Mouth Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Mouth, the online shop that features indie food and spirits, plus beautifully curated gift bags for all occasions (weddings, birthday, host gifts, you name it). They have everything from cheese to pickles to chocolate to themes like Brooklyn Tasters and Pasta Night and Birthday in a Bag. They also have subscriptions, which let you give an assortment of delicious favorites every month—for three, six, nine or twelve months!

Today they’re giving one lucky reader the gift bag of her choice! Which would you pick? (I’d go for one of the tasters above: The Big Cheese, Peanut Butter & Jelly or Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness.)

To enter, please visit Mouth—and consider signing up for their mailing list by clicking here–then leave a comment below with your favorite gift bag. A winner will be chosen at random on Monday. Good luck! (Update: The winner has been emailed! Thanks so much for playing!)

Bonus for all readers: Get 15% off your order by signing up for their mailing list.

  1. E says...

    Big cheese or summer spirit – it’s hard to choose!!

  2. How to choose?!?! Pickles or cookies please! The bourbon brown sugar also sounds amazing.

  3. With summertime here the sundae kit and the grill scout look pretty awesome!

  4. Definitely the big cheese! All of my favorite things :)

  5. The grill scout looks great, perfect for summer!

  6. Wow…this is tough! I think I would have to pick the cookies every night because its something both my husband and I love-cookies! We even had a cookie bar at our wedding and a cookie tower instead of cake!

  7. Life is a Bowl of Cherries–they’re one of my favorite fruits, yum!

  8. ummm Gin please (or bourbon)or cocktails of any sort…

  9. oh my gosh, that hunter cheddar, please!!!

  10. I think the Happy Couple basket is too cute!

  11. chocolate covered deliciousness!

  12. Cocktail hour every month. What a cool date idea.

  13. PB&J yes yes please!

  14. The Cookie Monster, definitely. I love Mouth–it’s one of my go-to sites whenever I’m in need of a good gift! My friends still rave about the chocolate tasters I sent them for their birthdays.

  15. I’d love the grilled cheese please. Looks so tasty.

  16. Greatest guest!

  17. Definitely the Big Cheese!!!

  18. Definitely the Big Cheese!!!

  19. The PB&J for sure!

  20. Cocktail hour — so many fun things I would never treat myself to otherwise!

  21. Obviously the chocolate. Looks incredible!

  22. The greatest guest, please

  23. Oh my goodness! The Big Cheese looks amazing!

  24. Oh my goodness…cheese all the way :) The greatest gift kit looks delicious!

  25. Mmm…chocolate covered deliciousness!

  26. Can’t decide between the Big Cheese or Raise the Bar (a Lot!).
    What great gifts!

  27. So many amazing choices!

  28. The Big Cheese forever and ever.

  29. The big cheese for mee

  30. I was going to go with the cheese one, but then I saw the pickle-a-month subscription. Would definitely do that one!

  31. AB says...

    The spirits look awesome!

  32. Cheese, wondrous cheese! All look yummy! Thx for giveaway!

  33. The Bee Happy Taster!!! Honey and cheese…drool!


  34. Grill scout please! Sounds like a feat way to spice i
    Things up

  35. Definitely the cheese one!

  36. I like the Greatest Guest basket, a little bit of everything!

  37. Cheese…no…chocolate…no…cheese. They all look good!!!

  38. the big cheese!!!

  39. I’d do the cheese spread.

    On a side note I just signed up for the mailing list (my husband would love this as a gift) but only offered my 10% off. : (

  40. Cheese for me :)

  41. You absolutely had me at the BIG CHEESE! How do they make every single thing look so yummy, though?

  42. chocolate covered deliciousness!!

  43. Cheese please!

  44. Perfect timing! The Brunch in a Bag would make a lovely birthday gift for my bestie.

  45. Single Origin Chocolate Taster! Done!

  46. Cheese! Of Course!

  47. cheese!

