Help! What Color Should We Paint Our Living Room?

Before we moved into our new Brooklyn apartment, the landlords offered to paint the walls white. But when we arrived, the paint was actually a (pretty drab) yellow cream. We’d love to freshen up the living room but are wondering: Should we paint it white or choose an entirely different color? I am officially The Worst At Choosing Paint Colors, so I would be so grateful for any advice…

In the very top photo, you can see our current yellow, as well as a swatch of dove gray that our brilliant friend Jenny Komenda recommended. I’m thinking the gray might look something like Julianne Moore’s living room, which could be lovely…

Is black paint crazy? While looking around on Pinterest, I spotted a couple black living rooms. You’d think they’d feel depressing, but with bright furniture and art, the color can actually be cozy. (Although would it feel cave-like during winter?)

Dark blues are GORGEOUS…

Of course, there’s something to be said for a fresh coat of white…

Or we could go in a completely different direction and do something like…pink?

Thoughts? Do you like any of these? None? What color is your living room? I’d be thrilled to hear any thoughts!

(Top photo of our living room from my iPhone. White rooms: Stadshem, Ilaria. Blue rooms: Design*Sponge, Patricia Goijens. Black room: Ilaria. Gray room: Paul Costello. Pink room: Joanna Henderson)

  1. thank you for all these comments!!! SO HELPFUL. we’re now leaning toward white for the living room and maybe darker blue for the bedroom?! excited!

  2. Don’t go for dark colours, you’ll regret it in the winter unless you have super light furniture and tons of natural light coming in. I would go for either a really light grey with whites. Or throw in some red or that lovely dark blue with lots of white ;)

  3. The blue is MAGICAL! My vote definitely goes to that. Dove grey is a nice color, but the blue will really give the room a lot of character. Good luck!

  4. We have a combo of very light and darker gray in some of our living spaces, and a delicious buttery yellow in our kitchen and main family room. The shade of yellow – Havana Cream by Behr Premium – looks nearly white in some lights, and warm and buttery in others. It sort of gives the impression of always having the rooms full of that magical late summer light year round. The grays we used in other rooms are Gazebo Gray (lighter) and Sparrow (darker, with blue-ish undertones), also Behr Premium. I haven’t regretted any of them for a moment! Good luck!

  5. I wanted to yell white, because I just love white, but then again, grey is really really nice (and so is pink); I friend of mine painted her appartment a very very light shade of grey, and it looks really nice, the color is never the same, I don’t know how to explain it… I like to ask myself how the colors make feel: white – is airy and bright, feels fresh, dove gray is elegant and calming, it feels soothing and cozy, the soft pink just makes me warm and fuzzy and cozy, I love it for a family room (it is also the color of heart chakra, so they say;)).

  6. I painted my sons’ nursery Paper White by Benjamin Moore, which is a soft soft grey colour. Our bedroom is a dark navy blue and I really like it, even during dark and cold Canadian winters. On the other hand, I painted a bathroom a dark teal similar to some of the photos you shared and it felt oppressive (so I repainted it white, much better!). The difference between the two dark rooms was that one was big and had a great window and the other was small with no window. Like others have said, I guess it depends on how much natural light you will have in your space. I do like the drama of a dark room though! And, dark blue would look really good with the furniture you have from your last family room (if you’re keeping it all in the family room again).

  7. We went with white and one accent wall that is granny smith apple green and it has a open which book case in front of it to carry the white over into the space. So fun and cheery all year long.

  8. I actually super like the black idea!! But we have an awesome color in our dining room that I constantly get compliments on that my girlfriend picked out for me who is amazing at paint colors (I also do not have that gift and get anxiety about how permanently expensive it is if you choose the wrong shade!) I will find out the exact shade and let you know.

  9. When in doubt, always go with white and use art, drapes, pillows, plants, etc to give pops of color. Dark colors like black along with reds and jewel tones immediately shrink your room unless it’s the perfect, rare space with tons of windows, space and light. Choosing the right white is important, warm undertones, not cool, feel more friendly. Benjamin Moore has some good options. Good luck and happy painting!

  10. My living room is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (gray/beige) and I am completely head over heels for it!!

