Laundry! We’re Grown Ups!

We moved into our new apartment about two weeks ago (I’d love to share more photos once we finish unpacking and painting), and the new place has two things we’ve never had before: outdoor space (a small balcony off the living room) and…a WASHER AND DRYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s the first washer and dryer Alex and I have had in our adult lives (and we’re old), and I cannot tell you how happy we are that our dragging-bags-to-the-laundromat days are over.
We turned to (you guessed it) The Honest Company, one of my beloved long-term sponsors, to try their natural, non-toxic laundry supplies, including laundry detergent, non-chlorine bleach, stain remover and dryer cloths.
For lingerie and delicates, I washed everything by hand in the sink with baby shampoo (have you heard that trick?). It’s gentle and smells like sweet orange vanilla—so good.
The laundry scents are very subtle, light and fresh, and the ingredients are all-natural and safe for babies and sensitive skin.
Four-year-old Toby helped me sort the laundry into colors vs. whites; we’ve been giving him chores lately and he takes them very seriously.
And one-year-old Anton helped by rolling around on the blanket. :)
If you’d like to try Honest, you can see their cleaning supplies here. We’ve loved and trusted all of their natural baby, beauty and cleaning products for years and highly recommend them. (Especially their adorable patterned diapers.) Looking forward to sharing more apartment photos soon. xo

Bonus for all readers: Get 35% off your first bundle with the code CUPOFJO35OFF, good until September 10th. Thank you, Honest!

(Photos by Julia Robbs for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by The Honest Company, whose products our family has used for years. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that keep Cup of Jo running.)

  1. kabbo moy says...

    Laundry was first done in watercourses, letting the water carry away the materials which could cause stains and smells. Laundry is still done this way in some less industrialized areas and rural regions. Agitation helps remove the dirt,
    Washing Machine
    so the laundry is often rubbed, twisted, or slapped against flat rocks

  2. I don’t have dryer,washing machine at home. So use the dryer function.And I like it. All the way from Canada 24 hour Toronto Laundromat

  3. My husband and I use Soap Nuts for our laundry soap.

  4. haha that is so absurd to me to not have a washer and dryer at home – guess we’re lucky in Sydney Australia with all the space and land – although apt living is gaining popularity but all are built with tiny laundries with then apt!

  5. beautiful delicates! Where did you buy such things??

  6. It’s funny how things are different. In Europe not having a washing mashine is like not having a fridge. Everyone has one. It doesn’t take much space and you can get them at cheap prices too. Not everyone cares for a tumble dryer though. I have a washer/dryer and almost never use the dryer function.

  7. WOw. I do not have a dryer but I could not imagine life without a washing machine. Enjoy your new found freedom with your washer and dryer. All the way from Australaia.- Style On V

  8. Lovely! Another laundry basket inquirer here, about to have our first as well!

  9. Oh my gosh I can’t believe you didn’t have a washer or dryer?! That’s insane!

    LOVE Anton’s diapers :)

  10. Welcome to the neighborhood! I was that woman who stopped you in front of CVS and said “Cup of Joe??” So fun to meet you in person and those 2 kiddos are adorable!
    A very warm Brooklyn welcome :-) Hope to see you around, and by all means let me know if you need anything or have a question about the neighborhood.
    Christine xo

  11. I have to marvel with some of the other commentors on living so long without a washer and dryer. I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but after reading this about your W/D combined with the pricetag of something like, roundtrip tickets to England, I would be interested in any posts you would make about money and choices in NYC. Money is just as personal as sex and your posts on sex are clever. Money is also very relevant to the hard times. What say you?

  12. HI Joanna!
    Congrats! it’s funny how those small (err, it’s really kind big, isn’t it?) small things like a washing machine will do to make you feel grown up! Quick question- Where did you find the sweet laundry basket? I’ve been on the hunt and haven’t found any that I love- until now!

  13. I have a washer and dryer now but when I lived in NYC I LOVED not having it. You just send out your laundry to be done. It is hardly costs more than doing it yourself. Now we have to sort and fold our own laundry. bleh.

  14. Those are some gorgeous unmentionables :) And when did Anton get so blond?!

  15. I’m glad to hear you say you’ve grown up. I’m 28 and childless and haven’t had a washer and dryer all of the time, but it frustrates me when people who are very much ~grown up~ pretend like they’re just kids, trying to figure out the world. That’s just life, and you can’t pretend to be a kid forever.

