Summer Clothes for Kids

Where do you typically shop for children’s clothes? We have a bunch of hand-me-downs from friends and love the pretty pieces from Mabo and Winter Water Factory, but for basics, our favorite place is Old Navy.
They’re totally doing their “model faces” here:)

Where do you shop for kids clothes? Bonus: Get up to 30% off at Old Navy with the code SAVEMORE, until Thursday.

(This post is sponsored by Old Navy, a brand we use all the time for our family. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.)

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  4. Those snap pjs from Old Navy that you posted were our absolute favorite.

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  9. I have to be honest — I didn’t even notice the clothes because I was completely distracted by how cute these boys are getting! #heartbreakers

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I so appreciate your post about what your kids wear. I have a 4 year old boy who is hard on his clothes and grows so fast I just can’t justify expensive brands, especially for his everyday play clothes. We have fancier hand me downs as well. I appreciate your post so much, I just can’t tell you enough. I prefer to be sensible in purchasing kids clothing and spend money on other things like organic food and such.

  11. Zara Kids. I haven’t found anywhere else that has a cuter selection, better quality or more reasonable prices.

  12. Ps, just want to say that I do really love your blog – just wish more of the advertising happens on the sidelines.

  13. Although I find nothing personally wrong with Old Navy, I don’t find it believable that it’s a brand you would have promoted a few years back. It’s cheap (quality wise as well), basic, and boring. Aren’t you into French parenting and being unique and not cookie-cutter? Ironically, if you had supported Baby Gap I would have been ok with that, and they’re essentially the same company, but with more style. I like that you’re trying to appeal to all price points and readers of different circumstances, but it just doesn’t sound like you. I wasn’t a fan of the Gillette ad or Honest diapers posts either, even though I purchase those products. I prefer ads that are more integrated and don’t seem like ads, like your personalized leather travel luggage and tote bag – more your style, something you actually have that’s cute and unique v.s. an ad for something I could see if I turned on my TV. Like A previous reader wrote, I read your blog to be introduced to new products I’ve never heard of, and to see and read new material that I can’t find anywhere else. Once it starts to get predictable, boring, or repetitive, you might lose some readers.

  14. Most of my son’s (9 months old) clothes come from Carter’s. I usually find good deals and I think their clothes are pretty good quality. We’ve bought a few things from Old Navy, but the material feels cheaper and the elastic tends to stretch out.

  15. I shop at Gap, Boden, Janie and Jack, carters, Winter Water Factory, and sometimes Old Navy and other small stores for my son. I like to mix high/low end. I hate stuff with slogans or cartoon characters! I cannot wait until he fits in Crewcuts. I will be in trouble then!

  16. I love getting clothes at old navy for my little one, I recently just bought adorable old navy sandals for him. Another really affordable place for kids/babies is H&M. I love that their sizing is 1-2 months, 2-4, etc. I find everything fits better.

  17. I don’t have kids, yet, but I just hit the swim suit jackpot at Old Navy last weekend. I got two swimsuits that fit perfectly and were on sale for $15/piece…a certain miracle. I had shopped at much more expensive places with no luck and was elated to find something pretty, well-fitted, for such a reasonable price.

  18. Jo,
    I just want to say your sons are absolutely adorable!! I especially love the fact that Anton is a blondie :) I come from Scandinavian descent and was platinum as a kid and have a soft spot for blondies. My three year old son and 3 month old daughter both take after my husband’s side with dark hair and eyes so the “towhead”, as my grandpa called me, will not continue on, ha ha.

  19. I can’t believe no one has mentioned H&M kids! I buy most of my older daughter’s clothes there. They’re cheap and cute.

  20. I hope they’re not eating sand in that first picture (LOL). Your boys are getting so big!
    Love old navy. I just recently discovered it!

  21. I don’t have children so I have no idea about the clothing, but your boys are precious! :)

  22. The boys look so handsome! and Anton is so blonde!!! too cute.

    x Lily

  23. Little kid clothes are cute. My two,boys are 10 and 12. My 10 year old is in his last summer fitting into crewcuts. My 12 year old is a men’s 30-32 pant with a men’s M top. He is 5’9″ and has a size 10 foot. Old navy is also a good place for him. Great deals on men’s size clothes. We also do teen consignment stores. It seems a 12 year old grows out of clothes as fast as a baby, so you can’t spend too much. Unlike a baby a 12 year old has an opinion. It gets harder in some ways with kids, easier in others.

