Do or Don’t: Tomboy Perfumes

The other night, I met my friend K. at the movies. As we hugged hello outside, I noticed that she smelled incredible—sexy, warm, spicy, subtle. When I asked her about her perfume, she revealed that it was actually this men’s cologne. “Strangers stop me on the street to ask what I’m wearing,” she added.

It’s funny, recently I’ve noticed that all my friends who smell amazing seem to be wearing masculine scents. My cousin wears sandalwood essential oil. My friend S. wears a cedar cologne. My friend Kendra borrows her husband’s smoky, peppery fragrance.

I’m curious: Which perfume are you wearing these days? Would you wear a masculine fragrance? There’s something so sexy about them. I think I’m going to pair this citrus musk with sweaters and jeans this fall.

P.S. Wedding overalls.

(Photo by Garance Dore)

  1. I’ve been wearing Kiehl’s Original Musk for years. I can’t stand really floral or sweet scents. It’s my absolute favorite to wear (with MCMC’s Hunter coming in a close second). One of my best guy pals wears it too.

  2. I’m wearing Un Jardin sur le Toit from Hermes for everyday wear. Light and airy.

  3. My mom has always worn a men`s cologne. Its her signature smell. I find them less aggressive for people who are allergic to strong fragrances such as flowers and baby powder!

  4. Definitely. I love man of aran. It’s an organic perfume handmade in co.clare ireland. Beautiful

  5. Actually that Jo Malone fragrance you linked is NOT a men’s cologne. All of Jo Malone’s fragrances are unisex and can be combined with other fragrances to create a bespoke scent. I know this because I do marketing for the brand :)

  6. I’ve been mixing Le Labo’s Vetiver with Rose

  7. Anything Jo Malone is heavenly! I treated myself to a bottle of Jo Malone Rose for my wedding (years ago!), it’s AMAZING. I’ve always had people compliment me. Enjoying Blackberry&Bay right now. I HAVE to check out that Amber&Lavender as soon as possible!

  8. Since being pregnant, I cannot stand women’s perfume. I have been wearing my husband’s Black Walnut cologne.

  9. I wear my husband’s cologne. Most girl athletes wear men’s deodorant too – not necessarily because of the scent but because it works better than women’s deodorant. I wonder if women’s scents just aren’t as potent?

  10. @Eliza: I guess you just don’t appreciate the art of fragrance. Read something by Jean-Claude Ellena. Fragrance can be magical. I for one will never EVER quit using perfumes or scented products. They are one of the largest joys in my life, truly. With that said, I also have consideration for others. I don’t put so much on that it’s easily noticeable to others (I have even asked coworkers with sensitivities and they all say I never bother them). I feel naked without perfume. Fragrance is linked to memories… it’s just so special.

  11. I read somewhere (maybe it was The Perfect Scent? great read) that fragrance was originally meant to be unisex, it’s the cosmetics industry that started marketing scents as feminine and masculine. So this idea isn’t new, it’s actually really old! Jo Malone scents are essentially unisex, and they’re pretty much the only thing I wear. Tom Ford is great as well!

  12. I love a boyish fragrance and would definitely wear one if I could find the perfect scent for me.

  13. Everyone keeps saying either floral or woodsy scents….am I the only one who tends towards foody scents? All vanilla, coconut, and lemony things, typically. Right now I alternate between Fresh’s “Brown Sugar,” Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gioia (a little more perfumey than I usually go, but definitely can smell some lemon in there!), and Lavanilla’s vanilla coconut. The Lavanilla will transition into winter well, but the other two are a little more summery. Great timing, because I’m definitely looking to pick up something new for the changing seasons!

  14. I love men’s colognes! I’ve never been one for fruity or floral scents or what I call the “ocean” scents (Cool Water by Davidoff, etc.) so I always had a hard time finding perfumes I liked, until I switched to the men’s section. I wore White Musk by The Body Shop for a while and now wear Shackleford by Fulton & Roark, which is a solid cologne that comes in a lovely little package :)

  15. Love this idea Jo. Today I sneakily took a spray of my husband’s perfume and I feel so autumn-y and as if he’s with me at work!

  16. EH says...

    Susanne Lang does a masculine-leaning fragrance called Tamboti Wood. I have honestly had people grab me and bury their nose in my neck while wearing this perfume.

