Have a Wonderful Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? My mom is in town for a few days, and we’re all in heaven. She plays with the boys all day, and then we watch cheesy TV shows and drink white wine at night, nothing better:) Thank you so much for all your great comments this week, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

25 famous women on not having kids.

(And five Cup of Jo readers share why they decided not to have children.)

Why archaeologists hate Indiana Jones.

What amazing wallpaper!

How many of these common misconceptions do you know?

How to eat toast for dinner. (I would add this.)

This woman’s beauty routine made me laugh. Love her.

Really, really love these shoes for fall.

Gorgeous book cover.

Rashida Jones is awesome. (Love her line about aging.)

How to learn self control.

Speed dating…to make friends!

Mark your calendar: Bill Hader is going to host SNL.

Plus, five about career:

What it’s like to work on your bed.

Beautiful business cards.

Made me laugh.

How to be a good employee.

How to be a boss.

(Photo by Nicole Franzen)

  1. I took a similar one when I was in Denmark this summer. Love this picture.


  2. Those moments are sometimes the absolute best! I hope you enjoyed your time with your mom. My mom and I have a cheesy show that we watch together. We laugh about it during and after and I’ll never forget the time spent watching with her.
    Happy Monday!

  3. I don’t want to be mean, but I had my daughter, by surprise when I was 26 and I am a really selfish person, don’t like kids very much (never ever have I said to a complete stranger’s baby “how cute” or stuff like this and still belive that some kids are brats) but having your own kid it awakes the most unselfish and deep love, that you didn’t knew you even had it in you. And I still don’t like much other people’s kids. Loving you own child it has nothing to do with liking kids in general.

  4. I am sort of sad that career week is over. All your posts were so helpful and I also got to read many interesting posts from past. (I just discovered life and balance series and it was very addictive) I have a chance to go to NY in first weekend of October, and I am so excited to visit all those place I have been taking notes from your blog. It’d be so very nice if you could give me some suggestion to do in Autumn of New York. Hope you had nice relaxing weekend too.

  5. Love the articles on not having kids! Thanks for highlighting another perspective.

  6. I am in Madrid for the first time and loving it! We went to a soccer game and hubby was in heaven as he watched first class players from the world cup play.

  7. Thank you for the weekly round-ups Joanna. Always so fun to read.

    I had read an article about the marshmallow experiment in the NYT before but didn’t know the story of the person behind it. Thank you for sharing.

    Enjoy time with your loved ones,

  8. Thanks for the links and all the posts about careers this week. I just started a new job and it is a big career change for me. The timing of those posts is perfect!

  9. Joanna,

    Thank you for highlighting the article about women who choose NOT have children. I had not stumbled upon this piece, but I’m so glad you did! This is why I follow your blog. Some of the quotes resonated deeply inside me. Remaining childless is not a common or popular choice in our world today and hearing other women speak about it bravely and confidently gives me great pleasure and relief. I’m hopeful that we are moving towards a place where we allow and trust people to make choices and build futures around what they know to be their destiny while reserving judgement.

  10. I really appreciate the fact that even though it’s so clear that you love being a mother, you can also respect and appreciate women who choose not to. It’s refreshing and awesome.

  11. The wallpaper is gorgeous! I love the photo too!

  12. WELL, I’m way past my twenties
    but this is still what my bed looks like!! Loved it thanks!!

  13. Your mom sounds like such a delight. That is the perfect night!

  14. omg the bed allocation thing! That makes me feel less guilty about my bed haha. Clothes, Computer, Notebook, books, so true. And somehow a always find myself cramped on the edge…why do I do this to myself?!

    Of course, I’m sure this doesn’t happen when you are married/living with your SO.

  15. I adore that article with the collection of quotes from famous women without children. I posted a link to it on my blog this morning. Such varying perspectives, so honest and thought-provoking.

  16. Love the self control bit!

  17. Really loved this article about self-control, it’s a subject that I am so fascinated by. :)

    I have to ask Jo – why do you keep changing the picture featured on your Friday posts? It was a cat earlier – I notice that you often post a picture and then change it later, I was just curious why. :)

  18. 1. Love the picture. 2. Love the quote from Zooey Deschanel from the 25 Famous Women on Children. What a great way to kick off the weekend!

  19. Enjoy your weekend!!

    And the link to the nice wallpaper made me think: What paint color did you choose for your house?
    So curious about your new home/interior :)

    Love from Holland!
    – Marissa

  20. Great links this week! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. I have said it a million times but had to say it again……I adore your blog and your style. thanks. Lynda

  22. Really lovely weekend links this Friday–thank you!

    And as an archaeologist, I can safely say that yes, while many people I know appreciate the entertainment value of the movies, Indy is not the archaeologist anyone wants to be compared to. And unfortunately the only one that we always are. Some brilliant sould wrote a mock rejection letter from his tenure committee, in fact, linked below.

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend with your mother!

  23. Awads – it’s because they are constantly being asked the question. If you noticed, these are mostly from magazine interviews. They are protesting the question that is only asked to women (and some of them are not protesting at all, just simply answering). Your jump to this conclusion shows your own uncertainty, not theirs.

  24. I feel just like that cat every Friday…have a great weekend!

  25. Hahaha! I love the article about the marshmallow test! I think my weekend will be more about instant gratification like swimming in the Mediterranean and eating my body weight in oysters.

  26. I just had toast for dinner last night. Too funny. I always pair evening toast with a big cup of warm tea, usually camomile.

    Thanks for the always insightful and fun posts Jo. Have a lovely weekend with your mum!!

  27. Thank you for the link about women choosing not to have children. My husband and I don’t want kids, but people keep telling us we will change our minds! It’s frustrating to say the least and I loved being reminded how many awesome women have made the same choice.

  28. I love the article about women who choose not to have children. I know I want kids someday but I think women who choose not to shouldn’t be persecuted the way they are today. Zooey Deschanel’s quote was amazing!

    I adore Rashida Jones. What she said about wanting to surround herself with people with heart…that is so true! I am in my late 20s and can definitely feel a shift from wanting to be around successful people to wanting to just be around good, authentic people.

    Thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  29. I loved this list of links…the famous women justifying their choice not to have children and the marshmallow test really got me thinking, and the Leandra Medine/Rashida Jones conversation was pure joy. Thanks.
    Have a good weekend

  30. I gave myself a little bit of a blogging break so this weekend, I’m going to wearing my thinking gap, roll up my sleeves and start blog brain storing while juggling university dissertation ideas!! Tiring stuff

  31. I don’t know why actresses have to blather on about why they never had kids. who cares? want a kid? have one! have three! don’t want a kid? great! go on about your life. it’s almost a little protesting too much. they mostly sound like a needy bunch in search of reassurance that they are still liked. oh, wait. they are actresses.

  32. Enjoy time with your mother!, Joanna! I just sent my mom off after spending a few wonderful days with her. It really is such a treat!