Renting Houses on Vacation

This week, the air has felt crisp and cool, and while I’m excited to hunker down and settle into fall, I can’t stop daydreaming about traveling. Are any of you sneaking in some last-minute summer trips? Or planning to travel for the holidays? Just for fun, which of these family-friendly Kid & Coe rental houses would you want to stay in…

A four-bedroom (!) apartment in downtown Manhattan with exposed brick and a private roofdeck.

A three-bedroom cabin in Sonoma surrounded by redwoods. You’d hike with foxes, kayak down the river and taste wine at local vineyards.

A bright three-bedroom family home in Paris with skylights and floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

A shabby-chic cottage in Greece with whitewashed walls and three terraces. Wouldn’t you love to swim in that private pool?!

Which would you want to stay in? Which suits your personality best? If you’re curious, here are all their homes around the world—from San Francisco to Mexico to India.

P.S. The houseboat we rented in Amsterdam and 10 tips for traveling with a baby.

  1. This is absolutely stunning!

  2. I absolutely love the cabin in Sonoma! It looks like it is in such a great location and it is so cozy. I have been thinking about a vacation for my family, but we haven’t been able to decide on a location. I think that it would be fun to go to a beach, but there are so many different beaches to go to. I will have to ask some friends for advice to see where they suggest I take my family.

  3. A good friend of mine and I are making a break for the Sunset Savor the Central Coast food & wine event in Santa Margarita, CA, at the end of the month. It’ll be a fun, quick getaway/girls’ weekend: long talks, good food, long walks, wine. :) We’re staying at an arty Airbnb place near hiking and great restaurants, so we’re totally stoked.

  4. I’m doing exactly that this week! Taking a late summer week-long vacation with friends to the Outerbanks of North Carolina. We’re renting a beach house, and I’m so excited to relax when everyone else is just starting to get busy again.

  5. Hands down – Paris. I’ve never been!

    We are looking to travel well into fall. FL for sure, and hoping to get back to Montana!

  6. ALL OF THE HOUSES!! The Paris and California house would be first on my list.

    I am happy to settle into fall, but like you, the travel bug is present!! We spontaneously (sitting around one afternoon watching Bachelor in Paradise) booked a trip to Tulum, Mexico for the end of October. Looks like a dream beach vaca.

  7. Oh, I would love to stay in that Manhattan apartment with our two girls! It would be so much fun to show them what the city has to offer and have such a beautiful home base to stay in.

  8. I love the Sonoma cabin! A West Coast dream.

  9. I seriously loved the renting apartments that have been showcased in the blog it looks real great with the perfect set of interiors, furnishings and spaces.

  10. My husband and I are currently renting an apartment in Florence for a vacation, and we love it! There’s a gorgeous little bakery right downstairs, and the smells wafting up the stairwell are heavenly. So much better than a hotel – thanks AirBnB! :)

  11. Today I think I would pick that NYC apartment, but ask me again in 5 minutes and it’d be the Sonoma tree house. I honestly couldn’t pick between the two if I tried!

  12. You’re giving us tough choices but i would have to say Paris or Greece :)
    Renting houses is such a good idea!
    You can rent toys too for your kids through sparkbox toys :)

  13. With all the news about how renting out placed in NYC and Paris through these sites, I am wary. Although, I’d do this in Paris and London if I got the chance.

  14. I’d go for the cabin in Sonoma (no need to fly) and enjoy the beautiful scenery. That cabin is gorgeous!

  15. Paris in the fall is just perfect…we were hoping to go but just couldn’t swing it this fall! Lovely to dream about and thank you for the resource.

  16. We’ve rented apartments in Paris (no baby yet) and in Williamsburg (with baby). Both were great and worked out well. I think we used vrbo for both. I like it over airbnb because the places look a little less lived in.

  17. Oh man that cabin in Sonoma. Be still my wine/nature loving heart. I want to go to there.

  18. OMG – I haven’t been yearning to travel that much but these places have me thinking of booking a trip! They are incredible!

  19. I hear that planning a fictional vacation can be just as beneficial as planning a real one… I would love to have a week in that New York apartment! We were there last summer and are missing it so much.