    If you want to go for something a little strange, I also really like Cannabis Santal. You can guess what the undertone is, but I kind of like it. :)

  17. Joe Malone is very good at unisex (read more masculine than girly) fragrances. L’Artisan Parfumeur also has some excellent ones (Mechant Loup for instance) as well as Frederic Malle (Musc ravageur, dans tes bras.)

  18. I don’t wear cologne or perfume.

    After working a few years in a workplace that didn’t allow for scented products, I really came to appreciate NOT smelling like chemicals. And to understand that perfumed products really impact a lot of people with sensitivities. I know this sounds like a crazy stretch to folks who wears perfumes, but for me it’s been like smoking– when you quit, you notice how MUCH the smell impacts you and others. And how much more subtle other smells are – that french croissant, that bouquet of flowers – when you yourself aren’t scented.

  19. I love Jo Malone scents! I wear two and layer them. The layering makes the scent wonderfully complex — especially when it mixes with your skin’s fragrance.

  20. In college, I constantly got compliments on my cucumber-melon body spray (that I’m pretty sure 60% of other girls were also wearing). When I met and started dating my husband a couple years ago, I wore Midnight Pomegranate from B&BW. He LOVED it but it has been discontinued. Now I alternate between Red from B&BW and Oscar de la Renta’s Live in Love, depending on my ever-changing preference for sweet or spicy.

  21. This is so timely–my husband just started wearing cologne again, but only has horrible Adidas Sport and other bad drugstore scents that actually nauseate me.
    Can’t wait for him to smell nice again.

  22. It looks like the men’s cologne you linked to is actually a women’s perfume by Jo Malone?

  23. My favorite is Jo Malone’s Blackberry and Bay but I am currently trying Heirloom by Distillery, a lovely mix of tomato/rose/grapefruit/amber/musk and myrrh. Found it at Anthropologie and I am in love!

  24. I love the idea and have tried a few men’s colognes but they just never work on me. I’m so sad since I’m such a tomboy otherwise, and the idea is kinda sexy! So I’m settling for masculine “notes” or masculine “inspired” perfumes and I’m ok with that. :)

  25. I wear Terre by Hermes and it’s my favorite scent even though it is technically cologne!

  26. obsessed with Le Labo’s Santal 33! xo

  27. Yes, we would absolutely try this! Some of those more manly fragrances can be absolutely divine — as long as they aren’t too masculine and smell like bacon or firewood or some crazy combination of the two. ;)

  28. i wear women’s fragrances but i think they are more masculine slanted. One from banana republic called rosewood which has sandalwood in it and also one from Tocca in Stella which is blood orange and sandalwood

  29. I’ve never worn a man’s perfume. I’m actually obsessed with Armani’s Si right now. It smells SOOO good.

  30. Jo Malone is unisex. not men’s cologne :)

  31. I’m pretty much obsessed with Jo Malone – they have a ton of unisex colognes. For my wedding I blended three of their fragrances for my own personalized fragrance and every time I smell it, I’m taken back to that day and our honeymoon in Positano.

    I wore dark amber & ginger lilly – which is very masculine

    then to lighten it up and make it more bridal I paired it with nectarine blossom and honey and their wild bluebell (for my something blue)

    Their newest fragrance Wood Sage and Sea Salt is slightly masculine and to die for! go smell it!

  32. I went to a French perfume course and they were telling me there that in general men dislike the really strong floral scents on women – women just think men will like it. They are more attracted to stronger scents. I love Kiehl’s musk which is great for men and women.

  33. Yes yes! i love masculine scents. Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir is soooooo delish and my favorite ,-hands down- is Hermes Salamandre!!

  34. I live by uniswx scents in cooler temps, all abroad this one!
    Le labo Santal 33, Byredo (anything really) always gets complimented.

    Tom Ford neroli scent is next on my list for winter


  35. I am all for it, in cooler temps I live by le labos santal 33, or byredo (anything really). Tom Ford’s neroli scent is next on my list for winter.


  36. I love using Bvlgari Aqua cologne as my work scent. It’s fresh without being beachy or floral. Though once a guy I was dating noticed we had the same scent !

  37. When I was a teenager, I went nuts with chanel’s egoiste platinum and I would wear it whenever I had the chance.

    I can’t wear any floral or girly perfumes because my skin makes them smell cheap and nauseating.

    Then my father gave me prada’s eau ambrée and I’ve used it ever since. It’s completely different from any other scent I know.

    I also love all hermés perfumes, but they’re too expensive.