  24. I like Old Navy’s stuff, but they run on the small side, so I have to be careful. I find that ON shirts can be a bit boxy on my 3 year old – who is very tall and long waisted for his age. So for him, Baby GAP seems to fit him best for play clothes – I try to shop their 30% off sale sale. :) I also think that Carter’s has stepped up their game – they are less cutesy – and they run great sales!

    BUT for my 1 year old, 75% of her clothing has been from consignment sales. We have some GREAT ones around here – and all kinds of brands.

  25. Your sons are absolutely beautiful Joanna. I don’t have any children so I can’t really care to comment on the clothes. But your boys are so darn cute!

  26. – british company, they send to US, the cutest and best quality clothes, much more affordable than a lot of other european clothing companies…

  27. When I moved to the US from Australia, Old Navy was a revelation. There just aren’t companies of the same quality for such dirt-cheap prices in Australia (aside from Target, K-Mart).

    Our regulars are Old Navy and Carters for everyday/play items, and for nicer things we head to Zara and Mini Boden.
    I’m less and less enamored of Gap for kids – the sizing is often way off, the quality is hit-and-miss and the prices are exorbitant.

  28. for shirts for my 3yr old son. Love the simplicity. Polo for elastic waist shorts that come in khaki, navy and white. He lives in them during the summer. Not as cheap as Old Navy, but at around $30, worth it to us. Great for potty training as they are easy to pull on and off. Gap is still our go-to for our little girl. Always a sale online.

  29. hi rachel, thank you so much for your comment. i really appreciate feedback, and of course it’s enormously important to me that long-time readers continue to enjoy the site and the new series. i hear your point about larger brands, and i’m going to think about that. if it helps, i can assure you that i only choose to work with brands that our family actually uses and loves. sometimes those are big brands (such as old navy or gillette), sometimes they’re medium-sized brands (such as the honest company, pinhole press, naturebox and eberjey) and sometimes they’re small brands (such as aheirloom, lo & sons, of a kind, storq, mixtape, coatt…). i definitely still care deeply about working with small brands and supporting small companies and businesses. i hope this helps, and i will definitely keep your comment in mind as we move forward. thank you again, rachel!

  30. Thrift stores! You just cannot beat the $ for clothes second hand. And a bonus is that most likely your child will not be wearing the same thing as everyone else since it’s not new.

    Ps, in that last “model pose” picture Anton is really starting to resemble you and your sister in your baby pictures!

  31. For babies – I’m strictly a Carter’s mom. Whether it’s Carter’s from the outlet or Target, 90% of my daughters’ wardrobes are from Carter’s until they’re nearly 2. It just seems to fit better and last well. The rest is usually from the Gap or Old Navy.

    Now that my older daughter is getting, well, older, I’ve branched out into a little bit of everything: Crewcuts, more Gap (though always from the outlet), H&M, Old Navy, OshKosh, and my old standby Carters.

  32. We shop in different stores. I sometimes find good things at Marshall or TJMAX.

    I have my authentic t-shirt line. Check it out, parents!
    They are great tees, soft and cozy. Some organic.
    They are embroidered. My new, “Mood” collection soon to appear.
    If anybody shops at my shop and mentions A Cup Of Jo-I will seriously offer a discount:)

  33. We shop in different stores. I sometimes find good things at Marshall or TJMAX.

    I have my authentic t-shirt line. Check it out, parents!
    They are great tees, soft and cozy. Some organic.
    They are embroidered. My new, “Mood” collection soon to appear.
    If anybody shops at my shop and mentions A Cup Of Jo-I will seriously offer a discount:)

  34. most of our clothes are from ON.

    on an unrelated note, can i have your hand-me-downs when you’re done??!

  35. Wow – did Toby hit a growth spurt? How is Anton’s teething? Love old navy and children’s place as both are great to order online (we’re in Canada – so no target online shopping here). I actually just places an order last night – as my toddler is happiest when he is dirty it seems, and is constantly playing outside.

