1. I really love this dress and would love to wear it with a belt! It’s a little bit out of a grad student’s price range, though :)

  2. I love how classics their pieces are. I just wish they shipped to the UK!

  3. I think you were single-handedly responsible for making them sell out of everything after your very first Everlane post – when they just had a few styles of tshirts! I know I got some! I have a bunch of tshirts and I’ve given the sweatshirt as a gift to my sister in law, and the Dopp kit and thin wallet to my husband for Christmas!

    Someone asked about sizing – I’m tall and not super skinny, but I get a medium in the tshirts and they’re perfect. Their sizing charts are spot on, so it might just be different from product to product.

  4. I remember you posting about them a while back and I fell in love, thanks for reminding me how awesome Everlane is! And, Lashley is right! Everlane Maternity would be to die for!

  5. Denim is such a must for summer <3


  6. I got a denim shirt-dress that looks identical to this for $18 at Old Navy online last year, and I LIVED in it last summer! I do always wear mine with a belt though (usually a low slung cognac one). Highly recommend!

  7. So beautiful! I wish they’d ship to Germany…

  8. I’ve been looking for the perfect sleeveless chambray shirt! Problem solved! Yay! Thanks, Jo!

  9. i have the same question as ms. luzader. did the dress seem to run small or large? thinking it might make the perfect post-pregnancy summer uniform, but not sure to go for M or L.

  10. Is the dress as short as it looks? it looks like it hits mid thigh or shorter????

  11. I think the shirt dresses are a bit weird by themselves (like waking up at your bf’s place and wearing his shirt around lol) I think they’d be best with a pair of black leggings and/or a belt!

    But I love the long sleeve button-up… I was eyeing that this morning!

  12. Love my Everlane tees! A friend and I were musing how great Everlane maternity would be. Since that dream hasn’t come true yet, I’ll have to get myself some denim once this baby decides to come out! Love that dress.

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  14. I love the tops – my concern with the dresses is given how often I am sitting on the ground with my toddler, how to keep from flashing everyone. Any tips Joanna? (you seemed to be pulling it off and looking great doing it at the party…)

  15. I know this is a cheesy question, but how ‘soft’ or comfortable their fabric is? I’m so tempted to buy…

  16. Agreed Joanna I’m so excited about these pieces! Especially the dress, I love the dark indigo one. They look very comfortable! Everlane does it again :)

  17. LOVE that dress! Never bought anything from them — did it seem to fit true to size? Would you recommend sizing up/down?