Shopping for Maternity Clothes

The other day, my friend and I went shopping for maternity clothes at Hatch in Soho…
Not for me (ha!), but my wonderful friend Michelle is almost seven months along. She needed a couple clothes to wear for her last few months this fall, so I suggested we go to Hatch. When I was pregnant, I wore basics from Old Navy, Gap and Target, but for nicer statement pieces, Hatch is wonderful. Their clothes make you feel cool and effortless, which is a gift when you’re otherwise feeling tired and bloated.
The other big bonus about Hatch is that you can wear their flowing clothes before, during and after pregnancy, so even after Michelle’s baby is born, she can still wear these lovely things all winter. (I had their swing coat when I was pregnant with Anton and still wear it all the time.)
We looked through their fall collection, which featured beautiful plaid shirts, wool sweaters and leather leggings.
And how great is this denim blazer?!
Here we are trying on their plaid dress and turtleneck dress (with black leggings). When I was pregnant, I loved dresses because they didn’t cut into my waist, like maternity jeans often did.
And here we are with my friend and Hatch founder, Ariane, who is also seven months pregnant! Michelle is wearing their blazer, white tee and tuxedo leggings; I’m wearing this plaid shirt with denim leggings, and Ariane is wearing the darling dress. Thanks so much for letting us come by, Ariane! It was a fun afternoon playing dress up:)

Congratulations to anyone who is expecting (or trying)!

P.S. Their general sale stuff is awesome, too.

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Hatch, a brand I love. In the “before” photos, Michelle was wearing her own Mia dress)

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  2. I have a few cherished Hatch pieces of maternity clothes, and I love them. My only gripe is that in their online catalog, they use all non-pregnant models. I don’t understand why! As I was shopping, I could only guess as to how the fabrics would drape over my bump. Luckily, the fabric was great, and I always felt great in these items.

  3. You really looked good with those maternity dresses! I hope I could also buy my wife one. She is 4 months pregnant and I would like to buy her clothes like that. :) By the way, I would like to recommend this site,

  4. I love how the Hatch clothes are designed so that they can also be worn pre and post-maternity. How cool! Definitely a good find and one I’ll have to bookmark for the future.

  5. love the way these clothes allow for the post partum figure! thanks for sharing…

  6. Where is Michelle’s dress from (in the first photo)? It is so cute!

  7. Michelle is gorgeous!

  8. Where is the store in SOHO? I’m on my way to NYC for work, and would love to stop in, but I haven’t been able to find a physical address on their site. Thanks!

  9. Seriously some of the cutest pregnant ladies I have ever seen. Makes me want to try again…almost ;)

  10. How great is that plaid shirt dress!?! Maternity clothes have come a long way since I was pregnant with my 1st!

  11. Hello, I love reading your blog. I’m in love with the first dress Michelle is wearing (in the cover picture). Would you mind telling me what brand it is?

    Thanks and cheers!

  12. Another request to know about your friend’s boots in the plaid dress picture! I love them!

  13. Such beautiful pieces! COS is also a really great option for maternity basics. They don’t do a maternity line as such but so many of their designs are roomy and flowing, they are perfect for accomodating a big belly. And not too pricey either.

  14. I wish they had a store in Portland, OR! I’m so sick of maternity clothes. Working in Construction Management I can’t always wear dresses/ skirts! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Where are Michelle’s boots from, where she’s wearing the plaid dress. seriously amazing style! What a great selection by Hatch!

  16. I love Hatch, I wished I would have waited for this post before I decided to splurge on the plaid dress! I am in the same boat as your friend, around 7-8 months and really needing something to help me look pulled together. If one can afford it, they really are pieces you can wear beyond pregnancy. I may now have a reason to go back and visit the new Fall/Winter collection :-)

  17. I did a double take when reading…so fun to see Michelle here! She’s a client of mine (I took her family portraits last fall and maternity/family portraits last month). She looks great!!

  18. Beautiful designs. Nothing like a little online browsing to get my mind off morning sickness. Thank you!!

  19. Can I just say, you are gorgeous! Are compliments like this weird coming from strangers you’ve never met? :) Oh well. Your freckles are beautiful and you are glowing. Hope that’s cause life is good and you’re feeling happy and glowy on the inside, too!

    And finally, on-topic… love all the flowy Hatch designs, even though I’m not and have never been pregnant. If the price points weren’t way outrageous for my budget, my non-pregnant, comfort-loving self would be all over it.

    And lastly… can you tell us where your friend’s pretty green dress in the first few photos is from?

  20. I think those cool boots are
    Beslay perforated suede concealed wedge ankle boots

  21. I would love to hear your birth story Joanna:)

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  23. I love all those clothes!! It’s so hard to keep an unique sense of style with maternity clothes. I love your blog!

  24. jm says...

    you all look beautiful in their clothes!

  25. Joanna, I love your jeans in the first picture. Where are they from?

  26. Love these outfits! I have seven weeks left now…so I am not buying too much. H&M was great for simple basics and I also love Seraphine!Definitely will be trying Hatch for the next one. =)

  27. yes! I love Hatch and have a post scheduled today about their Bateau Dress.

    I actually just started a blog to document my trials in maternity clothes. I have found Madewell to be EXCEPTIONAL! Their clothes have that ‘tomboy’ fit that naturally lends itself to maternity wear- a little loose and baggy.

