Fall Bags

For years, we’ve been huge fans of Baggu, the Brooklyn brand that makes bags made of canvas and leather. They’re simple, beautiful bags that you can carry everywhere—from work to dinner dates to weekend getaways.

Pictured are the leather clutch (which I’d love to take on date nights) and duck bag, below. I also love their laptop cases and oversized weekend bags, which have such a great silhouette.

Good news: If you’d like a new fall bag, Baggu reached out and said they’d love to offer Cup of Jo readers 20% off all their bags with the code BAGGULOVESJO, good until Friday. Thank you so much, Baggu!
(Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo)

  1. Melissa says...

    Hello- I have been dying to purchase a Baggu clutch/pouch just cannot make up my mind on a color. What is the color name of your clutch?

  2. Both bags are looks so beautiful and that red color attracts me more..
    Jaslynn, Bizbilla

  3. any chance you can share where the striped top is from? love it!

  4. Hi Jo!
    I’ve just found a shop here in London that sells Baggu, and want to get the blue and white striped Duck Bag. I know they’re mashine-washable and they said in the shop that they wear well, but was just wondering if you have any experience with the lighter canvas colours? Are they reasonably resistant to everyday dirt? Thanks!
    Love your blog!
    Mette x

  5. Thanks so much for the code Joanna and Baggu! I finally bought a basic tote with it :) I’ve wanted one for ages, and Poppy rules!

    Also, for everyone wondering about the color in the pics for this post, it’s Molasses. I emailed Baggu about it, the image just looks more reddish here than the Baggu site pics. I wish they had a wine color like these pics though!

  6. Love these bags! I just bought a dozen of the small 3d zip bags as teachers gifts for Xmas. But I rushed off to the site and didn’t finish reading the post so didn’t see the 20% code ! – what a duffer.

  7. Lovely! Although I, like a previous poster, am also interested in what nail color is being used in the photo? Also very lovely.


  8. So stinkin’ awesome! I’ve been searching for a new bag….or two!

  9. I love Baggu – I have a couple of their regular shopping bags. I had no idea they made leather goods or other types of bags. Awesome!

  10. I wish I would have read to the end of this post instead of instantly heading over and purchasing two bags without the discount! Oh well :)

  11. What color is the clutch? I don’t see the same color on their site.

  12. Perfect! I just watched this video: http://features.aol.com/video/get-out-door-time-these-morning-hacks?icid=aol%7Ccarousel%7Cdl8

    the founder of Cricket’s Circle talks about morning life hacks and one of them is using a pouch to keep everything you usually throw in your purse in one place so you can switch bags easily – I’ve been hunting for a simple leather black pouch and the black one here is perfect – just ordered it – thank you!!

  13. Bought the small black clutch with the coupon code, thank you so much, Jo! Xo.

  14. Thanks Jo — just picked up the navy clutch! Great fall bag!

  15. Beautiful bags, but where is that PERFECT shirt from??

  16. That leather clutch is to die for! Thanks Joanna, and thank you Baggu! <3

  17. I have a red canvas duck bag and I use it for EVERYTHING. I love the short handles and the long shoulder strap and the tiny little pocket on the inside ;)

  18. Love these bags! The color is perfect for fall.

  19. could you share the source for that striped top?

  20. Swoon! I love your blog! Very Classy and elegant indeed … sometimes less is more and in this collection everything’s restrained, relaxed and – even better – comfortable, with a pulled-together elegance !!
    Nine West Bags

  21. The first one is stunning!

  22. Such great bags. I love the Baggu tote in Navy and Molasses.

  23. That leather looks gorgeous! I love the look of the clutch, but with two kids I’m short a hand for holding it :)

  24. Love these bags! (and have a few) But I also LOVE your nail color. Can you share? It’s the perfect red!

  25. This post is perfect timing! I’ve been eyeing the chestnut duck bag for a while, and now’s a good excuse as any to finally buy it. Thanks!

  26. Great bags–but really love that top!

  27. You know, I’ve been agonizing over buying a Baggu tote (the canvas duck bag) for the past month. (Which is probably silly because it’s not really a big purchase.) I read this post and it finally pushed me over the edge! Thank you! I’m looking forward to using it this fall :-)

  28. I’m with the others on being curious which color bag is in the photo…is it the molasses or a color that they no longer offer? They are so pretty!

  29. If you buy leather products, please do so with an informed mind. Which means, truly understand where it’s coming from and how they get it. Once you do, you won’t want to buy leather. It’s a cruel and unnecessary practice. I’m sure most of you have pets, the animals they kill to make these leather bags have feelings and nerve ending just like your pets. What makes one animal a family member and the other fit for torture and death?

  30. I have so many gorgeous clutch style bags and I rarely carry them because they leave me one-handed.
    But today in your honor :) I carried my new Coach clutch .. it is beautiful. The checkout girl at the supermarket loved it LOL

  31. These are absolutely gorgeous. My other fave brands are Hobo and Ellington. Too bad this isn’t a giveaway ;)

  32. I think the leather clutch pictured is the molasses. At least it looks like it.

  33. Do you ever have issues with the dye in the leather transferring to your clothes or hands etc?

  34. I love that color! what is it? it doesn’t look like the new poppy? I have their pouch in blue and love it and use it everyday but have been thinking about switching to one of the clutches which look like a better shape.

  35. I wish they had that maroon color pictured! They look like beautiful bags.

  36. Love these bags. Also, that striped top is adorable. Would you share the source?