  11. gray is the new white ;) I recently painted my living area + kitchen gray and I love it.

  12. So many color experiences in the comments! Fun to peruse as I am also picking out wall colors at the moment. I recently started following your pinterest feed, and I noticed that nearly all of your Home posts show bright white walls. It seems to get your attention over and over. You could always to a space or two with the darker colors, maybe a bedroom or the kitchen space. Have fun!

  13. I live for the day when I have my own house so I can paint the living room dark blue. It is just so gorgeous – rich, classic, with loads of personality!

    Can’t wait to see more pictures of the new place!

  14. There’s something about white that makes everything look clean. And you can change other details in the room and they will always match. Also, white makes small spaces look bigger and airy.

  15. The grey is really nice!

  16. Have a look at Farrow and Ball- Elephants Breath. It’s a beautiful taupe shade and looks lovely with white paintwork. I think it would look lovely with the light you have in the room.

  17. I also love the white wall, sunshine filled look that focuses on pops of color in accessories. You have such lovely taste- you’ll make any wall color look fantastic, I’m sure!

  18. I once painted my living room pink (think the Royal Tennenbaums’ living room) and it was basically my favorite room of anyplace I’ve ever lived! It’s really soothing and cheerful at the same time. :)

  19. pink is too girly, you have to think about the boys. Dark blue is wonderful.

  20. Depends on the furniture in the room, the size of the room, the light, and the mood you want to convey, not to mention what you like. Also think about painting one wall a different color than the other three.

  21. We also have Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter in our living room. Greys can be quite cool, but this one manages to feel warm and inviting.

  22. Congrats on the move! A popular color I have seen around the web is Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy. I was inspired to use it myself by a fellow blogger, Kelly from A View Along the Way. She gives great tips about decorating, and picking paint colors!

    Also, never be afraid of dark colors. They make a room feel rich and it really highlights your art.

    Good luck picking a paint color,

  23. my living room was painted a sea foam green type of colour on top of the ultra bright white in high gloss wainscotting. i love all white. but i always say a fresh coat of paint always looks good. i love yellow!

    can you post a picture of the yellow you got?

  24. I would go for the dove grey. It looks great. If I got the chance to choose a color for our walls in the living room and bedroom – it would be dove grey. Love it.

    Best wishes

  25. I had this same dilemma- I really wanted a dark room but I was nervous about how to make it work. I ended up going mostly white (3 white walls, 1 gray accent wall) in our living area and dark blue in our bedroom. Now I really love spending my days in a nice bright room (especially in the bleak winter) and going to sleep in a dark moody room.

  26. I’m inherently anxious,so white and cool blue shades work the best for me. However, I like to have one warm and intense room.

  27. I have painted my room Burnished Clay by Behr. It is a nice light grey colour that changes in the light. It does not feel cold like you might suspect from a grey.
    I love the dark blue colours! If you have a lot of natural light I would go with a colour like that.
    It will look great no matter what you guys decide. Best of luck!

  28. White white classic white!… and then if you simply must add color, read this advice from Donald Kauffman (among so many other things, he’s the Metroplitan Museum’s Color Consultant) he also has great articles on his fav whites and his fav color palette. Good luck and have fun! <3 Alison

  29. I will say as others revere pewter: the perfect warm grey that goes well with everything!

  30. I’ve had two grey living rooms and LOVE it! the dark colors are really growing in my inspiration boards too though…

  31. Black is crazy. Don’t do it :)

  32. This should be very helpful:


    So, please check this out and use gray or white.

  33. I’ve NEVER EVER posted…but the age of Julianne Moore’s home is my VERY FAVORITE of ALL time.
    I beg of you to have little green notebook brung that magic to your home!!!

  34. Bright white with a chalkboard paint black accent wall?

  35. Studies have shown that the more choices someone has, the less satisfied they will feel with what they pick (makes sense that it’s harder to feel confident that you picked the right gray when there are hundreds of shades to choose from, rather than when you’re looking at just four or five). A suggestion that I read was to find a smaller selection of initial options and choose from there. For paint colors, try looking at the 132 shades Farrow and Ball has to offer. All of their colors are lovely, so you really can’t go wrong (unless you choose Charlotte’s Locks, the bright orange one). Pretty much every paint company has the codes to match F&B’s colors.