    I post regularly about other maternity/non maternity finds that work well with a growing bump!
    xx Ly

  28. Shopping for maternity clothes is such a downer. It’s so rare to find something you actually feel good in. I’m crazy for that Darling dress in the last photo. The Hatch designs are really great. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Did you ever post Anton’s birth story? I know it is a little late but I would still love to hear it. I’m pregnant with my second and I am wondering how the experience differs.

  30. I love Hatch! What size are you wearing in those photos? I’m 5’4″, currently 6 months pregnant and 118 lbs, and debating whether to get size Petite or 1. I’m definitely going to take advantage of the discount and get a couple of pieces :)

  31. That plaid dress is absolutely gorgeous, it’s a really lovely idea to have maternity clothes that don’t get completely wasted afterwards.

    I don’t think we have anything like this in England, which is a shame, as there’s not enough shops providing stylish and comfortable maternity clothes.

    Sammy xo.

  32. joanna – would you mind telling me where your jeans & button shirt are from in the first photos?

  33. Thanks for acknowledging us “tryers” in a world of mom blogs, it’s nice to be recognized for WANTING to be one, as soon as it’s meant to be! :)

  34. I’m not at all pregnant and nowhere near it, but I LOVE their pieces. Would love to try on before I buy, but I can’t seem to find a store address – can you help me out? xo

  35. I reaaalllly love the first dress Michelle wears, and the denim blazer. So COOL.

  36. These photos are beautiful and I’m sure it was so fun for your friend to have you there! I feel like maternity clothes shopping will be so challenging!

  37. I look forward to being pregnant one day so that I can wear the gorgeous clothes from Hatch. I have always been so impressed!

  38. So cute!

    Also, your friend is a dead ringer for Sarah Michelle Gellar. It’s like looking at pictures of a pregnant Buffy! :)

  39. I’ve been coveting Hatch collection and finally gave in this morning and splashed out on the ‘afternoon dress’ in charcoal thinking I needed a bit of a pick-me-up as my fall wardrobe is pretty limited. Imagine how annoyed with myself I was when I spotted the Cup of Jo / Hatch code had been published about 15 minutes after my order! The extremely kind people at Hatch took pity on me and refunded the discount though – yay!

    So not only do they design amazing clothes, their customer service is great too. I can’t wait for the dress to arrive.

  40. I wore the barefoot dress to a wedding this past weekend – it was the perfect mix of comfort and glam. I felt so good in it! I’m tempted to pick up a fall staple or two because I will certainly be wearing them long after this bump bursts:)

  41. I just have to say—your freckles are beautiful! I’ve never noticed them before and they are so pretty.

  42. This came at such a great moment. I will be in NYC in early December (when I am seven months w/ my first) and am excited to check out this cute store.

  43. Joanna – You’ll laugh, but I went to both Target and Old Navy during my Saturday outing. Target had two racks of maternity clothing and Old Navy had none. If I wanted leggings or camis I would have been set, but I guess dress pants for work was pushing my luck a little! ;)

  44. I’m seven months pregnant and have maintained some sort of style with ASOS. They are reasonably priced and still fashionable. Love their body con dresses that accentuate the belly and just started buying some sweaters. Leggings were good as well. Don’t like their pants as I prefer the over the belly cotton band, but Pea in the Pod often goes on sale at Macys:) All you need is one good pair of skinny jeans. Good luck!

  45. devon, will do!! (and congratulations!!)

  46. danielle, i agree! for basics, i had good luck with gap and old navy and target—target usually has a pretty big maternity section in their stores. good luck!!!

  47. Joanna Goddard says...

    I’ll ask about michelle and ariane about their shoes! mine were on sale at loeffler randall. ps christi, nice use of penultimate:)

  48. Jo, your boots! Tell me where you bought them, QUICK!!

    I love Hatch, but it’s just a bit out of my price range. I have been eying off their henley top for a nice winter staple.

  49. Hi! Any idea what brand Ariane’s booties are?

  50. I have been admiring this brand for a while now — I really wish it had been around when I was going through my pregnancies. The nicest idea is to have something that transitions afterward to the post-baby body.

    Such beautiful pieces!

  51. Lovely photos! Sounds like a great afternoon. Joanna, who makes the heeled boots you and your friend were wearing in the last few photos? They look perfect for fall!

  52. I just went out maternity shopping this past weekend – WHAT A BUST! Several of my favorite stores… stores I know have maternity wear on their websites… had one single rack of maternity clothes in the store, IF THAT. I was so frustrated! I don’t have a problem with online shopping in general, but when your body changes every four days and you have NO idea what will fit you, you need to try things on. *sigh* :(

  53. The Hatch collection is absolutely lovely, but a little out of reach for a 5 month pregnant woman on a budget :/ I had a little sticker shock over the (gorgeous) plaid shirt for $248- especially while trying to furnish a nursery and pay all these fun medical bills! I would love to see you do another post with your friend showing some more reasonably priced maternity options :)

  54. Love it! Where are Arianne’s great shoes from?

  55. so lovely, all of you! Hatch is so awesome… i want to buy half their clothes and have never been pregnant! Joanna, can you also tell us what brand Michelle’s and your boots in the penultimate photo are?