  38. I am still wearing my “summer” scent, which is Acqua di Gioia: Eau fraiche !

  39. I stick to my Hermes “Un Jardin sur le Toit” – fresh and feminine as can be. However, a fresh men’s cologne is obviously a good choice for a change. And I fully agree with Avy’s “pretty girl can wear anything masculine, even underwear”.

  40. I love wearing so-called masculine scents! L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Mechant Loup and Fou d’Absinthe, Penhaligon Sartorial, CB I Hate Perfume’s “Cumming” (that’s Alan Cumming to you). So good, so comforting, so delicious!

  41. kiehl’s vanilla cedar–starts feminine, and ends woodsy

  42. When I was in high school of wear my boyfriends cologne because i missed him. My mom would say “that is made to attract women.” And so when I read this I think, sure, she smells sexy to you. But does she smell sexy to her husband? Or do these men think this is weird, all the women smell like men!
    Ps I love cologne over perfume. If wear it if it attracted my husband!

  43. I love my hubby’s Massimo Dutti men’s fragrance. I swipe it all the time!

  44. Men’s scents on women = a total Do. I’ve worn Chanel’s Allure cologne for years! Actually ever since sneaking samples from my brother’s bottle of it one xmas back home. I love it!

  45. DS & Durga, Coriander. Brooklyn made batch cologne. Mmm

  46. my mum just bought a new perfume, terre de hermes, its a citrusy one that smells great on her. we didnt realise it was a mens fragrance until she got the gift with purchase, aftershave balm…
    oh well! smells perfect for her :)

  47. I steal my husband’s cologne all the time, and often pick up men’s samples! When I was in high school a guy friend wrinkled his nose when I told him I liked to wear men’s scents because I liked the way they smelled…he said I was supposed to like them, on men, haha. But there are no rules!

  48. I’ve been wearing men’s fragrances for 8 years and always get compliments on how “sexy” they are. The funniest thing is a lot of the time it’s from men. I guess it just smells different on women.

  49. I almost only wear men’s fragrances, including a Caswell Massey sandalwood cologne and Angel for men. Just like you said, spicier and woodsier and less foofy and floral than women’s scents.

  50. The original Eau de Cologne: 4711. Created 222 years ago and serves both sexes. Neroli, citrus and musk. My mom loved it. I do too and when I where it, I feel close to her.

  51. I wear that Kiehl’s musk & sometimes add a warm vanilla scent to it.

  52. I wear MCMC fragrance in the Phoenix scent, light and feminine, but I also love my boyfriends masculine Issey Miyake cologne!

  53. for any perfume lovers, check out indigo perfumery! this amazing boutique curates all sorts of scents (they advertise them all as unisex!) that are impossible to find anywhere else. love them!

  54. maija and katie, i didn’t know diptyque made perfumes!! going to check them out, i loooove their candle scents.

  55. I wear my husbands cologne all the time! There’s just something about it!

  56. Diptyque Do Son – tuberose, orange tree leaves, rose berries and musk. Heavenly and the bottle is lovely.

  57. That’s a big “do” for me! Especially coming into the colder months, nothing is sexier than smelling a bit androgynous while wrapped up in a chunky sweater and leggings.

  58. I am obsessed with Juliette Has A Gun’s “Not a Parfum” (link below). It technically is not a perfume as it is composed of a single element called Cetalox which is typically used as a base note. It is seriously amazing stuff and every time I wear it friends and strangers alike comment. If I were to buy/wear a cologne it would be Acqua di Gio which I have gifted to many a boyfriend, father, brother etc. Will have to check those Jo Malone scents out :)

  59. Canoe. After 40 years, its still my favorite fragrance.

  60. I LOVE anything Jo Malone, but honestly haven’t tried any of their man scents. Will be checking this out at Nordstrom tonight! Thanks for sharing!



  61. I’m usually partial to vanilla, but lately I’ve become addicted to Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch, which I think is actually a men’s cologne. Smells amazing. I’ve had men ask me what I’m wearing.

  62. I rarely change perfumes, I like to stick with my favourites but every once in a while I love to put on some of my boyfriend perfume (Davidoff Cool Water)
    It just smells amazing.
    I’ve been hearing a lot about this Jo Malone Perfumes (and candles) I think I might take a look.