  36. We just painted our living room a super light grey — it looks much more finished than white but is still light and pops with any colorful rug or furniture. Let me know if you want me to send pics for inspiration :)

    I think Black in a New York winter might make you go a little nutty if you know what i mean!

  37. Do the light gray! It’s very calming.

  38. Our living room is white, a warm white. In winter it still feels cozy and all our artwork and furniture do not have to compete with a colour on the walls. Remember, it’s only paint so you can easily change it.

  39. I have sanderling in my living room, which if you can imagine coffee with cream, thats what it is. The other hues around the house are a little darker — slate/greems/blues, all colors done by the previous homeowners.

    The sanderling works well with having windows on all sides of the house, lots of natural light to bounce off.

  40. I prefer warm colours… So I don’t like so much grey and dark blue. I love yellow, dark red and all ocher colours. PD: I painted and painted my flat a lot of times till I realized that warm colours are warmer than cold colours…

  41. AB says...

    Benjamin Moore – “Buttercream”

  42. Here’s a great link for you:
    Lots of pictures to help you visualize. I think the soft greys and whites are grown up, fresh and sophisticated but also cosy and homey for a young family. It’s a perfect canvas for your furniture and some colourful art, family photo’s and other décor items. Love the white trim, it finishes everything off nicely. Would love to see what you decide on in the end :)

  43. Sherman Williams, Eider White, is a beautiful, bright white with a hint of gray. Just painted my living room and couldn’t be happier with the color!

  44. i have to say, these comments are really changing my mind to be white! the comment about europeans painting their apartments white for a reason (to keep things bright and happy during dark winters) really resonated!

  45. Hi,

    I like dark blue very much. I am usually a white wall person, but I tried a dark blue accent wall in our bedroom and I LOVE it. It has been 2 years now, and I am still in love. It create contrast, underlines your gallery wall (looks amazing with white and black frames) and look very sophisticated at night. BUT you’ll have to make sure your ceilling and your trims and mouldings are a very CRISP WHITE otherwise it won’t work. I think it will look very nice with your midcentury furniture and give your apartment a scandinavian vibe.

    I love the hue used by SF girl in her former bedroom (very similar to the one I used too).

  46. Hi,

    I like dark blue very much. I am usually a white wall person, but I tried a dark blue accent wall in our bedroom and I LOVE it. It has been 2 years now, and I am still in love. It create contrast, underlines your gallery wall (looks amazing with white and black frames) and look very sophisticated at night. BUT you’ll have to make sure your ceilling and your trims and mouldings are a very CRISP WHITE otherwise it won’t work. I think it will look very nice with your midcentury furniture and give your apartment a scandinavian vibe.

    I love the hue used by SF girl in her former bedroom (very similar to the one I used too).

  47. White or grey. I adore white – everything looks so beautiful and fresh against it and you never tire of white.

  48. I think the dark blue will work very well if you have white/cream furniture or pine- or oak-colored woods :)

  49. I would prefer the dove gray because it matches well to any colors you choose for your furniture. Another tone I love is greyish taupe, and add a bit of the lovely dark blue. Add the dark color wall paint just in one side of the wall that you think should be the main point of the room, so the whole apartment won’t look so gloomy.

  50. We had a lot of darker hues, and I’m really veering toward lighter and brighter now. Our living areas have recently been painted in Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray with Decorator White trim and cabinetry. We are really loving the colors and several people have asked what colors we used, so I think it turned out to be a good choice for us. Good luck picking out your colors!! Ultimately, I think it’s what makes you feel good in the space! :)

  51. We have a gorgeous green in ours with a feature wall of green flowery wallpaper. It’s lovely!

  52. There is only one answer to this. White white white. It is clean fresh and simple and will make your belongings, art and decor stand out so much more. Colors you do and will get tired of. You will never ever tire of white. Paint one small wall in the hall or so gray.. the other big rooms get too dark w color. A NY winter needs white walls to maximize any sun rays on all those gloomy dark days. And in Europe, white white white is so common for a reason…

  53. I adore Dove Gray. You can’t go wrong with it. However, I have been obsessed over that dark green-blue color for years. We live in a rental and won’t be here long enough for painting to make sense but if you want to be daring and go dark without going full black I say try it!