  16. Also, your apartment looks so beautiful already! Can’t wait to see more photos.

  17. Do you know if I can use that 35% for a diaper bundle? You convinced me to use those for my upcoming baby! :)

  18. I’m 30 and my new apartment is the first time I’ve had a washer dryer in my own home…it’s such a game changer!!! (We also finally have a dishwasher and a garbage disposal…luxurious!)

  19. The things people give up to live in New York City! It blows my mind!

    Congratulations, though! Having a washer/dryer is a game changer.

  20. I remember feeling a grown up the first time I did my first laundry machine (and first soup!!!)

    You are such a lovely family, be very happy in your new home!

    Those photos are beautiful, the place looks really beautiful and full of good light.

    Happy days!

  21. Wonderful and congratulations, Jo!! As former New Yorkers I so appreciate the new feeling of freedom and luxury brought by your in-home washer and dryer!! Theeee best! Warm laundry is so good for cuddling in. Your bkln apartment looks lovely & the French door and balcony has beautiful light. Can’t wait to see more. We are huge fans of the honest company, I wish I could procure them in London but I haven’t figured out how to yet. Hug hugs. -Brooke Long from videndae.com

  22. I’m not sure I understand this. Are apartments simply too small to install washers yourself? Or does the landlord not allow it? Or even won’t the pipes withhold?
    I live in Europe and many people don’t use dryers. As long as you aren’t in a family situation where you have to get loads laundry dry I think too there is no need. Just hang it up and it will smell even better.
    Also for everyone else who dreads the walk to the laundromat there are a lot of devices to make hand wash easier. I remember seeing them in our local mail order catalogue.

  23. Hi Joanna, it’s my first time leaving a comment here but I’ve been a faithful reader. I just wanted to say that I really love how your new place looks and I’m looking forward to more posts and photos of the house. Have a great day xx

  24. I love your photos – HOW DO YOU MAKE LAUNDRY LOOK SO NICE?!

  25. I just moved into my dorm last week (I’m starting my freshman year of college, eek!) and was actually planning to do my laundry tomorrow, so this post has come just in time. Thank you! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  26. OMG no laundy or dryer until now! Wow kudos to you for not going insane. Can’t wait to see the new place:)

  27. May I ask what lingerie you’ve got hanging? Is that Eberjey?

  28. I can’t imagine how you’ve managed schlepping laundry with two little ones!

  29. That is the smallest laundry basket that a family of 4 has ever seen.

  30. My number 1 priority in an apartment is a washer and dryer in the unit. I will forgo cable, a dishwasher and various other life necessities to have a washer and dryer.

  31. Your photos are breathtakingly gorgeous!!!!

  32. Ditto on the pretty bra! Where is it from???

  33. Anton looks like the sweetest little baby boy!! And I die over his sweet white blonde hair!

  34. I never knew about the baby shampoo for delicates!! Amazing, need to try that one!

    Anton is getting to big, can’t believe he’s already 1! And so sweet Toby helping with chores =)

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  35. Oh congrats! Having your own washer and dryer is THE BEST!! So are Honest Co. products…love love love them. I forgot about a damp load of laundry in the dryer for 5 days; but I had used Honest toss and wash laundry pods and there wasn’t even a hint of mildew smell.

  36. Hooray for in-house laundry!
    I would also love to hear the source on the bra and lingere as well!

  37. I would die without a washer/dryer and hey, how come your laundry looks so, well, pretty? Mine is a disaster! ;)

  38. You know, I once heard a quote that was something like ‘New York is for the really rich or really young,’ and I totally see that here. I could rough it when I was younger, but now? Hell no; I’m comfy! ;)

  39. That is HUGE! Major life change. So happy for you!

  40. I used to have a washer and dryer but i caught myself getting up at night to wash. it was so weird lol. oh goodness then my water and light bill was so high….i learned lol. I also use the same detergent since im allergic to everything lol . And now that I am in the store im going to get baby shampoo. I hope family doesn’t freak out when they see it sitting around.

  41. Ahhh a washer and dryer. When my son was 2 and under I had one now I don’t and sure miss it. Especially when there are tummy upsets…so hard to wash vomit out of a blanket in the bathtub and then lug wet and probably still somewhat stinky blanket to laundramat hoping said sick child doesn’t get sick whilst there. We did have one massive vomiting across the entire place once – to be fair he was NOT sick before we went. Enjoy! Especially nice with potty training too!