  63. Definitely, I love men’s fragrances! I think you have to be careful that it’s not too strong though.

  64. I wear pachouli and orange essential oils mixed. And/or Mexian Cocoa perfume from Whole Foods. It’s a bit musky. Before wearing organic deodorant….I just realized how much of a hippie I must sound. Anyway, I always wore men’s deodorant bc they could handle my Latin funk but also bc the masculine smells worked better for me. I was always asked what I was wearing. I think it depends on a person’s natural smell and how it mixes with stuff. You could mix the same oils or perfume on two different people they will smell totally different.

  65. My brother once made the mistake of leaving his Burberry Brit at my place. I finished that bottle off within a year. Favorite scent on myself to date.

  66. Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black is the perfect musky scent with a bit of femininity to it. It’s my new favorite scent! Also, if you’re looking to try a new scent, I suggest getting a rollerball. You’ll definitely get an idea on whether or not you like it without purchasing a large bottle.

  67. Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black is a perfectly musky scent that still has a hint of femininity to it. My new favorite!

  68. I’ve always preferred something more masculine like sandalwoods, musks, ambers…but I’ve never worn a men’s fragrance. I will be checking out what your other readers are recommending to clue me in.

  69. I SWEAR, I mean SWEAR by Clinique’s Happy for men. It’s amazing and I get compliments all the time!

  70. I wear Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, L’Artisan Parfumeur’s Mechant Loup, and Chanel Egoiste (the original, NOT the Platinum version), all of which are supposedly men’s colognes. Wear what you like! Who cares if it’s not strictly meant for you? I hate girly fruity florals anyhow.

  71. I’m into it! On the occasions when I’ve run out of deodorant and had to borrow my husband’s, I’ve really liked wearing it!

  72. I love Versace Eros. I got a sample last year and ended up using it myself instead of handing it off to a guy. Such a lovely scent!

  73. Armani Code for Women – I have received many compliments on the scent, including from my mother (it always feels good to know you have mom’s approval!)

  74. I’ve been wearing Jo Malone for about 10 years now – her more masculine scents can easily be worn by a woman. Try her Nutmeg and Ginger for the fall – it smells incredible. Also her grapefruit scent (year round personal favorite).

  75. I have been searching for the right scent and the right non-aluminum deodorant for a while now, and I think I finally found the solution! I have been using Old Spice Wolfthorn deodorant. I love it! Men’s deodorant is so much easier to find without aluminum, and I like the fruity yet slightly masculine scent.

  76. i LOVE dark masculine scents! Especially in the fall and winter

    In the spring and summer I wear something light, floral & fruity, but when the weather gets cold there’s nothing nicer than a cozy, earthy, spicy scent.

  77. I only ever go for woodsy, masculine scents. I used to go for more floral fragrances but I found myself growing bored of them much easier than with a nice, hearty perfume. Some of my all time favorites include Diptyques Eau Duelle and Jo Malone’s Saffron (both equally amazing!)

  78. I wear my husband’s deodorant and cologne. I like smelling like him. It makes me think of him during the day :)

  79. I have been wearing RSW 005 natural perfume oil by Lurk for about a year now, and I love it. It is a nice mix of feminine (rose) and masculine (sandalwood) with a hint of neutral citrus. It is warm and soft and lovely, yet complex.

  80. I wear Estée Lauder Azurée, a Leather Chypre in the spring and summer. Azurée is the feminine “partner” scent to Aramis, but to me is still plenty masculine.

    I’ll be wearing Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir, a Floral Chypre during autumn and winter. Aramis 900 is said to be the male version of Aromatics Elixir. Again, I find AE to be a rather masculine scent.

    I read that the two fragrances share similar platforms of oakmoss, patchouli, bergamot, and leather, but Azurée takes a stronger hold on the citrus-bergamot opening, where Aromatics Elixir holds to the rose-jasmine.

  81. I used to wear men’s Burberry and definitely wear men’s deodorant together with my regular perfumes. I favour masculine scents in the fall and winter, but like my classic florals for spring and summer.

  82. I love Le Labo’s fragrances for this very reason! Through the month of September you can order their signature city scents online. Normally they are only sold in-store in each city. I LOVE the Paris scent. It is a musky vanilla with a little bit of a woody/tobacco note.

  83. A work with perfumes, writing and advising and advising about them and I have to say that all the smells are unisex, so you can wear what ever you want. It suppose that women have to smell like flowers and men with woody notes but scents are like colours and there wouldn’t be rules about them.

