relationship and our marriage does not suffer because of it. The real problem with movies is that people are reduced to the narrowest shade of themselves.

  43. My husband is the goofier one, although I have my moments. He makes me take things less seriously and I sober him up! Over the years, there’s been a bit of a role reversal, which is a bit surprising. I think we’re becoming the same person!

    We are above all best friends first and we can have fun doing just about anything, even the boring stuff.

  44. I love this movie because of its honesty. It made me laugh a lot. The marriage between the two shows how it supposed to be in Hollywood movies.

    Best wishes

  45. How interesting! I agree with the comments where someone said its a bit unfair that Katherine Heigl got heat for saying the same thing a few years ago and now Seth Rogan getting a lot of credit for it. BUT – I still like the fact that he has realised it too. Every man I have dated somewhat seriously has always told me they love that I’m so “chill about things” and “so much fun” and every time I want to ask them why that comes as a surprise for them. Then I see a lot of women being TOTAL NAGS about everything – sarcastic comments, doing the whole “I’m fine”-ting. Nope, thats not me. I also goof around, give high fives and want to have daily giggles AT THE SAME TIME as I am being a responsible grown up woman. Yes, you can be both.

  46. Totally agree!

    This reminded me of an episode of Modern Family, where Claire and Phil switch roles and she becomes the fun parent..

  47. Ok, I have to give Seth Rogen zero credit for this idea. Katherine Heigl said this about knocked up when it came out and not only did Seth not agree at the time he called her a hypocrite for even making the film. Not only does he now agree with her, he doesn’t apologize for calling her remarks “stupid shit” several times thereafter. I am shocked he is given credit for waving the feminist flag and all you hear about Katherine heigl is how she is trying to save a career with her new show from her terrible reputation for being so difficult that she (deservingly) criticized her scripts and stereotypical roles.

  48. I totally agree with this all points, I love my husband and I am sharing each topic between us.

  49. I loved this movie and thought it was so much more interesting because of the fact that both spouses were totally in on the feud with the fraternity and could both have a great time when plotting their plan. Totally agree that the ‘nagging wife’ role is so over stereotyped in Hollywood and am glad to see movies that stray from the norm!



  50. We are totally friends! which is a huge help. We also balance each other as far as “responsibility” — we each take on that role in different moments.

    x Lily

  51. “Like if everything was as smooth and easy and fun as my relationship with my wife then I would have a much easier time getting through the day.”

    Well, now isn’t that the best? :o)

  52. I really liked Lauren’s movie, For a Good Time Call…
    I think it’s important for female friendships are portrayed (without the main story being about a guy)because they exist in the real world. Also there are so few of them relative to “bromantic” comedies.

  53. Same here! At least once a week my husband says something that makes me look at him and wonder where this person came from who thinks so much like me. We’re different in personality, but in big things and responsibilities we’re so much the same. He’s my person, my everything-is-better-when-he’s-there, cheesy, but true!

  54. sooooooomewhat along the same lines… i’ve recently realized why it’s become so difficult to hang out with my single friends. with some of my girlfriends, whenever i’m like “yo, can’t hang, i’m hanging with the hubs” they’ll be act like i’m on lock down. no, doofus, i don’t HAVE to hang out with my husband, i WANT to hang out with my husband way more than i want to do everything else. that’s why i committed to spending my life with the dude! he’s awesome! my married/committed friends get it though.

  55. diana, i love your comment and agree completely!

    THANK YOU guys for all these great comments. love you, as always. :)

  56. I so agree! I have often wondered why there are only dark struggling marriages in movies instead of marriages like mine. I love my husband and we are best friends, and I just really am so thankful for him! I think bff marriages should make more appearances!

  57. I swear, every time I hear Seth Rogen say something in real life I like him more.

    Like he said, my marriage is definitely the easiest part of my life. It’s my haven, my therapy, my rest and peace. It’s also the place where I have fun, intimacy and identity. My husband knows me best and I know him best and because of that, we can be ourselves completely. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that portrayed in movies unless the couple is super old. Like, aww, look at that cute old couple who have had this great relationship.

  58. I love this! I grew up with a great example of marriage from my mom and dad, so it’s no surprise that I consider my husband to be my best friend. Sure we argue and get frustrated at times (especially since we have both a toddler and an infant) but I couldn’t imagine living my life without my best friend at my side. It makes every day that much better and more enjoyable.

  59. I love this! It always irritates me that movies do this. I don’t know a single couple like this – like, who are these people? The people I know are best friends with their spouses and have fun with them. The conflict is always somewhere else!

    What a bummer that Seth Rogen needed his wife to point this out to him, though. If I were married to him, I’d like to think that I would have been like, “Dude, can’t you be in a movie with a sympathetic female character already?” by now.