  20. Ahh. So disappointing to read Christie’s comment that Kid & Coe wasn’t super because I was TOTALLY excited about this post.

    Planning a trip to NYC the first of December and would love to stay in an apartment or studio.

    Does anyone else have any recs for a reputable agency to use? Would LOVE the info…

  21. We just got back from Paris where we stayed on a house boat as well! What a fun and unique (it definitely was not without its quirks) experience.

  22. I’m off to Munich to visit my parents in 16 days (yay!) who are currently retired there and exploring all of Europe. Yes, I want their life, too! ;) Another trip there for Christmas…then turning around a day after I get back to head to Barbados with the boyfriend (!) for our very first trip together. He’s in a wedding on the 30th so we’ll be there for NYE which will be a blast!

    Though, let’s be honest, all I want to do right now is go to Spain since I’ve never been :)

  23. That is funny! We had exactly the same thought (getting a last taste of summer) and we are going to one of the property you are featuring ( the russian river one)!! We can’t wait!

  24. Right now I’m craving Paris. Haven’t left the country in three years (since my son was born), and am longing for a little bit of somewhere else. A lovely lazy trip to Paris, with loads of time for people-watching and walking and eating tasty things, would be just the ticket.

  25. we are headed to Boston in a few weeks for our 1 year and we rented a place via airbnb, which you mentioned a long time ago and i’ve been hooked ever since. when we honeymooned in Bangkok in March we got a condo right in the city. this is the only way we’ll travel now.

    i would pick the paris apartment, but my husband would likely go for the place in the woods.

  26. So dreamy, Joanna! It’s also fun to see how the house rental market is specializing. Makes AirBnb the Wal-Mart and all these other sites the boutiques.

  27. You have seriously just opened my eyes! What an awesome site and cool idea! Planning a trip with our little one this Fall to NYC – thanks so much for the post!

  28. Speaking of traveling, I am leaving Monday to spend a week in Iceland and then headed to France to live for about eight months in order to teach English. I wish I had enough money and friends to fill one of these vacation abodes. Here’s to wishing the other language assistants and I could share a space like the one you show in Greece.

  29. Um, all of them? (But I have serious wanderlust – or just really itchy feet).

    If you MADE me choose, Greece. Then Paris. Then Sonoma (at least I ordered them?? ;-) ).

  30. Greece, for sure!

    Well my last booked trip is to Iceland in October, but after that I am moving to Finland for a couple of months :) exciting!

  31. I do need a house but to dream inside it and mine!

  32. Oh, I would love to stay in that Manhattan apartment with our two girls! The space is beautiful and it would be such an adventure for them to see what NYC has to offer. Someday!

  33. Haha, in the NYC apartment one of the rooms has a piece of art which reads ‘JACK SHIT’ in bold letters. As a kid, I would have found this hilarious (and so rude!) :)

  34. Wellll, since I live in Manhattan, a big part of me wants to hide away in the mountains for a cozy weekend, but I have to say Paris…because Paris!

    No current vacation plans but my friends and I take an annual October trip an hour upstate to pick apples, which I cannot wait for. Nothing like a New York (city or country!) fall.

  35. We are heading to Norway and Stockholm for ten days next week to celebrate my birthday. We are so excited as we plan out the last minute details!

  36. Oh definitely that Paris apartment!! I desperately want to take another vacation but that pesky paid time off doesn’t have an unlimited number of days.


  37. I will take Greece! My husband and I leave on Sunday for 10 days to Spain. It is work for him, but play for me. Grandma is watching our children. Yahoo!

  38. I would take Greece any day! I leave on Sunday for Spain. So so excited!

  39. My husband and I are traveling to Piemonte, Italy in a month with our baby boy, who will turn 1 during our trip! We’re staying with friends and their bambino at a house we rented through Airbnb. Any ideas for an Italian 1st birthday celebration?

  40. I am currently on a quest to find a Parisian apartment for a week. I’ve had great success renting out personal homes before, but have found Paris to be the most difficult. Either they are booked (yet calendar says available..but they have others I should look at) or I get a higher quote. Will always rent out homes when I travel…just crossing fingers I end up successful in France.