  54. We went safe with a beige– Benjamin Moore Wheat Sheaf. Our realtor uses it in all of her homes so we figured if it works for her it can work for us– mostly we just wanted to cover up the mustardy color when we moved in and didn’t have a lot of time to make a decision. It works, for a living room. [We did the colors in bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry room.]

  55. I had a similar dilemma when moving into my apt and deciding on a paint color for my room. I found this Apartment Therapy list helpful and settled on Montauk Driftwood which is a beautiful blue/grey/off-white – very soothing. I’ve had a couple compliments on it too! (although a ralph lauren color originally, you can now get it mixed at home depot). Good luck!

  56. J2 says...

    How about BM Moonlight White? An accent wall for the gallery? That’s what I did. My accent was a dark blue/gray.

  57. And i forget it its warm white with gray feeling color ;) so nice, so fluffy, fresh

  58. Try this one NCS 137 0505-Y05R
    You should like it, its warm color, warm white. And if you wanna some accent, choose color you like, or write me email, but warm color. Not too rough, better take warm, pleasant and light

  59. I vote white or light gray! You just can’t go wrong with those. I’m currently longing for white in my “pumpkin butter’ living/dining room. I was super into earth tones 7 years ago but now I can’t wait to get white on the walls. It’s just a color you won’t ‘outgrow.’

  60. I LOVE that black living room – I agree with the right furniture and accidents it can be so chic. The grey is beautiful and soft as well. My living room is all white and I love how fresh it feels – a nice clean palette for to hang artwork on as well! I’m sure whatever you decide on will look beautiful.

  61. i love the black and dark blue but feel they’d be depressing in the long months of winter — all of your beautiful pictures of the dark rooms are flooded with natural sunlight :). i love the grey and white of course!

  62. We love Blue Danube by Benjamin Moore in our living room! What made all the difference for us was to paint up big swatches on the wall of a few different shades of color. The choice was clear. Even the guy installing the TV hookup that day agreed. Best of luck!!!

  63. white or dark blue/teal!

  64. Do whatever Jenny Komenda says…she’s brillant!

  65. as says...

    A change-up – we did Behr Lemon Souffle in our townhouse entryway, living room and staircases; its not crazy yellow and offers a pick-me-up and contrasts nicely with white or dark furniture. We have pops of several other colors so it’s a good go-between if looking for something other than white. I think a deep blue may make a room seem smaller than it is and too dark come winter in the city… good luck either way!

  66. We have a Valspar Seine living room. It’s a dark taupe/more grey. I love it and get tons of compliments. We have a brick wall that it looks great with, so it’s good with old city character.

  67. I think white walls look nice, but I feel like they only really work the way I want them to if you have a lot of nice artwork. Otherwise, they’re boring and hospital-y.

    So my vote would be gray or that beautiful blue, unless you have nice artwork pieces that work well :)

  68. I like the combination of white and teal or dark blue!

  69. My vote is for Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. It is the perfect gray. I have it throughout my house and people ALWAYS ask about the color.

  70. Horizon by Benjamin Moore. It’s a light gray that gives enough contrast against the white. It doesn’t read beige, purple, blue or green…just plain gray.

  71. i painted mine ben moore coastal fog and it is amazing… a neutral without being boring and it changes as the light does.
    love the idea of black or navy but consider that you are in a rental… and it is HARD to paint over dark colors. like 3 coats hard… i have a feeling that when you move out painting will be the last thing you want to do!

  72. White is dreamy. But kids ruin it! We have all white walls in our house, and no matter how often I wash the walls, my 3 and 5 year old continuously make me regret the decision! I LOVE Himalyan Trek by Benjamin Moore.

  73. This is my favorite living room paint color:

    It has warmth and is a convertible neutral. It is like a chameleon and works well with cool and warm.

    I find it showcases the bright colors and wood tones in my house.

