Heading to England…

We’re heading to England to visit our long-lost cousins, aunts and uncles this week. We haven’t been there in three years, and we cannot wait to see everyone. Toby was teeny the last time we were there, and they’ve never met Anton! We’re excited for fish and chips, the smell of salty air and all the noisy chaos at my grandmother’s house.

I was originally going to blog a bit during the trip, but in an effort to disconnect, we decided in the end to take the time completely off, and Caroline is taking a vacation, too. So, have a wonderful two weeks, and we’ll be back with lots of fun stuff on August 11th! Meanwhile, if you’re in a blog-reading mood, you’re warmly invited to check out the archives…

Motherhood posts, such as 8 confessions of a new dad, a pregnancy survival guide, fast labors in cabs, kissing babies, kissing husbands, the funny things kids say, 20 parenting tips, mothers talking about work/life balance, sibling rivalry, how to make your child feel loved and the hardest two months of my life.

Design posts, such as beautiful house tours, blogging as a career, 10 favorite wallpapers, how to decorate a tiny apartment, 5 great books, where to find affordable art, funny illustrated questions, natural home scents, how to arrange supermarket flowers and a fantastic ballet documentary.

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And, as always, random posts, such as a When Harry Met Sally prank, how to give a high five, a swing art installation, celebrity look-a-likes, how a key actually works, annoying words and how to walk on ice.

Have a wonderful couple weeks, and see you on August 11th! (By the way, I got this book to read on the plane and it’s incredible so far.) Lots of love, as always. xoxo

P.S. I might be posting a few photos on Instagram, if we can figure out our phones in England; Alex and I are total neanderthals with that stuff!

  1. Kelsey says...

    Would love to see a London city guide on Cup of Jo! I’m going for the first time in early October and have a hunch that I’d love any and all of your recommendations for must-visit restaurants, museums, shops, coffee shops, etc!

  2. This is just one more reason to love your blog! Knowing when to have time just for yourself and your family, priceless!

    I hope you have a great vacation!

  3. Hope you are having a good trip and such a good idea to disconnect – go you!

    BUT, what in the world are you up to?! Eye opening for me to realize how often I have clicked on your page to see ‘Heading to Englad.’ :)

  4. You’re so right to disconnect completely for this vacation with your family. I hope it’s fabulous!

  5. Even though I know you are in England, I forget every day until after I have clicked on your blog in my favorites list. Hope all is well and obviously missing you! Enjoy your vaycay!

  6. have a wonderful time. space away is always good for the soul.

  7. Love your blog, becoming a recent fan!

  8. I am stumbling across you blog now and love your voice! Enjoy your time abroad,

  9. You are missed in internet world! :)

  10. Have a wonderful time. We’ll miss you but am very proud of you for completely disconnecting! Bravo!

  11. No!! You’re lying. It has NOT been 3 years since you’ve visited?! (How long have I been reading this blog then?) Have a lovely time visiting your family. You are so close to where I live it’s unreal.

  12. Im sure you are having a wonderful holiday with your family. We all need to disconnect sometimes. Look forward to hearing all about it! x

  13. I”m so happy you are disconnecting! So good for you, your family and your blog/career! Enjoy! I’ll be reading the archives and look forward to your fresh return!

  14. Have a great time with your family, the weather here in the UK has been great, hope it continues fine for you. Enjoy the digital detox.

  15. Joanna, Thank you for those links. I have just reminded myself of your fantastic post about post-weaning depression. It’s a great post about depression in general, actually, one of the best things I’ve ever read on the subject.

    Have a lovely holiday in the U.K. It has been very warm and sunny here (at least in my part of the country!) so I hope it stays that way for your holiday :)


  16. I love that you disconnect and take the time away from the blog… it’s actually very inspiring!! Enjoy your vacation with your beautiful family… look forward to your return August 11th!! Have fun! XO

  17. Sad that I won’t have my daily cup of jo – but SO SO happy to see you disconnecting! It’s inspiring!! Have a great time!!

  18. enjoy!

  19. haha, dee, i read zero pages of my book on the plane. i think it was wishful thinking! hoping to have a chance to read when we’re around my aunts and cousins and maybe can steal an hour away here and there :)

  20. England is an amazing place to travel to that I prefer after New York city, offering some of the country’s best locations and places.
    Also one can find some of the finest star hotels in the country.

  21. I just watched that gif of a key turning 100 times. It’s mesmerizing :) Have fun!!!

  22. Have fun! Looking forward to your travel posts when you get back. I cannot imagine reading a book on the plane with my toddler, how are you doing this?? Hope you can report back on that :)

  23. Have a wonderful vacation! And I LOVE that you are disconnecting for two weeks. ENJOY the well-deserved time off!!

  24. Looking forward to the archives and making that French silk pie – yum!

  25. Well deserved! Have a wonderfullll two weeks Joanna!

  26. Enjoy, fowey is such a beautiful part of Cornwall just back from 2 wks holidaying with the kids myself weather is sublime we were beach bound every day and eating at Sam’s on the beach, bliss.

