Yoobi Giveaway

Now that we’ve moved to Brooklyn, Toby will be going to a new school this fall. To get him ready and excited, we’ve been doing more art projects at home, and we discovered the fantastic company Yoobi

First off, while reading The Artful Parent a few weeks, I came across five ideas:

* Draw to music. Listen to different types of music and have kids draw what they interpret. Try everything from Bach to the Beatles to Frozen.
* Fill in faces. Draw a few circles on a piece of paper and have children fill them in with faces.
* Trace shapes. Have your child trace various objects—kitchen tools, stuffed animals—then fill them in.
* Create your own connect-the-dots. Draw a shape out of dots, which your child can then trace.
* Draw on different things. Instead of paper, have kids draw or paint other things, like leaves, newspapers, rocks or any other interesting items you can find.

To celebrate back-to-school, today’s giveaway is from Yoobi, a new school supply brand. They have fun, bright art tools that are perfect for little hands. We especially love their non-toxic crayons, washable markers and pretzel erasers.

And Yoobi’s mission “One for You, One for Me” is amazing. Many kids in the U.S. don’t have school supplies unless teachers pay for them out of pocket, so for every item you purchase, Yoobi will donate an item to a classroom in need. (You can read more about their story here.)

Today, Yoobi is offering one reader a giant box of school supplies, filled with everything you’d need for school (or your office). To enter, please sign up for Yoobi’s newsletter and leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: the winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing!

P.S. Toby’s first-ever day of school—he was so teeny!

(Photos by Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Yoobi, a brand whose products and mission I love)

  1. They look so colorful, making me happy!

  2. After all of these years, I still love new school/art supplies in the fall

  3. Lovely products! I’d like to try some out. I’m also a huge fan of the Artful Parent.

  4. Lovely! I love it when companies give back!

  5. My girls would love these!!

  6. I’m all for giving great school supplies to kids / classrooms in need. Thank you, Yoobi!

  7. Love these! My 4 year old will love them too!!

  8. What fantastic products. Love it!

  9. Love this website! I would be able to win over my boyfriend’s 7 year old son:)

  10. I saw these products at Target and thought they looked so bright and pretty. Their mission to distribute needed school supplies just makes it all the better!

  11. sign me up! my classroom is in need of some new supplies :)

  12. What a great idea. Love the bright colours.I signed up for the newsletter but I can’t find anything that says whether they ship to the UK.

  13. Their products just caught my eye at Target yesterday! My son would love these.

  14. I’ve been seeing these at Target lately. Love anything colorful and school-related.

  15. I love the bright colors of yoobi school supplies! Thanks for the chance!

  16. Love the ideas I’ll try them out with my niece,and yay for yoobi giveaway!

  17. I love the look of these school/art supplies! Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

  18. Love this! My little one would be so thrilled!!!
    Thanks Joanna.

  19. I would love to have this stuff in my 1st grade classroom! :)

  20. Am I too late? What a fun idea! I’ve been rechecking my tweeds for autumn, and I’m craving a handful of freshly-sharpened coloring pencils. Thanks!

  21. Love these cheery colors!!

  22. The colours are beautiful and I would love to use these for various projects and organizational tasks! (I am a Canadian reader, if you can’t tell by the spelling!)

  23. Love your giveaways. They have such a lovely variety to them.

  24. Love the colours!

  25. MW says...

    The “one for you, one for me” program is fantastic. There are plenty of classrooms and schools in need. Kudos to this company for making a difference!

  26. loving the colour, how fab. i love drawing pics with my children

  27. I would love to win for my mom’s 5th grade classroom.

  28. Love the company & philosophy/mission. Wonderful. And I need to get my paws on some of those colored pencils for my kindergartener!

  29. We were just buying our young son his first crayons to play with. This would be so fun for him to experiment with.

  30. Love these! As a non-artistic person, I could use some help encouraging creativeness in my little one.

  31. Wow! Wow! I just love the colors!

  32. Love this! I’m a teacher and a total school supply geek.

  33. Just discovered these at Target – such great colors, love the products!

  34. pick me!

  35. I loved checking the box “notebook enthusiast” over at Yoobi’s site. :)

  36. What a fun company. Looking forward to trying their products.

  37. Love the colorful supplies! My sister is a teacher and I’d love to be able to pass supplies on to her & her students!

  38. Great colors!

  39. My kids would love this!

  40. As a professional artist, I’ve never grown out of my love for school art supplies. These would be amazing!

  41. I love their fun colors they have.

    k_rampersad03 at yahoo dot com

  42. Great business model and adorable packaging.

  43. My father-in-law has small children from a 3rd marriage, and he does a fun art project with the kids. He starts a picture by drawing squiggles or shapes, and then the kids have to turn it into something like an animal or person. (It’s similar to the filling in circles with faces that you mentioned.) The kids love it because it’s collaborative, and they get to be super creative with color and imagination while dad just works with a black pen/marker.