    The dark wall colors you are pondering are lovely but look out for toddler finger prints.

  74. My mother’s living room is a lovely shade of yellow. Actually almost all the rooms in my parents house are varying shades of yellow, with a darker green in the basement.
    It really brightens things up when the sun comes in. Even in the winter it can lighten the room. And it’s not as harsh as stark white can be sometimes. I love it.

  75. This is my favorite living room paint color:

    It has warmth and is a convertible neutral. It is like a chameleon and works well with cool and warm.

    I find it showcases the bright colors and wood tones in my house.

    The dark wall colors you are pondering are lovely but look out for toddler finger prints.

  76. I just painted our walls a Dunn Edwards “Muslin” which is a warmer light gray and then “Atlantis” which is very similar to the dark blues you have. I have to say they look fantastic together and everyone who has seen the “Atlantis” color has been in love with it. We went with a flat paint.

  77. This summer I painted my medium grey walls in my living room and bedroom to bright bright white… A few weeks later I realized that the grey walls were depressing (and I am a happy person) ..but I am SO much happier with the white walls. Another benefit I find that if the room is a bit untidy it still looks okay in a white room but in the darker walls it just seem to make the mess, messier..

  78. @heylottiegrey, yes! jenny was in town for a few days for meetings and she stayed with us and helped arrange furniture and hang art and make everything fall into place as only jenny can!! she is the BEST and i love her both as a friend and designer. she helped narrow things down to a couple colors, but in the end we all weren’t sure if the gray would work, and since she lives in arizona, she isn’t here anymore to help see swatches on the walls and help advise. she’s definitely giving us some tips over email, but we’re a bit more on our own again! xo

  79. thanks for all these amazing comments!!!!! LOVE all the tips and feedback and personal anecdotes. thank you thank you!!!

  80. -Warm gray (like the dove gray, ie. not too dark but also not too light or else it will just look beige)

    -Warm (read: greenish) gray-blue (think oceany)

    -Light warm pink (like the one you’ve shown)… I read somewhere that everyone looks flattering in the pink reflected light.

    -Light, warm grayish plum (my favorite is one that looks gray in some lights, and lavender in others)

    -The dark paint colors (navy, black) are statements and I think will feel cozy (not depressing) BUT it will make your space feel smaller.

    Other tips:
    -white generally looks more cheap rental
    -do a swatch test; paint looks a LOT darker in a big patch on your wall than in a little paper sample
    -if you want to leave your walls white or fairly neutral, you can do something fun like paint an entire door an accent color, a la:

  81. We painted our living room dove gray and I’ve regretted it every day since. I dream of repainting a nice warm white. The gray is just too cool a tone and I never feel cozy in there – it just isn’t the warm, welcoming space I think a living room should be.

  82. The Hotel Borg in Iceland has black rooms, but that’s so guests can sleep during the long, sunny summer nights. I love to visit rooms with dark paint, but would prefer to live in something lighter.

  83. I recently painted my bedroom what I would call an elephant gray – and when I went to Home Depot for the color I specifically mentioned that I didn’t want it to have a greenish cast – and it turned out perfectly, like a cloudy day. Very neutral, it’s really lovely and pairs wonderfully with just about anything.

  84. I vote for dark blue. So dramatic. So cozy. And so easy to punctuate with colour! That said, I have light gray throughout the house and I really like it.

  85. I’m loving dark blues right now! I know lots of people say dark colors make the room look smaller, but I love them and I think they add a sense of coziness to the room!


  86. Call me crazy but I actually love the pink! Depending on your upholstery, I think it could be great. It’s so cheerful and bright and would be uplifting on the grayest winter days. I live in Michigan and our living room is pale sunny yellow and I’ve never gotten tired of it. Plus it cheers me up when it’s March and still snowing!


  87. P.S. if you end up going pink, I painted my room “hint of mauve” by Benjamin Moore once and it was a totally lovely color in different temperatures of light throughout the year. And neutral enough looking that it did not appear over-the-top!

  88. I like Jenny’s choice. I was going to suggest something like an elephant (warm) gray but maybe “dove” gray is the same :) I think that’s a good compromise between plain white and something dark and dramatic like blue. It will show off your art well and be simultaneously bright and cozy.