  42. Congratulations, Joanna! This is luxury!

    Just one thing: I can’t have you keep calling yourself old :)
    You are vibrant and charming with a beautiful life and wonderful family! And you’re *just* thirty-five!

  43. I cannot believe you didn’t have laundry for so long.. for me it’s an absolute must!! You must be SO happy!

  44. Hahaha! Once you have your own washer and dryer, there is no going back!

  45. I literally gasped when I realized you’d been doing laundromats up until now…with two kids! To this non-New Yorker, that is both insane and amazing! Glad you have laundry in-house now and that the move is going well. Your teaser pics of the balcony and carpet look intriguing. Can’t wait to see more!

  46. I can’t get my head around the idea of having such a tiny outdoor space, so different! It must be lovely to have some space where you can get outdoors. We have hundreds of acres to dash about on, but I guess I just couldn’t fathom living in a busy city. People live such different lives!

  47. Congrats on the washer/dryer! I so relate–I always say I’ll know when I’ve “made it” when I live in an apartment that has a washer/dryer…and I’m still working my way there! ;)

  48. Beautiful babies! Um, we are going to need pics of your house,also lol.

    I’ve tried Honest products and they smell great.

  49. we just got laundry IN UNIT too!

    although i’ve only had to deal without it for 4 years, it was still a pain lugging it all to the Laundromat in the rain and snow (omg last New York winter was the worst!)

    do you feel like you actually “want” to do laundry now that it feels so easy? because that’s the way I feel, haha.


  50. You can never go back! I’d go insane if I didn’t have my washer and dryer in the house!

  51. Wow, and I thought I had it bad that I have to go out into my apartment building’s hallway to do laundry (there’s a washer/dryer on each floor). I can’t wait to finally buy a house and do laundry in our own home… that would be amazing. I can’t imagine dragging my stuff to a laundromat lol. NYC is not for me… unless I win like $300 million :P

  52. Washer and dryer is awesome. But that shot of Anton rolling on the floor is so freaking cute! He is such a bunny. Makes me want a second!

  53. LK says...

    I can’t even imagine a life without a washer and dryer! And with two kids!!! You are obviously a superhero. I’ve only been in two apartments with no washer/dryer and that was a total of a year and a half. I’m terrible about doing laundry as it is. I basically bought new clothes instead of doing laundry. I was terrible.

  54. Aw lovely post! Yay that you finally have a washer/dryer haha!

    Jade x
    jadethejourno.blogspot.co.uk ♡

  55. I always just assumed that The Honest Company products would be out of my price range. I’m so thrilled I took time to look at the website and see that they are actually very budget friendly. Thanks so much for sharing!

  56. “We moved into our new about two weeks ago…”, I think you missed “house” in there. ;-)

    Your new space looks beautiful!

  57. We moved into a house with a washer and dryer about 6 months ago. Before we had been in apartments. My problem now instead of piles of dirty laundry I have piles of clean laundry that needs to be put away. I don’t kind my new problem.

  58. AR says...

    I love the bra and the striped shirt in the laundry basket.. Any chance you can share the brands of both? I’ve been looking for a perfect striped shirt and that looks like it might be it!

  59. Wow… I can’t believe you went without a washer/dryer for that long!
    We live in an apartment and have an entire laundry ROOM (they converted what used to be a second bathroom), can you believe it? Total luxury.

  60. Washer and Dryer…it will change your life!
    I still “talk” to my washer and dryer letting them know how greatful I am to have them in my life!

  61. Okay, I’ve never had a washer/dryer in my adult life either, and now we have a baby. How did you do it?! I’m about to go crazy. I do have laundry in our building, but it’s impossible to bring bags down with the baby, so I have to wait until my husband is home. Thank you for convincing me that we can survive this…although I will never live in another place without washer/drying in unit! :-) (By the way, I LOVE the Honest Company!)

  62. WHERE Is that RUG from?!

  63. That’s the prettiest neutral bra I’ve ever seen. Please say you’ll share shopping information? (PS, as always, your children as beautiful!)

  64. Love those diapers. Recognize that same pattern. :-) I was taking care of my grandson for a couple of months, and I am happy to say it will be permanent soon!

  65. I’ve absolutely never understood how so many New Yorkers can survive the no washer/dryer situation. I’d go nuts!

  66. Oooh after living without it for a year, we finally have a brand new washer-dryer at our new flat and it’s AMAZING!! :) Congrats ;)