1. http://www.maandgrandy.bigcartel.com/

    Jo! You should check out a friend of mine’s amazing cards too.

    Lately I have figured out that I know I love a card and it’s print because it makes me want to just randomly mail people! What fun,

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I still send thank you cards, as do most of my friends (I just turned 32). I have personalized notecards and thank you cards from tinyprints, and I do keep a stash of funny cards juuuust in case and a ton of stamps. I keep everything at work though, shhhh! ;)

  3. I always send a thank you card for gifts- and also maybe a phone call, depending on the significance! Never a text, how horrible! I just love paper and textiles anyway, so sending a special card is nice for me and the recipient. :)

  4. Love these cards. I collect cards I like and then have such a hard time sending them off. But who doesn’t like mail? It is the best part of my day.

  5. Ha! Old age :) I have a little organizer that I keep cards in for certain occasions…a friend just called me last night to tell me she’s pregnant – I already have a card for that :)

  6. I never have stamps on hand but I’ve been accumulating cards for all occasions during sales and it feels so awesome to be like, “Oh, kid’s 1st bday? Dog died? Yeah, I’ve got a card for that!”

  7. jm says...

    Until last year I always sent thank you cards by snail mail for any gifts, stays at peoples houses and special birthday type dinner parties. Then I started calling to thank someone for a regular dinner or smalll bash at their house. Now I e-mail a thank you. I am on the verge of just calling for stays and debating about cards vs e-mails for gifts – maybe e-mails for small gifts and cards for wedding and shower gifts? Things are really in flux right now.

  8. I’ve sent ONE hand written thank you card in my life, to thank a blogger I interviewed for a school assignment (I wanted to leave an impression!). Other than that- my thank you’s are all texts and my big thank you’s are phone calls.


  9. To answer your question, Joanna… for me it depends. At my job I get at least 50 emails a day on most days, so I generally just email back a quick ‘thanks’. If someone goes above and beyond for me (work or otherwise), I will give a hand-written thank-you card and sometimes a small gift certificate (Starbucks or similar). I have received hand-written thank-you cards for work on a few occasions… usually if a huge project wraps up or I went above and beyond for someone.

  10. So beautiful! What a wonderful color.

  11. meadow, i agree!

    also i’m curious: do you guys still mail thank-you cards, or do you generally text and email nowadays instead? it feels like the etiquette is changing a little there.

  12. Those are beautiful! In the last year or so I’ve gone out of my way to buy more unique greeting cards and they’ve definitely been noticed by the recipients.

  13. I’ve been building up my card collection in the last little while. It’s true – those things are great to have when you need them. I’ve been buying everything from blank note cards to birthday cards to thank-you cards. Especially if we end up moving soon, I will be sending a lot more snail mail to my family! It’s a lost art.

  14. These are absolutely lovely. I definitely need to get in the habit of keeping a stash of cards at home, because I always, always get caught out!

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin