Help! What Color Should We Paint Our Living Room?

Before we moved into our new Brooklyn apartment, the landlords offered to paint the walls white. But when we arrived, the paint was actually a (pretty drab) yellow cream. We’d love to freshen up the living room but are wondering: Should we paint it white or choose an entirely different color? I am officially The Worst At Choosing Paint Colors, so I would be so grateful for any advice…

In the very top photo, you can see our current yellow, as well as a swatch of dove gray that our brilliant friend Jenny Komenda recommended. I’m thinking the gray might look something like Julianne Moore’s living room, which could be lovely…

Is black paint crazy? While looking around on Pinterest, I spotted a couple black living rooms. You’d think they’d feel depressing, but with bright furniture and art, the color can actually be cozy. (Although would it feel cave-like during winter?)

Dark blues are GORGEOUS…

Of course, there’s something to be said for a fresh coat of white…

Or we could go in a completely different direction and do something like…pink?

Thoughts? Do you like any of these? None? What color is your living room? I’d be thrilled to hear any thoughts!

(Top photo of our living room from my iPhone. White rooms: Stadshem, Ilaria. Blue rooms: Design*Sponge, Patricia Goijens. Black room: Ilaria. Gray room: Paul Costello. Pink room: Joanna Henderson)

  1. Lenore says...

    What is the swatch color? Did you end up painting that color? I am looking for a nice gray for my walls : )

  2. Benjamin Moore Historical Colors are the best! They are all grayed back or muddied up, so they lay back and let your art/furnishings take the lead. Don’t just go stark white–it gets boring fast! Lots of wonderful grays in the BM store, like the ones mentioned by many here.

  3. Hello:) I recently tried a beautiful blue color by Martha Stewart, it’s called Plumage. I painted my guest room this color and it feels so cozy. Love the name of your blog! I have a post on my blog with pics of this room if you want to see.

  4. Oooh that pink is yummy! We did ours Swan White and I’m not 100% in love with it. We did a silvery/gray white in the kitchen called Silver Birch with bright white baseboards and moulding, and I do love that! We painted fireplace bricks the same color.

  5. I am so into gray paint. I think it’s so charming while also calming and relaxing for all seasons.

  6. Yellow! Not bright, yet not safe. A sunny side of life. White trim and wood floors. Love this combo.

  7. I’ve always loved how a dusty rose looks next to a subtle mustard yellow

  8. thank you for all these comments!!! SO HELPFUL. we’re now leaning toward white for the living room and maybe darker blue for the bedroom?! excited!