Mabo Giveaway

Mabo is one of our favorite children’s clothing lines. Designer Emily McMaster uses natural fabrics—cotton, linen and wool—and everything is made and manufactured in the USA. How adorable are these outfits?

Toby and Anton wear Mabo clothes all the time and we absolutely adore them. Their striped shirts and soft pants are so sweet and comfortable, and they fit beautifully and last forever.

Today Mabo is letting one lucky reader choose her two favorite pieces of kids’ clothing. Which would you choose? For a chance to win, please visit Mabo and leave a comment below telling us your two favorite pieces. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Update: The winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing!

Bonus for all readers: Get 20% off your order with the code CUPOFJOSUMMER, good through Friday.

  1. I am a sucker for all the Organic Cotton Basics! the striped tee shirt with the lap shoulders and polka dot PJ’s! My girls can never have too many… Also a fan of the classic annie pinafore in deep blue washed linen.

  2. Mabel playsuit in peach stripe and the wila dress in woven dot! Oh my this shop is just tooo cute! This baby is going break the bank!

  3. The Mabel playsuit in peach and the Wynne dress!

  4. these are the most perfect little outfits. I would love wynne dress in swiss dot and mabel playsuit in green floral for my sweet nieces.

  5. I love the mabel play suit in peach stripe and the mila aprom sundress in green floral. So fun!!

  6. Love, love this brand! Leggings and dresses are my faves!

  7. mp says...

    i love the playsuits…especially the green floral one. so so cute! and the wynne dress in purple floral is too precious! love!

  8. The peach stripe and green floral play suits!! Oooo-la-la!!

  9. I love the Willa dress and the Vivi skirt. Swoon!

  10. Definitely a couple play suits for my girl as they’d cover up her gtube while also keeping her nice and cool!

  11. Willa Dress in Chambray and Wynne Dress in Swiss Dot! Cute!! :)

  12. Although we love her leggings and striped tops I think I’d stick with summer and go with a Wynne dress in swiss dot and the Mila apron sundress in chambray!

  13. Drawstring leggings in chartreuse and azure !

  14. I love them all! It’s impossible to pick a favorite…all of the plaid and stripes in the fall/winter collection are so sweet:)

  15. They are so beautiful I love the WYNNE DRESS IN SWISS DOT x

  16. The Peter Playsuit and Organic Drawstring Pants are adorable and look super soft!

  17. wynne dress in indigo linen & wynne dress in swiss dot

  18. Oh my goodness–those are gorgeous. I loved them all, but especially the Wynne dress in purple floral and the Mila apron dress in green floral.

  19. Willa Dress and Mabel Playsuit!

  20. love the peter playsuit and the sweet wynne dress in purple floral :)

  21. Ugh! Willa and Mabel! Too Cute!

  22. So sweet. I love the Mabel playsuit in green floral and also the Willa dress in woven dot. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. I LOVE the striped pants and the little eft knotted hats. My two sons wear the little striped pants all the time. So adorable and they fit from 2 months to well over a year!

  24. What a beautiful collection. My little boy would look scrumptious in the AZURE SHAWL COLLAR CARDIGAN and the RED STRIPED MARINER TOP. And everything!

  25. Oh I would love to win the Wynne dress in Swiss dot! So sweet! X

  26. I’d chose the Charlie Drawstring shorts for my son and Mabel Playsuit in Chambray for my daughter. I’m desperate to win! They are so lovely!

  27. WOW, hadn’t heard of this brand before. beautiful! Love the playsuits and the Wynn dress.

  28. How to choose! The Peter playsuit for our little man!

  29. the mila apron sundress and the wynne dress in swiss dots are my favorites. what adorable dresses for little girls!!

  30. The charlie drawstring linen shorts and the mariner striped tops!

  31. I’d go for the Wynne and Willa dresses

  32. Mabel playsuit in peach and Wynne dress in swiss dot!

  33. I love the Wynne dress and Mabel playsuit!

  34. I love the Wynne dress in purple floral and the Mabel playsuit in textured chambray–so precious!!

  35. Wynne and Milan dresses! I love Mabo; thanks for doing this!

  36. Wow, the Charlie drawstring shorts and Peter playsuit are adorable! I’m obsessed with the lemon linen color!

  37. The green floral playsuit is adorable!

  38. I love the Wynne dress, and the capelets are amazing!

  39. I love the Mila apron sundress in chambray and the peter playsuit! So cute!!

  40. A striped shirt and Peter playsuit for my little guy due soon!

  41. It’s hard to choose, but my two favorite pieces would have to be the Mabel Playsuit in Peach Stripe and the Willa Dress in Woven Dot. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  42. My daughter refuses to wear anything but dresses, so I’d have to choose one of those for her, and definitely a pair of those precious drawstring leggings for my boy. They’re perfect.