  44. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Their supplies are wonderful!

  45. Thank you for this opportunity! Their products are beautiful!

  46. Very fun school supplies.

  47. These are so cute! School supplies make me happy!

  48. My Grandchildren would be in heaven! Their favorite thing is to ‘do art’. It’s great to have Yoobi as a choice for supplies!

  49. What a great company model! These are such great, fun looking products.

  50. love these!

  51. I love the bright fun colors. My little would love this!

  52. Yoobi me up!

  53. Love this giveaway! I could use new stuff for the office. :)

  54. Cool! Thank you! :-)

  55. Saw these at Target recently but didn’t know about their one-for-one mission. Very cool!

  56. What a fun creative idea! We are hug fans of your blog down here in Sao Paulo – us expat New Yorkers, and other new moms. Keep up the awesome flavor… all the best!

  57. I love the Faces idea – it is absolutely necessary to teach our children EMOTIONS

  58. I love their mission statement. Products are safe enough for toddlers and fun for adults too!

  59. I have never heard of Yoobi (and I am a teacher), but what an amazing product line and mission!

  60. I’ve never heard of Yoobi (and I am a teacher), but what an amazing product line and organization!

  61. my toddler has some of the yoobi crayons and we love them.

  62. love this giveaway!

  63. Joanna,

    What a great giveaway! I’m a young elementary art teacher, and can definitely appreciate the need for supplies in classrooms. Art is such an important form to help kids learn about the world around them.

    Thanks for this, and for always being such a thoughtful contributor to the blogging community!

  64. Oh, I love this! I used to teach 3rd grade, but now work for a non-profit organization (and am busy growing a baby…due in December!) and, for some crazy reason, I MISS SCHOOL SHOPPING! I wish I had a bunch of new school/office supplies to spark some creativity :)

  65. Such a great giveaway!

  66. Love the colors! Would love to use these with my nieces!

  67. I love yoobi! And especially love and appreciate the one for you, one for me concept, since I will soon be a teacher!

  68. Love their products, what fun colors :)

  69. Love the bright colors! Hope my son would let me share.

  70. Great products!

  71. Very cool stuff! Would love to win this for my moms 4th grade students!

  72. I would loveee for my daughter to enjoy these :D Fun colors and fun shapes :)

  73. Love, Love new school supplies.

  74. I couldn’t miss the bright colorful Yoobi supplies in target next to Oh Joy’s collection! I’m excited the kids get beautiful supplies for their desks just like I have for mine!

  75. my 3 little grandboys are all obsessed with markers. these are so bright and fun

  76. What a fun giveaway!

  77. how fun! love school supply shopping!

  78. Oh my gosh, I LOVE art supplies! And I think the idea of of one for me, one for you is so fantastic!

  79. Tomorrow is my stepdaughter’s birthday. How perfect would this be??

  80. If I ever really wanted to win a giveaway, it would be this one!!! My girls would go nuts if such a parcel showed up at our door! What a great way to kick off the school year!!!

  81. What a great giveaway!

  82. My Pre-K students would love these products so much! Love the idea behind this brand. Xx

  83. What a great mission! We love art supplies! My daughter LOVES to color!

  84. One of my favorite things about autumn is new school supplies! Great giveaway. Hope the move went well!

  85. Amazing giveaway Jo! I’m starting a new job as a nursery school teacher in Abu Dhabi next week so this stuff would come in so handy. Fingers crossed xo

  86. these school supplies look really fun!

  87. Thanks for introducing us to a great new company. Love the products.

  88. These look awesome! Love the colours

  89. Great giveaway!!

  90. I love new school supplies and these are so fun!

  91. These are awesome! My 3 year old son just moved up to his new class at school and loves to color. I love how the colors are so vibrant and pretty.

  92. JB says...

    Awesome colours . Let’s get our creative on!

  93. I love the bright, fun colors!

  94. So fun! I hope I win!! :)

  95. Hope I win

  96. I do have a soft spot for good stationery!

  97. I love school supplies and these are great!

  98. One more idea: take a part of a picture from a magazine, like for example the head of a lion and let the child draw the rest “around” it. Sounds fun to me. ;-)

  99. win-win: nice design & a great cause. My 8-year-old says he will be an artist when he grows up, calls his playroom his “craft lab.”

  100. ck says...

    Perfect for little artists!

  101. The supplies are adorable and would be awesome to have in my classroom!

  102. Oh, I hope I’m not too late! My nephew would love these!

  103. So glad you shared this brand, I love their products and mission!

  104. So glad you shared this brand, I love their products and mission!