  60. Ahh! YES! I always think this about comedies! We joke around, make-up fast, and have so much fun! Come on Hollywood, I really believe most (happy) marriages out there don’t include cheating and negligence. Sure, it’s not all roses all the time, but all good things in life take work :)

  61. I’m happy to see that the Cup of Jo readership has such happy marriages!

    Like Tolstoy said, all happy families are alike. And we are just another happy couple with an easy marriage. :-)

  62. This is awesome. I never understood why someone would parry a person they couldn’t be best friends with. You’re with that person for life, do you really wanna nag nag nag??? Loved your post, can’t wait for the next one!!


  63. That’s actually exactly why I saw that movie! I loved that someone like that recognized that problem. I do agree completely. I wish I liked the movie more, though. :-)

  64. Finally!! Someone sees this as a small problem. My husband is my BFF and we love to do goofy things together. Great post Jo!

  65. I love this post! My husband and I are equally goofy and he is absolutely my best friend. Marriage definitely gets a bad rep in movies and it’s unfortunate because being married is, like Seth mentioned, the easiest and happiest part of my life.
    Thanks for some fresh perspective!

  66. I LOVE this!! My husband and I talk about this often! It’s a shame that the standard being set for marriages in Hollywood is a disrespectful, unhappy relationship. The truth is that marriage IS fun. I am so excited to see talented actors and writers acknowledging that! I think sometimes it takes more creativity to tell a fun/funny happy story that is compelling than it does to tell a dramatic/vulgar/”provocative” one.

  67. Yes! This is why I don’t watch shows like “King of Queens” or “Everybody Loves Ramond”. Who wants to fill their lives with that? I’m definitely the funny/goofy one in our marriage and I don’t think it could be any other way. My husband and I are each others champions and cheerleaders.

  68. Melissa T, I could not agree more. Or, what’s worse, the lazy grungy husband with the hot AND SMART AND ACCOMPLISHED wife. Like… what? A good example is Knocked Up.

    Honestly though, it’s no different than something like Twilight. Both of them are wish-fulfillment stories for one (1) sex.

  69. Great post! I’ve been reading a book called “For Woman Only” and the author talks about how as wives (and as is often portrayed in movies), we often think we’re being funny when we nag or tease our husbands, but it makes them feel disrespected – and most of them really work hard! I know my husband does…I’m working on not nagging. :)

  70. My husband & I are best friends. I remember sitting across from him thinking how totally mega cute he was and how much superficial fun stuff we liked in common. Then to eventually find out that we were on the same page for deeper stuff was amazing. He still tells me that I’m his favorite person to hang out with & it’s been 7 years :)

  71. Interesting observation. It’s so true and yet I never noticed it before. I’m definitely the more serious one in our marriage but I think we’re both rubbing off on each other.

  72. wow, this is so true, i didn’t even think of that! it makes me feel like they have such a recipe for comedies. seth seems like a cool and smart guy – and so does his wife. did you see the video of him speaking to congress (or did you post that i can’t remember)?

  73. We’re absolutely on the same wavelength and I’ve noticed this trend, not just in movies, but in sitcoms as well. I found that after a while I couldn’t watch Everybody Loves Raymond anymore because the wife character was an uptight nag, just as you (or was it Seth) said. Everyone seemed to love that show, but I didn’t for that reason.

  74. Interesting post! I would have agreed Seth wholeheartedly before my son was born. After kid things have changed. I think the reason the stereotype exists is that after kids at least one person has to become more responsible, and it usually the woman from my experience. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and have a good marriage that is nothing like the horrible ones portrayed in movies, but there is a seed of truth in those movie marriages and we can’t both throw caution to the wind at the same time the way we used to.

  75. Love this. My husband and I are definitely best friends (but I a definitely more of a nag than I’d like to be!). I once read an article (HuffPo, I think) about annoying things people say before they get married. One was, “I can’t wait to marry my best friend!” and the writer said something snarky about how you can’t possibly be best friends with a dude once he takes he “courting mask” off and is sitting around in his own slobbery, scratching himself and grunting while watching football. It was so weird…I thought, this girl must not know very many interesting men! And my husband and I definitely switch off being the more responsible one…especially when it comes to spending money!

  76. Work has been really challenging lately and my husband has been a super champ keeping me motivated and encouraging me to see the bright side of life. And sure, sometimes I nag. But, guess what? He does too. We all have our not-so-great moments, but the best thing about being married is that you are with someone who gets that and loves you anyway.

  77. My husband and I have always disliked how media portrays husbands as big oafs and wives as insanely uptight. So refreshing to hear this. Hooray for being married to my best friend!

  78. Totally agree but do Seth and Lauren have children yet?!

  79. Movies are made to bring in ca$h money. In the real world, marriage is marvelous when you are with the right person. Kids change the dynamics and make it all the more important you picked well. Here’s to forever!

  80. I’m so glad that someone is thinking about this. It drives me crazy. As a teenager I was always like “Wow, it looks like waaaaay more fun to be a man, thanks.” It made it hard for me to even watch comedies with married couples. My husband and I get into trouble together!

