1. I’m a little behind on commenting, but a few things I was obsessed with:

    1) paper dolls – I had so many of these, it was insanity!
    2) rocks/gemstones – my family went on a road trip from Seattle to Wisconsin and I was in heaven with all the quartz, tiger eyes, etc.
    3) speaking other languages – I just always thought it was cool!
    4) R.E.M., the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Simon & Garfunkel

    I’m sure there were more, but these were the most important!

  2. when i was little, i was obsessed with hello kitty. my ballet studio was next door to a shop that carried it and i would have to go in each week and see what was new. my favorite hello kitty items in my collection were the tape dispenser and finger nail clippers. Ha! random, right?

  3. First, I love your posts Joanna, they always make me think and also pose the same questions to my boyfriend and thus learn more about him. So, since I asked him, I’ll include those too!

    My boyfriend’s obsessions were: string (apparently he loved to make and undo all sorts of crazy knots and tie them all around the house), legos (he designed and built all sorts of creations), puppies (he would have happily gone with any stranger as long as they had a puppy), and dragons (he still loves them!).

    And mine were: Batman (I used to tie a jump rope to random things and pretend to scale buildings), Beauty and the Beast (I was obsessed with Belle!), the Babysitter’s club books (I tried to start my own BSC), X-Men (I religiously watched the show), Spanish soap operas (they inspired many of my make believe scenarios), collectible Barbies (I saved up my allowance to buy them), Lisa Frank stickers (I had a huuuge collection), ballet (I wanted to be a professional ballerina).

  4. I truly believed that Peter Pan was real. I hoped every night that he would come take me to Neverland. I read the book so many times and was sooooo in love with it.
    Other childhood obsessions included classic Disney Movies like Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland (of course I thought Wonderland was real too), fairy tales, Indiana Jones, archaeology, and Uncle Scrooge’s comic books.

    I haven’t thought of those things for so long! :)

  5. In living color! I wanted to be a Wayan desperately. My brothers and I used to write and perform little sketch comedy shows. In 3rd grade I listed in living color and get a life as my favorite tv shows. I invited Damon Wayans and Ed ONeal to a dream dinner party in 5th grade. Comedy was how we passed the time in the sticks :0) and I loved cool erasers

  6. This was so nostalgic, it got me thinking and remembering my childhood again :) I used to love ancient Greek mythology and Aesop’s fables, and would read them all. the. time. I also was obsessed with a revolutionary figure named Kolokotronis (still am till today actually). Another obsession were dresses. Unless we had gym class I would not wear pants for any reason. And finally, a HUGE obsession were miniature things like Polly Pockets. Anything that came in mini size I would become infatuated with, until I started making my own with polymer clay :)

  7. ‘m so glad a few others mentioned pogs and Oregon Trail! Haha, my sister and I would play Oregon Trail together and pretend that we were really headed to Oregon together.
    Babysitters club
    Rollerblading – my sister and cousin and I gave ourselves “rollerblading names” like Jeremy the Jaguar and Lisa the Leopard
    Stuffed animals – particularly beanie babies
    My sister and I would dance to a muppet babies tape
    Dinosaurs. When I was four all I wanted for Christmas was a pink dinosaur. My mom finally found one in the gift shop of the dinosaur ride at Knott’s Berry Farm
    Hello Kitty
    American girl dolls – particularly looking through the catalogue
    Keeping crickets as pets – my 4th grade teacher suggested it and I think I’m the only one who took her up on it

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  9. We need to see this video of you on the pogo stick!! I was a pogs and beanie babies fan.

  10. “Jem and the Holograms”, The Babysitters Club book series (seriously, I owned all but a handful of the books when I moved on from it), and making friendship bracelets after my older pre-teen cousin showed me how on vacation. :)

  11. Lip gloss! Lip smacker and Bonne Belle. I really obsessed over the small tins that had a sliding lid.

  12. I always wanted my own Hello Kitty store. I was so obsessed with all of it but especially pencil boxes, printed tape!. I had a sticker book and the scratch and sniff were the best. I could not get over how things smelled back then (like Sanrio erasers, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Tinkerbell lotion)!

  13. K8 says...

    Even though it was way before my time, I loved I Love Lucy! I have a huge Lucy collection of dolls, music boxes, posters and even her memoir.

  14. Loved an empty peanut butter jar filled with rhinestone buttons from my aunt’s dresses and blouses, hula hoops, Hogey Carmicheal, Kool-Ade, Dr. Kildare, my red Keds sneakers, paper dolls (June Allyson my fav!), pretend dress up and wearing high-heels, pretending to dance with Fred Astaire, Chinese Checkers, then The Beatles came along and I wasn’t a “little girl” any longer. Fell in love with Paul McCartney ( 196? )and still adore him.

  15. The Weather Channel! I used to mute the tv and pretend to do the forecasts. I knew all the meteorologists and when their time slots were. I was glued to the TV during Hurricane Andrew (we live in Nebraska so it clearly didn’t affect us).
    Also, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego…I loved that show!

  16. CC says...

    The Boxcar Children. I loved reading those books. I even rented their cookbook from the library (yes, the Boxcar Children have a cookbook) and that led to my obsession of drinking 1 part OJ 1 part Coke for quite a few years after that. Actually, it’s been awhile since I’ve tried it. I think I might have one later just to reminisce.

    Also I loved baking mini muffins. I was given a cookbook and mini muffin tin set for Christmas. My parents definitely didn’t argue with this obsession.

    And another large obsession was the idea that I needed a club house. This led to many poor attempts of building one and hanging out in structurally unsound places.


  17. Ballet, encyclopedias, medieval European history, Black Beauty, fairies, and Vikings (yes, the ones who went around plundering and pillaging… I have no idea).

  18. I still have my ceramic animals in a box in my parents’ attic! I remember telling my sisters they’d be worth something someday and not to get rid of them … they may not have appreciated in value but I’m keeping them all the same!

  19. This is such a great topic! I’m dying of nostalgia after reading everyone’s comments. Those little ceramic animals were addicting! Like someone else commented, I had an unending love for the Phantom of the Opera, which I saw in LA when I was 5 or 6 and then made my parents buy the soundtrack of for me to perform along to, naturally. Specific books and stories in general would fascinate me for months – Little Women, Anne of Green Gables, The sound of Music, anything about a long lost civilization and the inevitable curse its discoverers had to deal with. My brother and sister and I watched Newsies (with a very young Christian Bale!) approximately one million times. I remember gel pens and slap bracelets being THE BEST. And I was pretty obsessed with beating my best friend’s Skip-It record in elementary school, when we weren’t busy creating highly exclusive clubs with complicated hand shakes and code words…