Have a Relaxing Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re having friends over tonight for pizza and wine, and I’m getting a haircut tomorrow (and already looking forward to the shampoo head massage:) Also, if you’re interested, tickets are now on sale for the New Yorker Festival–featuring so many amazing speakers, including Lena Dunham, Mindy Kaling and Malcolm Gladwell. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and here are a few links from around the web…

The world’s most flattering jeans. Truly. Magic.

What it feels like to watch your child walk away.

Love this deconstructed braid.

Went down a rabbit hole watching Tina Fey’s AmEx commercials.

Marriage counseling in the 1950s. (This is CRAZY.)

Cool trick wallpaper.

Awesome animated wedding photos.

Caroline and I eat this every day at 4pm. So good.

What $1500 in rent gets you in eleven U.S. cities.

MIT is hosting a Breast Pump Hackathon. YES!!!!! (Because, seriously.)

What brave women. Bravo.

This vacation house hangs off a cliff.

How to graciously say no.

Runway trends: Lip balm and sweaty faces.

Have a good one and take good care. xo

(Photo by Nirav Patel)

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  2. I was in NYC this weekend visiting friends and went to Janes Carousel and saw you on the lawn. Was too shy to say hi! but, HI! nice to meet you I’m a long time reader. ;)

  3. rita, thank you so much for your note and feedback! my readers are so important to me, and i really appreciate your taking the time to write.

    to answer a couple of your questions: caroline and i both took vacation in august, which is why the blog went quiet. for years and years, i worked really hard to build my career, and never took breaks, including on vacations, and i didn’t take more than 2-3 weeks of maternity leave for either of my babies. it was so tough! so i’ve been trying to prioritize disconnecting more these days, and i’ve been striving to create a better work/life balance. hope that makes sense! :)

    i’m happy to say that the beauty routine series is still very much up and running—the beauty routine posts are always spaced out by a few weeks, so another one will be coming up very soon. and the motherhood around the world had 6 posts, basically the same as the first round of the series last summer. i hope this helps clarify!

    i’ll try to be more consistent about when i post each day—some posts just take forever, ha :)

    thank you again,

  4. haha, ceciel, thank you! and mary, how amazing that you know her. she seems incredible.

  5. I’ve been enjoying your blog for over a year and i’m checking it everyday. I love your attitude and i feel like we have something in common (like two small kids and elevator phobia). What i don’t like much is that your posts don’t appear at the same time every day and during your vocation there was nothing for two weeks! Knowing you have hired another editor that was unexpected. Also, what happened to my beauty routine series? And why the motherhood around the world was only 3 or 4 posts? I guess my complaints might seem overp the top but on the other side, i am kind of your customer, right?

  6. I also got my once-every-6 to 8-months haricut and color this weekend. hope you had a good one. xo

  7. *balanced with

  8. Best Friday roundup! Haven’t even gotten through all the links yet. Love the meatier articles, based with some beauty and style and a little Tina Fey thrown in for good luck. ;)

  9. Thanks so much for featuring Emma’s project, Joanna. She’s a friend of mine, and an incredibly courageous and special person. I know your support will mean so much to her, and I’ll be sure to pass it along. Thanks again.

  10. Oh my gosh “breast pump hack-a-thon” = AMAZING! I hope they come up with something good by the time I have my next child. Trying to struggle through the last 3 months until my daughter turns 1! Breastfeeding is so hard!

  11. Did you do anything drastic to your hair? post pics!

  12. Thank you for posting about Yes Means Yes, but you should change your link to brave WOMEN.

  13. ugh, i need new jeans so badly. i bought some uniqlo ones at the beginning of the summer and i always forget how much they stretch out… and i was feeling fat and gross so i accidentally bought a size up aaaaand then i lost a couple pounds so now they’re TWO sizes too big. and i’m too lazy to go try on new (better, nicer, more expensive) jeans.

  14. joanna, i recall you often post about ballet/dance. have you heard about Fall for Dance ( I’m in the waiting room to get tix right now!

  15. I rent in Boston for $1500 and that was pretty accurate! I think I’m moving to Nebraska ;)

  16. Fantastic article focusing on “can this marriage be saved” and women’s magazines. Thanks for posting.

  17. Pizza and wine…can’t get much better in my book!
    I really like your list of links! Nice blog as usual.
    The photo was great.

  18. Hi Joanna

    Greetings from Zürich – the city your wonderful 4pm snack originally comes from :-)
    I had no idea it comes with peanutbutter flavor, this must be a special for the US… Enjoy it – as I do enjoy your blog every day! Very inspiring!

  19. Lip balm is the new lipstick?! I’ll buy into that one!

    xoxx, Monica
    F&ML: Fashion And My Life
    Fashion takes the f*%$ out of my life…

  20. The jeans look great, but they’re sold out. I’m not sure these are the best for me, as I’ve got long legs and am short waisted. These look good for long waisted women. But cute.

  21. I moved into an apartment in Seattle on Thursday, and got a job offer on Friday…so this weekend isn’t going to be relaxing, but it’s going to be great!

  22. Sounds like a good weekend. I will be visiting with friends. We have a new baby, a week and two days, and some of my girls from out of town will be stopping by to meet Luke. I am super excited for some girl chat and to show off my son!

  23. e, you’re so right! that’s so weird!!! maybe they want the viewer to be able to read the words “american express”? how odd!

  24. Had not seen, yes means yes. From someone who’s been there. Time will tell.

  25. Thank you for the jeans recommendation! My favourite pair finally have enough holes (in places that are NOT trendy) that I am thinking about looking for something new. I had been thinking about trying Madewell’s. :)

  26. Pizza is practically a requirement for a good Friday night!!! Have a good weekend! :)

  27. The article about how to say no graciously was wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

  28. Is it just me or are those animated wedding photos totally creepy?? haha!

  29. Rats, those Madewell jeans are sold out!

    I just moved from L.A. to Denver, and this will pretty much be my first real winter–do you think you could do a post some time about winter fashion, especially boots! On Pinterest all the girls in giant scarves are also wearing heels… Thanks!!

  30. Ha just clicked through to the Tina Fey commercials. But did you notice that she’s swiping her card the wrong way in all of the videos? So bizarre!

  31. Mhmmm. Pizza & wine make for a fine time. The $1500 rent across America is shocking yet not really shocking at all. :] // ☼ ☯

  32. I seriously LOVE the Maria Hoffman braid. Though I’m quite glad to see she used extension wefts in creating the look, otherwise that model & I would’ve had to have a frank little chat about how mean it is for her to be walking around with naturally PERFECT hair. Haha.

  33. I seriously LOVE the Maria Hoffman braid. Though I’m quite glad to see she used extension wefts in creating the look, otherwise that model & I would’ve had to have a frank little chat about how mean it is for her to be walking around with naturally PERFECT hair. Haha.

  34. Pizza and wine are the best dinners:). I’m going to check out a new art gallery here in Berlin with a couple of friends, very excited! I’m also going to celebrate a friends baby boy who turns two, he is adorable!