  89. e says...

    Personally I don’t think you can beat a great coat of white! Blue is very hard to match with a number of things and can feel oppressive. Black is great but I think it works better as accents against white. Inspiration here:

  90. My grandfather worked at Sherwin Williams for many years and always said to never paint a room a dark color. Always go for a light shade on the paint chip. In my opinion, the gray is good, white is classic, and the pink is also pretty. Our living room is a bluish green

  91. Benjamin Moore nimbus (not nimbus gray), or benjamin Moore green tint

  92. Joanna, our living room is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (a grey) and I can’t sing it’s praises enough!

    Our bedroom is Ralph Lauren Smoked Glass (a charcoal/black) and I’m in love with it. We have huge floor to ceiling windows though, and I wouldn’t recommend painting a room black unless it gets a ton of light.

    Cannot wait for the house tour!!


  93. I love the gray!

    We’ve used Balboa Mist (a taupe color) and Neburyport Blue (a good rich blue) before for photo shoots and trade shows and I’d consider them both if we were repainting our home.

  94. My living room/kitchen/dining room are all open – the living room portion is light yellow with a grey-blue accent wall where the TV and fireplace are. The dining room area is light yellow with a medium brown accent wall, and the kitchen is light blue-grey. If I had it to do all over again I’d probably go darker on the brown wall or paint it medium grey. I might just make all the walls the same blue-grey color as the kitchen. I don’t think you can go wrong with a shade of grey or blue.

  95. The best bright, neutral gray is called Pumice by Restoration Hardware. Just nab a swatch from them, then head to your local Benjamin Moore and have them recreate the color in an eggshell finish!!! I did my living room this color and no matter what color or style furniture & decor you add, it all works.

  96. My living room is painted with “Grandeur Plum” by Sherwin Williams. It’s a medium-to-dark purple. When I first saw the paint on paper I didn’t like it, but when we started painting the walls it looked great! Our couch is a dark eggplant, and we have an antique rug with gold, olive, and purple in it, so the colors really worked well together. Plus, our black baby grand piano really stands out as a focal point of the room–a neutral in contrast to the colors elsewhere. Wood floors also provide a good anchor, as do light curtains, against the darker walls. Go for color!

  97. I think the pink room is gorgeous and would be a nice counter to all of the boy toys you likely have :) Also, I think that teal-ish blue is amazing. We painting our front door that color and I LOVE it! Good luck!

    You won’t be there forever, right? Try something “wild” out and see if you love it.

  98. I vote for the grey!

  99. Dear Joanna
    my advice is to be bold and have the color you dream of (whatever that may be!)
    it can always be changed …
    this from someone with forest creatures on her livingroom wall :)

    enjoy your lovely new apartment, so happy for you about the laundry
    Barbara x

  100. I went to the Guggenheim, fell in love with the grey, brought it home…and no good. I had that beautiful dark blue…but not quite right. My advice – try a wall of a loved colour and see how it goes.
    Really. It never works.
    Currently brilliant white plus wall of purple – not bad…

  101. either grey or white. is there a door leading to your living room or is it open plan. blackboard door would be fun!

  102. I loved reading through all of the comments, we also went through the crazy phase of what should we paint the living room walls?
    I pinned tons and tons of dar walls, I loved the midnight blue and dark green A LOT. My husband not so much, we didn’t want basic white or soft colours (the living room was grey when we bought our place), we went for a muted (not so afterwards) light forest green colour – hubby is a big fan of French Empire period – with gold mouldings. It was strnnge at first but we really love it (we kept the ceiling white and the panelling white and gold), it’s classy, relaxing and we feel so chic sitting in our living room!
    So don’t be afraid of dark colours, they work surprisingly well and I’ve never regretted it even in the pit of winter!

  103. Oh, the dark blue/grey is very nice! Could be very cosy with some nice fabric!

  104. I love picking new paint colors!
    Here are a few tricks I’ve picked up on my adventures. :)

    Do a Google image search of the color’s name to see how different photos compare.

    Get paint samples. The chips are too small to know what the color will look like on a wall.

