A Little Gift

My mom come to visit this past weekend—we miss her so much already!—and we wanted to send her a little gift for helping out so much with the boys, who absolutely adore her. For a thank you gift, I considered sending her flowers or brownies, but in the end, I stumbled on this baguette tray. Isn’t it lovely? She and her husband love cooking, and I figured this is the perfect size for a baguette, or you could fill it with olives or nuts.

See the rest of the store here, if you’d like. We miss you, Mama!!

P.S. A mug to make her laugh.

  1. your mom is adorable!!! my favorite thing in the worlddddd is having a staycation day with my mom, going to the park, eat IT’S ITS and then watch the Ellen show <3

  2. What a beautiful lady! So much love and light in her eyes. Love to hear about girls who love their Mamas.
    Keep up the good work, Joanna. <3

  3. I feel like your mom looks like she could be your sister!

  4. Awww – nothing like visits with grandparents! Your mom is so pretty!

  5. Joanna, your mom seems lovely! In relation to last week’s “career week” – I was curious whether your mom worked outside the home (now or in the past) and if so, in what field? Glad you had a great visit! Grandmas are the best!

  6. Anton’s so blond, when did that happen? How sweet of you to gift your mom for taking are of her grand babies!? I would never think of that (but now I will, thx).

  7. Your mom has the prettiest glow in her eyes! Pretty + happy, it seems. :)

  8. What a lovely gift! As a native West Virginian, my go-to gift is a Blenko glass water pitcher, but I always enjoy your recommendations. :)

  9. me encanta que tu madre y tú compartais tantas cosas,

    un beso

  10. Ah, the Sandra Boynton board book! My cousin sent us “Moo, Baa, La La La!” We’ve been reading it to him in English (we’re Dutch!) and he loves it!

  11. What a lovely, unique idea! I usually send mine coffee beans from Zabar’s on the UWS, but maybe next time I’ll step it up ;)

    Having parents in town is the best. Mine just visited for Labor Day and I think I’m still getting over the blues of them leaving :)

  12. Honestly, could your mom be any cuter?!!

  13. How important are our mums in our lives and even more when we have a child. They are a really good help and I love seeing her enjoying with my daughter. Your gift is a great idea.

  14. Your Mum is beautiful! Love the gift you picked out as well :)


  15. Oh, that’s a great gift idea!

  16. lexi, you’re right! i think the site crashed from the traffic. i’ll try to get in touch with them! and if you try a bit later, it will probably have lessened a bit. thank you!!

  17. vilde, you are so sweet. i’m really excited to put together the gift guides, i’ve already been taking lots of notes. it’s one of my favorite projects of the year.

  18. melanie, i’m so flattered you say so! i really hope i look like her when i’m her age! ;)

  19. Is it ridiculous that this post made me giddy for your holiday gift guides? It isn’t even October!

  20. Sweet. Love that your mom is wearing a denim shirt — the new hot trend for fall! :-) Also, I think you might have just broken that company’s website…

  21. I always have trouble figuring out what to gift to my Mama! This is a great idea!

  22. we love our baguette tray!

  23. You look so much like your mama!! Glad you have a lovely time with her. Have a beautiful day…