  36. I love Old Navy for my kiddos clothes! I find that they are cute and affordable. And I agree with the others when I say that it’s refreshing to see a blogger post about accessible clothing for kids. What I love about your blog is that you keep it relatable to us everyday moms out there- not just the high fashion with unlimited bank accounts mommies. My son is actually wearing that green tee today too. :)

  37. Hi! Your boys are such cuties! I had a dream I met Toby while riding the subway. He is such a celeb! I like Old Navy, Target, and Uniqlo for my Mia. She is 1.

  38. Your boys are so cute. I can’t believe that Anton is so big already. I love Old Navy too. I shop there and Carter’s for my kids.

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  40. oh this is soooo funny! I just got home from shopping at old navy (first baby due in August)! I don’t want to spend too much on clothes so I got a few basics. I love that they have some body suits that aren’t bright pink with cheesy kids prints, but still have some cute patterns.

  41. While I agree that Old Navy is a huge corporation with a less-than-great reputation…I also agree that it’s refreshing to see a blogger admit that they buy basic, normal clothes instead of super trendy expensive stuff. I admit I shop primarily at Old Navy. The free shipping and free returns is crucial – I hate taking the kids clothes shopping. And they do great with basics. Another good one here in Canada is Carters – they’re about the same price as Old Navy but slightly different style.

  42. I’m always on the lookout for unique, comfortable clothing for my little guy who’s almost 2 1/2 y/o.
    I shop at JCrew (crewcuts) WAY too often and sprinkle in the basics from Boden/Gap/Old Navy…he sort of emulates my own style which is probably similar to yours Joanna.
    Boys clothing can be so boring compared to what they offer for girls – I try to kick it up a notch with a kelly green sneaker, cool graphic tee or a pair of mini Ray Bans.
    I stay away from and seriously loathe any type of cartoon characters or sports reference on kids clothes. Ugh.

  43. It’s so refreshing to see a blogger that doesn’t spend oodles of money on their kid’s clothing.

  44. I’m in the Netherlands so of course HEMA. But DPAM (A French children’s store) is also a favourite.

  45. Jo, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and have always enjoyed your perspective, insight, and recommendations. But the blog has been changing lately and I’m honestly not thrilled with the direction you’re taking. There are still some wonderful posts, and I especially love the “beauty uniform” series. What I don’t love though is how much original content has been replaced with cut and paste information and heavy advertising. I understand that your blog is your business and a source of income, but you seem to have been much more selective about the brands you endorsed in the past, focusing and promoting handcrafted startups. Yes, Old Navy is cheap and has great basics, but it’s also a massive corporation with a poor record on sweatshops and a lot of sexist advertising. And it’s EVERYWHERE! I read your blog as a fashionable respite from the pervasiveness of mass media and corporate sponsorship that rules the rest of the internet, and it’s disappointing to think that this blog will become just another one of those boring sites.

  46. Love Old Navy for cute and super affordable kiddo clothes.

  47. jm says...

    I buy a lot at Target, but have never tried Old Navy. Now I will!

  48. Joanna, Anton has grown! Toby is the perfect big brother. Thank you for always sharing their early journey through life. It brightens my day. xo.

  49. I really think Old Navy should give up on clothes for adults and just become a kids clothing store. They do wonderful kids’ clothes!

  50. Nice job weaving in sponsorship with a company you actually use! We too have lots of hand me downs but I fill in the gaps with Children’s Place. Sales all the time, and my oldest needs Cartwheel shorts so there’s no peek a boos hanging upside down on the monkey bars. they also have great skorts.

  51. usually target and old navy for basic everyday wear. when jcrew, lands end and zara have their kids sale, i load up on bigger sizes for down the road.

  52. Those snap pjs from Old Navy that you posted were our absolute favorite when our son was little. The right thickness and easy to get on and off for night time diaper changes. We bought them in every size!

  53. Carter’s is a favorite for us. Then I like to save up for sale pieces are Polarn O. Pyret. I love that so many of their pieces are gender neutral so all of my kids can wear them!

  54. target and old navy are our go-to’s. i also frequent the boys sections because they have better, less frilly basics for girls!

  55. We’ve stocked up on shorts and t-shirts at Target the past two summers for my son.