  41. Undoubtedly Greece

    ciao, Lisa

  42. We went to New York last fall and it was amazing!

    This year,I’d like to go to Lake Tahoe.

  43. Could I please have the Paris one??!!!!
    The colour palettes, the furniture, the bookcase it all scream my name.
    Im traveling to Paris soon through Airbnb and we are going to stay in a place really similar to that one, it got me all excited!

  44. Hi Jo! Me and the hubby are headed to Hawaii for Christmas and New Years. Love love the Cali cabin!

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  46. I think it has something to do with the season, can’t stop day dreaming about a big adventure.

  47. I dream about taking a fall trip to something like that Sonoma home. :) One day!

  48. My husband and I have been planning a trip to Iceland for our 1 year anniversary in early October. We never went on a honeymoon, so this was sort of going to be that too. We put off booking anything when the earthquakes and volcano eruptions started, and they haven’t slowed down. Now we’re trying to think of another option for a 1-week trip. So far our top choices are – Palm Springs/Joshua Tree, Southwest Utah (Zion National Park), or maybe Banff/Jasper near Calgary. We’re looking for someplace with extraordinary natural scenery. We wanted to be alone, just the 2 of us, somewhere in the middle of nature. Any other recommendations?

  49. On my list of places I Have To Get Back To:
    Buenos Aires ( I will rent an apt)
    Paris (I will rent a flat)
    London (stay with friends/stay in cottages in Cotswolds)
    Portland Oregon and Florida ( stay at friends houses)

    Now if I can just win a lottery for all that airfare :)
    The kittens comes with me, just so you know.

  50. When I was growing up, my parents would always rent a house or B&B to stay in on family vacations. We’ve stayed in our fair share of hotels too, but I never realized how much nicer a home is to stay in until this past weekend. My hubby, 2.5 year old, and I stayed in a Double Tree Saturday night and I could not sleep AT ALL. I felt horribly anxious all night long! I could hear everyone coming in and out of their rooms and the A/C turning on and off. Plus I think I was a little freaked out about having my kid in a hotel room. He’s a master at unlocking and opening doors!

  51. I always get VERY nervous about staying in homes on airbnb and such regarding key safety. Who else has a key? Especially when you’re in a foreign country and may not speak the language in case of emergency.

    Maybe that’s negative nancy of me but…

    @Joanna – you guys should totally take a trip if Toby has a fall break! Or just you and Alex – it’s been awhile since one of those? Celebrate the end of Anton’s teething :)

  52. Someone please tell me where I can find the awesome chimp and elephant prints — so fun!!

  53. Um… This website is amazing.

  54. oh, definitely that house in the red woods….it’s be so cozy!

  55. I’d love to stay in the New York apartment. I haven’t been to the city in three years and am yearning to go back. When we travel we always stay in a hotel but this is such a cool idea to rent a house. Love it!


  56. Love this. I am going to Norway with my boyfriend next month and we are in the midst of trying to find a good local-feeling home to stay in while we’re there!

  57. Beautiful! I spent yesterday looking at apartments in France through air bnb, renting apartments is such a great alternative to hotels!

  58. We’re going to Sonoma (well, Guerneville) in November – I wish I’d known about this site before making reservations! Bookmarking for future use.

  59. My husband and I are leaving for a three-week trip to France and Italy in a couple weeks! Can’t wait! We’re staying in homes and apartments the whole time too. I really think that’s the way to go, if possible. It feels like you’re a little bit less of a tourist. :)

  60. My husband and I just planned a spontaneous roadtrip to Charleston, SC. We’re excited to bike around downtown and eat lots of yummy low-country food!

  61. Blah, Kid & Coe. I have tried twice to make a booking through their website – twice I have submitted a payment only to have the owner not respond to my booking, and the whole thing just expires, leaving us without accommodation.
    If anyone plans to use them, I’d advice you not to book flights until the booking is confirmed.

  62. Oh, that Paris apartment! Wouldn’t it be so fun to pack up the kiddos and explore the city from such a perfect home base?