  48. That’s easy. The Big Cheese! Mom’s from Wisconsin. It’s in my DNA.

  49. The guest packages look amazing! I don’t really want to share…

  50. Yum! Thanks for the terrific give-away!

  51. MK says...

    The big cheese looks amazing!!!!!!

  52. I’d devour The Big Cheese in a heartbeat!! And I definitely know who to share it with on a picnic :)

  53. “The road trip” sounds yummo!!!!

    Ashley o. from austin

  54. I’d love to try the Greatest Guest!

  55. There’s no way I would say no to chocolate. Chocolate-Covered Goodness, for sure.

  56. I would definitely love the Big Cheese – or

  57. The Greatest Guest gift bag!!

  58. The “I lurve you” or “the greatest guest” !

  59. Oh, I’d have to choose chocolate, but my husband would love the cheese!

  60. Deffff the big cheese!

  61. CHEESE please!

  62. The big cheese or the coffee break .. Yum!

  63. I love the grill scout. Grilling season is here and all I need would be hot-dogs, buns and the grill scout :)

  64. The assorted coconut Macaroons look delish!

  65. The big cheese. All day, every day!!!

  66. Everything looks delicious! Chocolate covered deliciousness or the greatest guest :)

  67. if i were choosing for me, grill scout, no questions asked…and i’m always on the lookout for interesting gluten-free options for a friend who recently discovered her allergy and loves all things food more than most :) the gluten-free goodies would be perfect for her.

  68. I actually gifted my stepmother with the Road Trip bag, and she loved it! For me, I’d pick either snacks or pickles of the month. Hard choice!

  69. I love the happy couple for me and my hubby

  70. Cheese, no contest!

  71. They all look amazing but I’d have to go with the cheese!!

  72. OH MY!!!! Say Cheese, hands down! Sounds SO DELICIOUS!
    Thanks for your work =)

  73. the vegan goodies gift bag- no brainer! also they carry loads of other vegan goodies which is great.

  74. Peanut Butter and Jelly. It is the first “meal” I made for my now husband AND we are doing lots of traveling around this summer so we will making lots of pb&j.

  75. What a beautiful website. Great Guest looks yummy.

  76. Burgh! ALL of these gift bags contain my favorite vices! If forced to choose only one, cheese!

  77. For me, it’s a tossup between Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness and The More the Berrier. However, everything on the site looks delicious!


  78. SC says...

    I’d love The Happy Couple for my friend’s wedding in Tahoe in Aug please!

  79. I signed up for their newsletter.
    The bag I like most is the Coffee Every Month!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  80. My mouth is watering! I hope my next guest brings me The Great Guest. Wow.

  81. My mouth is watering! I hope my next guest brings me The Great Guest. Wow.

  82. nuts, nuts, I’m nut’s for nut’s!

  83. The Ginger Man or Bee Taster, oh my. Although I wouldn’t complain about a spirit taster either! Nifty!

  84. The big cheese!

  85. This is such a great idea! I am definitely ordering someone these for housewarmings I can’t make it to and gifts for my sweet friends spread across the country!

    I’d love the jerky gift bag! I’m sure my fiancé who is deployed would love it too! It would definitely fancy up the jerky of the month box I send him!!

  86. Ooh the Greatest Guest gift bag looks awesome!

  87. Chocolate-covered, por favore!

  88. Chocolate Covered Deliciousness! :)

  89. snack mouth taster!

  90. The Big Cheese!! Love all the products tho

  91. Definitely The Bridesmaid – yum! :)

  92. Definitely The Big Cheese! Unless those boozey ones are up for grabs!

  93. I would HAVE to pick The Big Cheese. It was a toss-up between that and Curd Your Enthusiasm… but the polenta pennies in The Big Cheese sound too fantastic to pass up.

    Also, I just opened up like twenty tabs on Chrome while looking at all the amazing options offered by Mouth and I’m pretty sure I’ll exclusively be getting gourmet food ads on every website I visit for the next month. Which I am okay with.

  94. Definitely the Big Cheese! These look amazing!

  95. The big cheese sounds delicious! Or the greatest guest also sounds amazing