    Get a medium sized, cheap canvas and paint that fist. That way, you can move it around the room and see the color in different lights.

    Happy painting!

  105. My husband and I adore color; he’s a designer and we are both artists of sorts. We had a great time with our house: the hallway is deep red, my yoga studio is warm cream and soothing fawny grey-browns, the bedroom is striped in whites, the kitchen has both yellow and pistachio green… We enjoy and are good with color. I have to say, over the years we’ve been painting, I have fallen more and more in love with warm golden tones. If I had it to do over again, I might paint every room in the house a different gold. I think our best effort is the living/guest room. We took the main room with fireplace as our bedroom and chose a smaller bedroom for our living/guest room. The walls are a sweet peachy gold and the ceiling is a greyish lavender so that it disappears dark for movie viewing. So: I vote yellow. There area million tones, and they will vary with the daylight. Get several and paint good swatches of each so you can really feel for them. My big tip, having painting my whole place myself — be sure to save some paint, clearly labelled (really, in a decade it’s hard to remember what is what) to use for touchups. It’s been a decade since we moved in and our rooms are like-new gorgeous; once every year or two I lug the cans up from the garage and touch everything up. Have fun!

  106. I used a beautiful light grey called “revere pewter” by Benjamin Moore. I couldn’t be any happier. Depending on the light, it actually changes its shade and at times it appears darker or lighter…it’s very relaxing.

  107. In the living room we actually did a cream white color, with one crazy wall. We picked the wall that you see first when you come into the room, with a black, red and green wallpaper. And it looks soooo great! We get a lot of compliments on it :D

  108. I’m for any or all of the above, but I just wanted to pipe in and say I’m totally anti-“accent wall”, like so many posters here are suggesting! Accent walls? The late 90’s called and wants it’s trend back! It just feels very dated to me, and also a bit wishy-washy, like “I want color but I’m too wussy to go all-in”. :) Pick your favorite and go for it!

  109. Don’t do the Pink! It will make you depressed. Seems weird but it will.

  110. Ok– I just painted my house and here’s my take. Hague Blue (by farrow and ball) but you could have Sherwin Williams copy the color, is amazing, and it goes with seriously everything. It’s a really perfect deep blue and is lovely and cozy. I think a big main wall in hague blue could go a long way. The rest of the house you should do in a white/grey ish color that holds warmth. Good luck!! SO much to paint, because it really can make a huge difference. Make sure to use NO VOC paint, farrow and ball is all clay based, but Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore make clean paint. If your kiddos are in the house all day breathing that paint, (and you too…) you’ll want to have something that’s not leaching VOC’s into the air for years to come. have fun with it! You can always, (seriously it takes 2 days) to change your mind!

  111. I am a big fan of the grey living room photo you posted. I must say, I’m really into grey and beige these days. Our current living room is completely white. We have a huge white wall, but decided to break off the whiteness. A few years back we hung a beautiful photo (taken by my bf) of Barcelona.
    White definitely looks clean, but I do love some cozy colours.

  112. Gray! I love it – my living room is Spring green – a little brighter than a sage, but not too bright, its both refreshing and cozy
    But I just love gray – we have a cathedral gray dining room and I love it – it lets our paintings pop without having the downside of the darkness of the black walls

  113. Grey is so overdone!! DO a dark, rich jewel tone. It will look stunning.

  114. I think you should consider how much natural light you have. We have grey in our apartment, but because we don’t have a lot of natural light it can feel dark and depressing, especially since we have heavier/darker furniture. Pink feels dated and very 1970s to me. I feel like black is a trend that will go out of style very quickly, and will be difficult to paint over quickly – for example, when I was in high school I painted a wall a dark/bright purple, then got tired of it within a few years, but it was really difficult to get rid of. So, to sum up, I said white or grey, depending on your lighting.

  115. we did one black accent wall and it’s actually very warm and romantic. we put art on that wall. the rest of the walls are soft white. in the dining room is a gray, i recommend getting a gray that is more of a ‘color’, i.e. with some blue or green undertones, as it can otherwise feel cold.

