Lo & Sons Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Lo & Sons, a line of fantastic travel bags made by a mother and her two sons. Our favorite is the Catalina ($120), a roomy canvas travel bag. It comes in five beautiful colors, plus this cute striped version—and has a separate bottom zippered pocket for shoes, toiletries or dirty clothes (clever, right?). It would be great for weekend getaways all year.

Today, they’re giving two lucky readers the Catalina bag in any color. Which would you choose? To enter, please visit Lo & Sons and leave a comment below. The winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! (Update: The winners have been emailed. Thanks for playing!)

Bonus for all readers: Get 20% off full-priced bags with the code ACUPOFJOSUMMER1, good through the end of July.

  1. Love the bags. Perfect for the beach!

  2. Catalina in Indigo for me!

  3. I love the thistle! My OG is fantastic, but I’d love to have a Catalina too!

  4. I love the Thistle! so pretty!

  5. I love the woven stripe!

  6. I love the Catalina in Thistle. So pretty!

  7. I love that the bags will match with everything while jet setting!

  8. Loving the woven stripe!

  9. Woven stripe – I have long looked for a weekend bag that is stylish and large enough. This one looks perfect!

  10. I’d say either thistle or dove gray. probably thistle because the DG is a little light for 2 kids but so lovely.

  11. Thistle for me! These bags are amazing!

  12. Lovely! I’ve been meaning to find a new weekend bag for awhile now, and these seem perfect! I love the midnight ash color!

  13. Love the midnight ash color! Dove grey is super pretty, too.

  14. I know the winners were announced but I wanted to share my love for Lo & Sons. My mom wanted to surprise me with their weekender bag. She explained to them that it was for me to take to the hospital before my brain surgery with the hopes I’d continue to use it on fun vacations once I recover. They had such a lovely reply and even gave my mom a discount! I’ve grown to love the bag for its functionality, but more so for the reminder of the kindness of strangers!

  15. Love the Catalina bag in Thistle!

  16. ooohhhh.. I love the striped catalina! I could use this to lug around all the stuff I have to pack for overnight trips with two babies!!

  17. Love the Lo&Sons Catalina bag in Thistle! The bottom zippered pocket is such a brilliant design!

  18. The tan and white one would be perfect addition for my honeymoon!

  19. I like the khaki or the thistle – so difficult to choose a nice thing.

  20. Form and function- love love love!
    I’d choose midnight ash….dove grey….striped….thistle…

  21. Form and function-wow. Love them all!
    Midnight ash…thistle….striped….dove grey…achhh!

  22. Dreamy and completely functional bags! I can’t wait to get one in Thistle!

  23. The Woven Stripe bag is so great! Love the bottom zippered space!

  24. So great! I love the dove grey, but with a 2 1/2 year old and a baby on the way, I think the thistle would be more practical. So lovely – thank you!

  25. I have been coveting the Catalina bag! I was considering using it as a diaper bag actually.

  26. I have been coveting the Catalina bag! I was considering using it as a diaper bag.

  27. So torn between Thistle and Midnight Ash! Even Indigo!

  28. Love it in Thistle for a fun pop of color!


  29. I’d love to take a dove grey Catalina bag to the Catalina foothills with me on our next trip to the in-laws in Tucson, AZ ;-)

  30. I’d love to take a dove grey Catalina bag to the Catalina foothills with me on our next trip to the in-laws in Tucson, AZ ;-)

  31. perfect for that outdoor summer concert series picnic i’ve been meaning to have

  32. I really like the O.M.G. bag. Looks perfect for the gym!

  33. The Thistle is lovely! Thank you for the kind and wonderful giveaway!!

  34. Thistle, through and through!

  35. I love the dove gray!

  36. The Catalina in khaki is adorable!

  37. Those bags are awesome. I could definitely use one for some weekend trips coming up this summer!

  38. I love the Pale Dove! Great travel bags!

  39. Gray :)

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  42. Pick me, pick me, pick me…

  43. Oh gosh, Thistle or Dove grey are so beautiful- I’ve been coveting one since I first saw you post about them!

  44. Pick me! I’d pick the tan one, I think…

  45. catalina in midnight ash or indigo… it would be difficult to choose!