  43. They Wynne dress in Swiss dot is so cute. I love the collar and the proportions.

  44. Love the Mabel peach stripe playsuit and the Wynne dress in Purple floral!

  45. Thanks for introducing me to this line! Super adorable. My baby girl would love the Mabel play suit in peach and green :)

  46. I love the Mabel Playsuit and Navy Striped Mariner Top. What a wonderful giveaway! :)

  47. Love the floral playsuit and the chambray apron dress!

  48. Love the Peter Playsuit and the long sleeve nautical tee!

  49. What a great shop! I love the Wynne dress in indigo and the Mabel playsuit in peach.

  50. I love the Wynne dress in Purple Floral!

  51. the Wynn dress in swiss dot is wonderful!

  52. so many lovely clothes, but i would say the nautical stripe leggings and the Mila dress ( with my new niece called Milla, its only fitting ).!

  53. I really love the vivi spinning skirt and the floral milla apron dress. Super sweet.

  54. Love the chambray sundress and peach playsuit.

  55. All about the adorable play suits. So cute.

  56. Love the chambray apron sundress and the green floral playsuit. My little one would look so sweet in these! Love Mabo.

  57. The Mila Apron Sundress in textured Chambray …Could you make this in an adult size!!!
    So cute.
    And the Willa dress.
    Beautiful collection.

  58. Love the Mabel play suit in green floral and the Wynn Swiss Dot dress. Great giveaway and sweet clothes!

  59. Nice! Loving the Wynne dress and the Mabel play suit. My little Rearden would look adorable in those!

  60. Love the Wynne and Mila dresses, absolutely adorable!

  61. I love the striped shirts and the pants in pumpkin!

  62. We don’t know the gender of little one expected in September, so I would get the drawstring leggings in chartreuse and the nautical top in blue stripe!

  63. So great! I love their stuff so much. I have to say I’d want the drawstring pants in chartruse and those amazing little grey overalls.

  64. I love all these. Favorites are MABEL PLAYSUIT IN TEXTURED CHAMBRAY and the Peter Playsuit. So darling.

  65. Love these items! I would love a striped shirt for my little man and a cute little dress for our little girl on the way!

  66. a says...

    mabel play suit and wynne dress. adorable.

  67. love love love the little leggings!

  68. Willa dress in woven dot and spinning skirt in lemon. Love!

  69. Oh my gosh! I love the little Peter Playsuit!

  70. So classic. I would love to have the Peter Playsuits for my twins

  71. The Wynne dress is purple floral is lovely, as is the green floral play suit.

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  73. Love this give away. One for baby boy: the Azure Shawl Cardigan and one for the soon to arrive baby girl, the playsuit in peach stripe!

  74. So cute! Love the Wynne dress and the Willa dress.

  75. I love chambray! The Mila Apron Chambray and the Green Floral Dresses are my favorite!

  76. What a fun giveaway! I’ve been swooning over Mabo kids for quite some time now and would love any of the Mabel playsuits and that swiss dot Wynne dress is just adorable as well! Fingers crossed for this one! xo

  77. The clothes are gorgeous!

  78. Oh I love that you have this competition. This brand is a favourite of mine too.
    My two favourites are the Wynne Dress in purple floral and the Mila Apron Sundress in green floral.
    Fingers crossed. Tamara

  79. Gorgeous line!! The Wynne Dress in Swiss Dot and the Mabel Playsuit in Textured Chambray.

  80. Oh my gosh, those playsuits! And the bloomers. Can I really only choose two?

  81. Mabel playsuit in peach stripe of green floral.

  82. I’d choose the double sided drawstring leggings and the heather gray flannel overalls. Lovely clothes!

  83. Mabel play suit in peach stripes or green floral

  84. Mabel playsuit in peach stripe and Willa dress in woven dot, swoon.

  85. I am loving the striped leggings and the red striped long sleeve top!

  86. Oooh! The Mabel playsuit is perfect! And the Wynne dresses–doesn’t love a peter pan collar??

  87. I’m expecting twins any minute and love the Peter Playsuit for him and the Mabel Playsuit in chambray for her!

  88. The Charlie Drawstring Shorts in Chambray Herringbone and the Organic Cotton Nautical Tee in Blue/Natural. Such a beautiful collection overall. So happy to be acquainted with Mabo! Thanks!