  81. YES! I hate seeing this in movies, TV, commercials, etc. And it’s extra frustrating when I see married people buy into the stereotypes/encourage them!

    Have you seen this Target: Women video on doofy husbands? It perfectly (and hilariously) illustrates the issue with how married men are portrayed in commercials:

  82. Good to see a couple stereotype being blown out of the water.

  83. I vaguely remember that this was Katherine Heigl’s problem with Knocked Up, and she was vilified and called ungrateful. I love Seth Rogen, but it seems unfair to me that he gets congratulated for this very reasonable observation when she was practically run out of town for it!

  84. Ah! This is so wonderful to read. A married person saying things like “the easiest part of my life is my marriage.” That’s how it should be! Married people need to do a better job of repping for marriage.

  85. My parents actually didn’t let us watch a lot of tv shows when I was growing up, for this exact same reason. They said they didn’t want us to grow up with a skewed perception of men and marriage. I’m grateful that they had that wisdom!

  86. This is so very true! I started watching “Parenthood” after reading a review and decided I didn’t like it. Why? Because all the couples do is fight! And I find myself anxious after an episode because it’s filled with bickering and tension. What about those peaceful times when you’re together, enjoying one another’s company? Or having fun enjoying one another’s company?

  87. Thank you so much for posting this, Joanna! I’ve always felt uncomfortable when I see female friends or acquaintances nagging their husbands in public (and they always expect me to take their side or to laugh with them at the shortcomings they’re pointing out!). Now I think this must be a direct reflection how the husband/wife relationship is portrayed in movies–I had never thought of that before! My husband and I get along really well, but we definitely have our differences that sometimes cause friction. The thing that makes all the difference (and we talk about this a lot) is that we’re nice to each other and treat each other with respect, when we’re alone and when we’re with others. It’s always seemed so odd to me that this isn’t an obvious way to treat your spouse, but I’m having an aha moment after reading this post–TV, movies, even talk shows all build on this stereotype of the hardworking but uptight wife constantly haranguing her clueless husband.

  88. The best movie I’ve seen in quite a while was “About Time”. Such a beautiful movie on family and marriage. The husband and wife are both goofy, but also serious, deep characters.

  89. Interesting that Seth Rogan is finally aware of this phenomenon after distancing himself from Katherine Heigl’s exact same criticism of Knocked Up in 2007. Also funny how Seth is lauded as an enlightened male while at the time Heigl was portrayed as ungrateful and difficult to work with.

    Here’s an article about the “drama”:

    It’s hard for me to get excited about this.

  90. jacquelyn, such a good point about the cake toppers, ugh. i actually read somewhere last year that studies show that more men than women want to get married and settled down these days. movies can make marriage/women out to be such a drag.

  91. The easiest Nd best part of my life is my marriage too. I whole heartedly agree, sharingy life with my husband makes it million times better and more fun. Hollywood is way off, but then they usually are about most subjects. I guess they don’t think we want to see normal, we want to see crazy, weird, unusual. So they think.

  92. collette, agreed! i almost used photos from knocked up & this is 40 to demonstrate this exact point :)

  93. My husband is my absolute best friend and joy! He is my favorite person in the world and I am honored to be his wife and friend. Our marriage is nothing like what’s portrayed in most films, but I’m ok with that because I know I’ve got the best thing. :)

  94. Very refreshing. I avoid most movies and greeting cards due to these stereotypes.

  95. My gripe is that you have the schlubby, over-weight guy with the hot trophy wife. It’s never the other way around.

  96. I”m so happy you wrote about this. I’m having a hard time watching a lot of movies lately bc marriage is portrayed so horribly. But we just got back from a marriage retreat so I thought I was hypersensitive to the issue. Now I want to see Seth’s movie.

  97. Ugh, I hate when shows make the guy into a obnoxious big doofus and the woman a humorless nag…
    Even when the woman is shown as smart and together I wonder why would she marry that loser then? Everyone ends up sounding unbearable. :(

  98. Oh heck yes! I could not agree with this more (and actually found neighbours refreshing for that very reason). It drives me batty that marriages are, more often than not, given a bad rap (those cake toppers where the woman is dragging the man down the aisle comes to mind… the ol’ ball and chain… I could go on for days). I love that Seth is addressing this! Hanging out with my boyfriend (of 8 years) is always the best part of my day and, I mean I’d have to ask, but I think he agrees!

  99. Yes, this is true. This was true in Knocked Up as well. But I’m glad Seth is aware.

  100. i loved reading this! and makes me think seth rogen is even more awesome. totally agree with this observation too; i had noticed it as well and wondered what was up with movies lately. i love my husband and we’re best friends. he definitely makes my life so much more fun and interesting!

  101. My husband’s biggest gripe with Hollywood is that the men are played like doofuses (doofi?) and act like their wives are their nagging moms. TV commercials are the WORST! It really IS annoying and not anything like the reality of most people we know. We love to laugh together, but it’s not fun or funny to watch people bicker or treat each other with disdain and disrespect.