  116. I vote pink. In college I painted my dorm room this ballet slipper pink and I loved it so much. My bedroom now is a light peachy color and I love that too. Very warm.

  117. I think white or grey! Our living room has been grey for the past 6 years and I’m itching to paint it white!

  118. b says...

    Dark blue. It’s timeless, warm, all-season, and little sticky hand-friendly. And you can play with color, print, and pattern, gold or silver or wood accents, and lighting, and it won’t ever look washed out or like an office.

  119. For our living room we did a light sand colour and then one bright celery green accent wall. I think doing an accent wall is a nice way to add in a bright colour without being too overwhelming.

  120. The dark might get a little too dark come winter time. I am a HUGE fan of Restoration Hardware’s paint. I painted my bedroom “Pumice” this weekend and it is a lovely grey/blue color. My living room is one of their whites, which is also quite nice. Their paints seem to have a depth of pigment that you might not get with other brands. The shade of the color changes depending on the light source and time of day, which I love. :)

  121. The present tint of yellow can be toned down with a wash of white, (gives the walls dimension). Its easier than it sounds, if a friend teaches you or you barter a deal.
    Gray is a color that wants you to like it. Instead, try a dark blue accent wall with the present color. Tack a cheap thrift store sheet or fabric to that wall, and live with it for a few days.

    My favorite wall color is Navajo White.

  122. I would go with grey or white with a dark blue accent wall or door. If you end up liking the feel of the dark blue accent, go ahead and paint the whole room!

  123. The grey you have looks green/gray compared to Julianne Moore’s living room. I do love a light crisp grey. Try Silver Satin, Benjamin Moore. I painted my bedroom that color and it’s simple, understated, yet very sophisticated. Art looks great on it too since it’s not too bold.

  124. I LOVE black in rooms with lots of natural light.

    I think that the gray color in the first picture is gorgeous tough. I have a lot of grey colors in my home and love how it goes with everything and is warm and cozy without being too bold and taking all the attention away from my art and furniture.

    Good luck picking something! It can be quite hard! Oh well, you can always repaint ;)

  125. We are big fans of both bright white (no off-white linen white decorators white in this house!) and dark colors. Our living room is Benjamin Moore In the Midnight Hour (#1666). We get tons of complements on it. It is a little like the Patricia Goijens blue – maybe a shade darker. Dramatic but warm. And our bedrooms is a dark grey – Urbane Bronze (which we just painted the exterior of our house!).

  126. We have a grey in our Living Room and its so relaxing its my favourite room in the house. Its London Stone by Farrow and Ball. In our bedroom we have Pavillion Grey which is a much lighter, dove grey colour, the reason being we’re in that room when its dark so to go too dark with a paint colour would make it too cave like, no? I think if you like dark colours, like the dark blue, maybe keep it to smaller rooms (like a bathroom) to give it a luxurious feel, which is what weve done (Black/Blue by Farrow and Ball in our WC)! Anyway, colour is so personal isnt it? Whatever you decide to do we cant wait to see it finished :)

  127. I’m actually kinda feeling that pink color! It’s subtle yet still gives off a pop!

  128. my walls are navy blue and i love it. with plenty of light furniture and white accents, it’s not too dark – everyone who visits comments on how dramatic and beautiful it is. (the color name is a bonus: new york state of mind – benjamin moore)

  129. Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray — it’s a beautiful, warm brownish-gray that looks amazing with whites and bright colors, and equally amazing paired with other neutrals. I have it on my living room walls and get so many compliments on it!

  130. Oh I love the pink – it’s like a hug!

  131. A lovely warm grey is always cozy and classic. Benjamin Moore’s Silver Fox was on the walls of many of my apartments :)

    Though I will always be a sucker for a beautiful white – Benjamin Moore’s Mountain Peak white has just a touch of warmth without being yellow.

    Good luck and have fun!

  132. Black in the winter of NYC–no dice!!! I love Jenny’s dove gray. We just painted our bedroom a LOVELY Sherwin Williams gray–Pewter Cast. It’s not too blue, not too green, not too purple. PERFECT.

  133. a warm grey will win every time. xo

  134. I really really want to paint at least one wall black – it would make our artwork pop and look amazing.

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