    If you want I can tell you some special differents brands, they work without advertising but their quality is higher. It would be a pleasure for me. My blog is in spanish but there is a translator in the banner, you can find there a hole new smelling world ;)


  84. Just fyi, I noticed elsewhere on the internet that this fragrance is actually called “cologne for women”, and if you notice the reviews on Nordstrom, they’re all women, so maybe your friend is misinformed. I’m sure it smells great!

  85. I am currently wearing MCMC Noble and Hunter! One of your beauty uniform posts mentioned MCMC and now I am pretty obsessed! I get so many compliments on Noble. Hunter is super complex, at least for me. My husband doesn’t have much of a sense of smell so he doesn’t notice much :(

  86. I’ve always loved spicier scents! Mine is a women’s perfume, but there are definitely some of my husband’s colognes I wear sometimes. The one I go to the most (the women’s) is Bulgari Jasmin Noir. Despite the jasmine in the name, the jasmine part is extremely subtle, but as a whole, it’s rather more spicy, musky, and warm. I feel a bit turned on just by smelling the bottle! It always makes me feel sexy and mysterious. :)

  87. I do when I want to smell my man…because he smells divine. Never thought about wearing it all the time though…hmmmm I wonder what he would think if I just started to smell like him?

  88. I just started wearing “Noble Carnation” by Royal Apothic Conservatory (found at Anthropologie.) It’s so good. I’m super picky about scents, and usually love spicier, masculine fragrances as well.

  89. Reading this post made me realize just how sticky gender constructs/roles/norms can be!

    I feel like the term “tomboy” is so limiting for women because it reinforces that girls/women do one thing, while boys/men do another (like wear certain fragrances).

    A women can smell “sexy, warm, spicy, subtle” and still be a woman 100% (if she wishes to be identified as such). Why do men get to have those incredible adjectives?

    I know most of us admire Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, so I’m just trying to make them proud with some food for thought…

  90. There’s a shop on Etsy ( where I discovered some of my favorite scents. Woodsmoke + Vanilla, Cinders and Tobacco Honey are all my favorite, all having gender neutral, smokey + spicy scents. High quality and unique/

  91. If I wore a fragrance, I would totally wear men’s cologne if I liked it. The truth is most women’s perfume is too floral or sweet for me, and honestly the idea of “gender-ifying” fragrance has always struck me as arbitrary and odd.

    Confession – I do wear a men’s deodorant, mostly because I like the fragrance but also I just think it performs and hides itself better than any woman’s deodorant I’ve tried.

  92. Hi! I’ll def check those out. Esp for Fall / Winter scents. I adore classic Burberry- original. In the perfectly pouty round bottle!

  93. I’m on the man-scent bandwagon too, although I haven’t used a fragrance in awhile… mostly Old Spice deodorant, stolen from my guy (is that incredibly weird, or just lazy?). For women’s parfums, I went through a Kenneth Cole Black phase – the muskiest “for her” scent I could find.

    Emily |

  94. I’ve always wondered about this! I like to wear scents that I like, that I find sexy and interesting… which are men’s fragrances… but if women are using their fragrances to attract men then it would be a feminine scent, I suppose? So I guess the question is why do you wear what you wear? For yourself, or for someone else?

    I usually don’t wear anything, but if I’m going out with my spouse I wear his favorite scent (which is a feminine scent)

  95. I love Quercus by Penhaligon’s, which is a men’s cologne. Bought it on my honeymoon in Sienna and wearing it always brings me back to that trip. I also sometimes sneak a spritz of my husband’s Chanel Bleu.

  96. i always loved my ex’s cologne, when i would go home in the morning and could still smell it in my hair from his pillow. i always thought i liked it because it reminded me of him, but as it turns out, i liked the cologne better than him, haha! i bought it for myself for my birthday after still loving it 5 years later, and now i and/or my husband wear it all the time. gucci, by the way, soo good.

  97. I have forever and a day!!! Much prefer men’s to women’s – loving Michael Kors Cologne at the moment!!!

  98. i actually currently wear men’s scents as well. i use men’s Mitchum deodorant and when i wear a cologne in the summer I use Victorinox Unlimited Energy. I do prefer masculine scents!

  99. i love Jo Malone scents (most recently Nectarine Blossom & Honey) but the smell seems to only lasts on me for as long as it takes to spray it. My mother wears Vera Wang or Chloe so I wear those when Im feeling fancy. But for a more fall scent, after using the roller until it was bone dry, I got the Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black and LOVE IT.