  89. I love the Peter Playsuit and the flannel overalls! My little nephew Oskar would be too adorable them. :]


  90. ooh, we’ve been meaning to have some pictures taken of our twin girls, and the mila dresses or the peter pan collar dresses would both be lovely for that purpose – so timeless!

  91. Denim play suit!

  92. i love the mila apron sundress and the mabel playsuit! adorable!

  93. Love the Mabel playsuit and the Mila apron dress!

  94. love the wynne dress in indigo and the mabel playsuits in chambray, super cute!

  95. Mabel playsuit and wynne or mila dress!!!

  96. Chambray playsuit definitely! so french looking :)

  97. I am OBSESSED with the playsuit and the buffalo cape! One for summer and one for winter! OBSESSED I tell you!

  98. What sweet clothing. Love the winnie dress.

  99. Love, love, love the Mabel play suits and the Mila apron dress!

  100. Love the Wynn dress in purple (the little model reminds me of my own daughter!) and that striped mabel playsuit – such a fun vintage look!

  101. I love the playsuits and the mila apron chambrey dress :)

  102. I love Mabo! I would pick the Wynne dress and the Mabel playsuit, if I could get my hands on my daughter’s size! Fingers x.


  104. I love the willa dress in woven dot and the mabel playsuit in peach stripe

  105. I love the dresses, especially the Wynne Dress in Purple Floral and the Willa dress.

  106. Oh the Mabel and Peter playsuits for my twins to use on their trip to South Africa in December. Gorgeous!

  107. Love the peter play suit and the herringbone shorts for my little guy! Incredibly cute!

  108. Their soft pants have always killed me…in a good way of course. So simple and adorable, they are definitely my favorite!

  109. The Wynne dress and the Mila sundress are my favorites!

  110. Gorgeous clothes! My son would look adorable in the Azure Shawl Collar Cardigan and the Peter Playsuit.

  111. I’d love a AZURE SHAWL COLLAR CARDIGAN and a MABEL PLAYSUIT IN TEXTURED CHAMBRAY for my little girl arriving this fall :) Or maybe the WYNNE DRESS IN SWISS DOT. Too many cuties to choose from!

  112. Definitely the nautical tee in charcoal/ natural for my little guy and the Wynne dress in purple floral for my little girl!

  113. Would love leggings & a striped tee for my son!

  114. Heather Gray Flannel Overalls and the double sided striped pants!

  115. Ugh, these are cute enough to make me want to have a baby! But I would love to see my niece in either of those cute Willa dresses or some adorable little drawstring leggings.

  116. The Willa dress and the Mabel playsuit are just darling

  117. I love the organic cotton striped leggings and tees! My kids would wear those ALL the time.

  118. I love the solid double-sided drawstring leggings!

  119. Oh my gosh these are so cute! Since we had to choose only two, I would say the WYNNE DRESS IN PURPLE FLORAL for a little girl, and the MARINE BLUE SHAWL COLLAR for a little boy. Adorable.

  120. I love the cotton drawstring leggings and the Mabel Playsuit in Peach Stripe!

  121. I love the Wynne dress is Swiss Dot…so darling!

  122. Such cute stuff! Thanks for the chance to win!

  123. The Peter Playsuit and the Wynne Dress (purple floral) are lovely for my son and daughter.:)

  124. Wynne Dress in Purple Floral and Mabel Playsuit in Textured Chambray. Sooo adorable!

  125. The mabel play suits in green floral or peach are adorable!

  126. LD says...


  127. Organic cotton leggings in graphite and lemon linen drawstring shorts. What great basics, and my son can grow into what my daughter outgrows.

  128. Everything is just SO cute! But I love the wynne dress in Swiss dot and the Mabel play suit!

  129. the willa dress in woven dot and the peter playsuit are adorable!! thank you for sharing.

  130. I love, love, love the Floral Apron Sundress!

  131. The Willa Dress in woven dot (for myself!)!

  132. Wynne dress and Mabel Playsuit size 2/3! :D

  133. The Mabel Playsuits and the Mila Apron Sundress in textured chambray are all adorable.

  134. I love the company. Great Giveaway! Any of the play suits for my little please.

  135. I like the mabel playsuit in peach and the willa woven dot dress!!

  136. I love the wynne dress & mabel playsuit!!

  137. Hi Joanna,

    This is a lovely line of clothing I didn’t know about – thank you for the introduction. I shop Kate Quinn Organics usually for kids’ clothing (we don’t have our own yet, but for friends’ children).

    I really like the chocolate prairie school shoes and the mabel playsuit in peach stripe.