  27. I followed the link and scratched my head for a bit as to why you were taking a break from deodorant. This is what happens to your brain when you give birth to twins.

  28. Have a great trip! We are planning a trip to England in two years, I’ve never been but it looks so lovely, I can’t wait. Have fun!

  29. Oh yay! You’re coming to England! Welcome and we’ll do our best to save the nice weather for you. Enjoy the time off with your family xo

  30. bon voyage, Jo! can’t wait to hear about your trip together : )

  31. Have an amazing time. England has long been on my list of places to visit.

  32. Have a Happy Trip!
    It doesn’t feel like its been 3 years since I laughed about your fun comment about apple cider type drink(?) on the boat photos.

    Have a great time off, Caroline!

  33. Two weeks without my Cup of Jo?! I may go into withdrawal. Can’t wait until August 11th and have a wonderful trip! XO

  34. Have a lovely vacation! I’m so glad you’re reading that book. Please let me know what you think when you’re finished! You would be amazed at the number of girls who are stolen in the US. My husband and I are actually in the process of starting a rescue center and home for these girls. It’s heartbreaking work, but at the same time I am so thankful for the opportunity to help!

  35. Just found your blog a short while ago and I’m obsessed! I love how authentic you are and the topics you come up with are always entertaining. I look forward to using this lovely blog as a reference when I start my family. It’s always a pleasure to find great bloggers like yourself that have the ability to make me both laugh & cry at my iPad ;)
    Enjoy your trip!

  36. Applause for really taking time off! I was just reading earlier today about a blogger who feels she ‘has’ to post on vacation. You don’t HAVE to do anything in life, let it roll…cheers!

  37. Have a beautiful time on your vacation! Disconnecting and really being presents in every day life is a current goal of mine.

    -Claire from FOXTAIL + MOSS

  38. Have a great time, I live in the north of England, feel free to come visit!

  39. Part of me is saying: good for you! Disconnect! Have a wonderful vacation. But I won’t be disconnected, so the other part of me is crying because I will be jonesing for my daily dose of Jo! Can I survive TWO WHOLE WEEKS?

  40. Have such an amazing trip and enjoy the blog break!
    xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.

  41. I hope the weather stays nice for you, we’re having a heat wave currently here in the UK. We had fish and chips for our tea this evening :) best way.

  42. Great post! I live in England and we’re having lovely weather here at the moment so I hope it stays nice for you! I hope you have a lovely time and a nice time away from blogging – I will be checking out some blogs from your archives in the mean time so thanks for leaving the links! Abi :)

  43. So glad you’re truly taking a break from the blog! Enjoy!

  44. Enjoy your trip to the UK, we are having great weather at the moment so I hope it stays nice for you :-)

  45. Enjoy England! Can’t wait to hear all about it when you return. Cherish your time off with family and friends.

  46. have sososo much fun in England! Can’t wait until you come back :)

  47. Sold is a tremendous book. Grab some tissues, though. It gets real.

  48. When you get back, please do a post on keeping children occupied on a long flight. I’m planning a trip to Italy with a four-year-old, and it sounds like torture!

  49. Call your cell phone coverage providers and add on a month of international coverage for calls and data usage for the country you’re visiting. (You have to call back and cancel it when you get home.) You’ll have WAY less fees than if you just use your phones as-is.
    Just something I’ve learned…
    Bon Voyage!

  50. Safe travels and looking forward to hearing about it here when you get back!


  51. We’ve had the most incredible summer over here. The boys will have the best time running around on the beaches. Fish and chips, sand castles, rock pooling, ice cream sandwiches. Have fun!

  52. I’m jealous lol. I’ve always wanted to visit England. Anyways, have fun! You deserve it. Post pics when you return to the states.

  53. Have a great trip! I visit England almost every year… I haven’t been back for a while now… I miss it. My husband’s family lives over there. Just use wifi when available – that’s what I do. I don’t mess with roaming charges in Europe lol.

  54. Enjoy your vacation and the unplug. I’ll be looking forward to your England posts, as my adult daughter and I are planning a trip there later in the year. I hope your little family has lovely, lovely time. You are one of the most endearing presences on the Internet, consistently kind and sweet, and I believe you do us all a favor. I hope you reap the reward of all your hard work.

  55. Proud of you for taking time off! Have a great vacation! I’d love to see your photos of Atlanta (and England of course too) when you return!

  56. I thought that looked like Fowey- and looking at your old post, I was practically right!!! That’s so close to where I grew up (well- “close” in South West England terms- by which I mean just over an hours drive)

    Have a lovely holiday- I’m heading down that way myself at the tail end of this week, it would be so funny to bump into you!

    Alice x

  57. Have fun!! Having a baby any day now so your timing is impeccable 😉

  58. Already looking forward to the trip review posts. :) Have a great vacation, and congrats on disconnecting!

  59. Have the most wonderful time! I just followed on Instagram & hope to see you there. xoxo


  60. Have wonderful vacations, you two! : ) xox

  61. Enjoy and safe travels! Will miss you and Caroline (and Toby and Anton of course!) and look forward to hearing about your adventures when you return.