    My man wears that Kiehls Musk too — so sexy. The combo of musk & High Endurance deodorant… always gets me…

  100. I wear Nirvana and Nirvana Black. Black reminds me of a men’s cologne and I think that’s why I like it so much. It’s warm and spicy – like a warm sweater you stole from your husband.

  101. I love wearing the Husband’s cologne, especially when he’s out of town for work. I have long loved his Fahrenheit. My “girl” perfumes tend toward warm and musky. Current favorites are D&G Light Blue, and the Skin Musk scent you can get at any drugstore:)

  102. Oh yeah, I almost always gravitate toward men’s or unisex scents. Lately I’ve been wearing “Barfly,” which is Scotch and Soda’s unisex scent. I walked into their store here in Chicago and immediately asked the man behind the counter what I was smelling and where I could get it. He reached into the display case and handed me a bottle of Barfly that I use oh-so sparingly because I just love it!

  103. May I kindly suggest that if strangers are stopping her on the street, than she’s wearing too much scent. You should only be able to smell someone’s scent when you are up close and personal, as in Joanna’s hug.

  104. I wear Jo Malone’s more masculine scents (amber lavender is one and I think blackberry is the other). I just love them and so does my husband. They’re more sultry than most women’s fragrances.

  105. Just switched over Clinique Happy for summer to BBW Warm Vanilla Sugar. I say, wear what makes you happy…

  106. I forgot to mention that Hermes Kelly Caleche is my favorite. For anyone looking for a woodsy, unisex scent, almost all of Hermes’ scents are a good option.

  107. rumor has it that my fave fall/winter fragrance, fresh’s cannabis santal, was originally marketed as a men’s cologne, but more women were into it than men, so they changed it!

  108. DO! I’ve been wearing cedar oil and woodsy perfumes for a few years. I find my nose never gets annoyed the way it does if I wear florals or super-feminine perfumes. I keep meaning to stop my neightbor and ask him what he wears, because I want a bottle for myself!

  109. I agree, I like masculine perfumes too, what I wonder though is, do we find them sexy because they are masculine, but maybe men don’t find them sexy on us?

  110. Hmm, I never thought about women wearing men’s cologne on myself. I know that a few of my friends also do it, and I find myself always questioning what that sexy smell is that’s wafting about in the air. I never seem to have that reaction with women’s perfume…

    Recently, I have been wearing Coco Mademoiselle, and feel really sophisticated when putting it on. My all time favourite is Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal.


  111. I totally wear men’s cologne. I use my husband’s or I get the little samples from Sephora and often layer them with more feminine scents.

  112. I used to wear men’s smells, but my fiance HATES it (and he rarely has strong opinions about things like this). I sort of ignored him at first, but after bringing it up for the 2nd or 3rd time, I realized it was really important to him – he said it makes him feel like he’s snuggling up to a guy. Given how much his smell turns me on, I realized I was being kind of unfair to him. So now I just make him smell good instead :)

  113. Ambre scent in Brown! The Ambre line is pretty gender neutral, SO gentle and so natural. I often get migraines after catching a whiff of strong female perfume and this is soft and has a beautiful scent. I got hooked onto it after my boyfriend and I started dating 4 years ago. The Blue is his scent and now I am just slightly different in Brown!

  114. I second all of these references to Jo Malone…AMAZING scents especially Pomegranate Noir! I too like masculine/unisex scents. I prefer the ones that have the perfect balance between spicy and sweet.

  115. In high school a friend’s mother wore Lauren by Ralph Lauren. It’s a very masculine scent but I loved it and how unique it seemed, so I started wearing it too. I haven’t smelled it in years but I’m sure it would transport me right back!

  116. How intriguing! I love to switch my scent up for fall/winter but have never thought to try men’s cologne. I will definitely be giving that a go this fall. Thanks! My spring/summer scent is Marc Jacob’s Daisy.

  117. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle! It’s very masculine and I get non stop compliments!

  118. Jo Malone is unisex though! I am a fan of masculine scents, but I don’t think I would go full on men’s cologne; I’m afraid I’d remind my bf of his guy friend or dad or something. :P

  119. Oh I think it’s a definite “do” if you’re into less girly, stronger scents. Personally I prefer sweeter scents (love vanilla), and certain lighter florals and citrus scents. I’ve tried some more strong/masculine scents (like some of Tom Ford’s fragrances) and it’s a bit too much for me. Even Narciso Rodriguez is a bit much for me… I save that for colder days and special occasions… and that is definitely more feminine than masculine.

  120. laura, yay! thank you!!! (and happy birthday:)

  121. I was just thinking about this the other day! Would totally wear one.

  122. Joanna, I just got a bottle of Original Musk from Kiehl’s for my birthday and I LOVE it! I highly recommend you give it a try :)

  123. I’m a huge fan of Olo fragrances, which are handmade in Portland, Oregon by Heather Sielaff.

    Dark Wave (Cardamom * Indonesian Vetivert * Wood) is my favorite in her collection and is the perfect fall/masculine fragrance. I get stopped frequently when I wear it…it has such a nice warmth to it!

    Here’s how Heather describes Dark Wave:

    Dark Wave was originally created for a Fall event kicking off the dreary rains set to inundate Portland for nine months. The scent is meant to envelop you, to protect you from the downpour.

  124. I love to wear more masculine scents! They suit my persinality much better than anything sweet or floral.

    My favourite scent is Penhaligan’s Opus, which is peppery and fresh. I stumbled upon it in London, and I savour it because you can’t find it in North America! It has to last until my next trip.

    I also love Jo Malone’s Earl Grey and Cucumber. And the Kiel’s musk is a classic. I I share my scents with my man as well, so they remind me of him whenever I catch a whif.

  125. I steal my boyfriends Armani Code when I want something heavy, usually in the fall and winter when I don’t want to smell like a field of flowers.


  126. I bought Calvin Klein One for my husband and ended liking the sent so much that I kept it for myself :)

  127. I been wear Gendarme Men’s fragrance for years, and I am constantly being asked what I am wearing. The guys at work liked it so much a couple of them bought it. My doctor also asked me what I was wearing last time I was there.

  128. I wear Annick Goutal Vétiver Cologne : à fragrance for m’en and women! Love m’en ´ s Cologne indeed!

  129. aw, chelsea, that is sweet, though :)

  130. Anything Oud is totally unisex and it smells heavenly. Montale Saffron comes to mind.

  131. I tested an “eau de senteur” at a small home goods shop in Portland and couldn’t stop smelling my wrists for the rest of the day! I realized it smelled a bit like my boyfriend but with some floral and citrus notes combining with the cedar, musk, and vetiver. I finally tracked it down online–West Third Brand’s Vert Vetiver. For a “body spray” it has great staying power and definitely has unisex appeal!

  132. Gosh, I have worn Amber and Lavendar for years. It remains one of the only fragrances that has stood the test of time.

    I was never aware that it was a men’s fragrance, and Jo might be surprised as well.

    Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet is a men’s fragrance I have also worn for years. It’s Prince Charles signature scent, and definitely for men.

    Love this topic and will be so glad to see other reader choices.

    Karen in VA

  133. ever since I can remember my mom has worn men’s cologne because she likes the smell better!! I remember being little and saying I liked it too, but wouldn’t do it. I would always go for “unisex” perfume like that classic Adidas kind from the late 90’s (which really smelled like men’s but was marketed for “unisex” haha)

  134. I wear Jo Malone Lime Basil and love how fresh and masculine it smells. Especially in the summer.

  135. I love masculine scents! I always wear men’s deodorant, which is plenty strong without any perfume. I’ll admit that my boyfriend isn’t convinced – I think he’d prefer something more floral (but I’ve never asked haha)

  136. Jo Malone is the BEEESSTTTT for masculine scents. Very woodsy, earthy smells.

  137. I’ve liked Giorgio Armani’s “Acqua do Gioia” and Chanel’s “Chance eau Tender” lately, but I’m thinking they’re a but too summery now. I tried J.Crew’s “57” over the weekend and liked it (it sounds odd, but it reminded me a good friend’s bathroom air freshener – which is a good thing!), but thought it wore off too quickly. So I’m at a bit of a loss right now.

  138. Fresh tip: Tom Ford fragrances. Built for women, totally passable as unisex, perfect for the gal who wants to smell beautifully different. I’ve been wearing white patchouli for years.

  139. Exactly today I qas browsing an Italian perfume maker webpage and realised many of their creations are for both women and men. They were conceived in the last decade so it could be a trend!
    The one I am eager to try has pear, fig and sandal wood notes( among others).

  140. I wear Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir which is the perfect slightly-masculine scent!