Pregnancy Pillows

Have you ever used a pregnancy pillow? They look crazy, but I swear by them. Sleeping with a giant belly can be uncomfortable, so these pillows were a lifesaver. They cradle your body—and belly—while you sleep, and you can wrap your arms and legs around them and sleep soundly through the night. Alex joked that it was like having a third person in our bed, but it was soooo worth it. I recommend them to all my pregnant friends.
When I was pregnant, I got a generic one online, but now I’ve discovered Bump Nest, which are even softer and more comfortable. Plus, their patterns are beautiful. (Check out the peacock feathers!)
The top of the pillow cradles your neck and shoulders and helps you stay on your side while sleeping; and you can wrap your legs around the bottom part, which helps ease lower back pain and creates an ergonomic sleeping position.
The sweetest part? You get a cap made out of extra material for your future baby to wear, while another cap is donated to an infant in need.
Bonus for all readers: Bump Nest is offering 15% off and free shipping with the code CUPOFJO15, good through June 30th. Thanks so much, Bump Nest.

P.S. Pregnancy survival guide, and 12 signs that you’re having a girl (or boy).

(Photos by Alpha Smoot for Cup of Jo. This post is sponsored by Bump Nest, whose products I love. Thank you for reading)

  1. emily says...

    hi joanna – did you use this pillow for nursing once the baby arrived? or just for sleeping during pregnancy? many thanks !!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i used it for sleeping during pregnancy and then reading/relaxing/etc afterward. but for breastfeeding, i used the My Breast Friend pillow, which was a lifesaver.

  2. I used my Coozly pregnancy pillow when I was pregnant, then used it to breast feed my little angel and now she plays between her lovely nest.

  3. I was looking for the best pregnancy pillow and i found cheap one at this website and you won’t believe how I can sleep so well every night now.

  4. I know it’s July now…but I tried your coupon code and it worked! I am so excited. I just returned my snoogle today and am hoping that this one is just what I’ve been searching for. Thank you so much for the discount :)

  5. Can someone tell me where you enter the coupon code? I can’t seem to find it when I try to place the order. Thanks! This pillow looks heavenly :)

  6. Anton is adorbs!

  7. This post remembered me of this movie: The Back-up Plan. If you haven’t seen it, I strongly recommend it. :D

  8. Lynn,

    You’d be surprised at what Bump Nest can do for you while pregnant.

    The American Pregnancy Association recommends that expecting moms sleep with a pillow between the knees, one to support the belly and one at the lower back. Bump Nest supports you in all the right places with just one pillow. You can even move the stuffing around on the inside of the pillow to sculpt it to your bump and body.

    We hope you give us a try on your next go-around!

    -Bump Nest

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  10. Lindsey,

    We actually do ship to Canada! You can’t do it through our website though.

    Call Bump Nest HQ at 1-800-691-2431 and ask for Whitney. She’ll take great care of you and any of your other friends from up north.

    -Bump Nest

  11. Chandra,
    We hope you give Bump Nest a try! If you don’t absolutely love yours (although there’s a 99.2% chance you will), you can send it back no questions asked.

    -Bump Nest

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  13. I couldn’t tell you why, but I’ve been avoiding buying one of these even though I wake up with a back ache every morning at 22 weeks! After looking at the impressive specs and cute colors options, I just went for it! Thanks for having fabulous sponsors with products your readers are interested in.

  14. Thanks so much. I had been advised by my physiotherapist to get one the same day as your post. I refused to buy one with the first three pregnancies but two people selling it to me on the same day- I was convinced. Last night I slept amazingly – & no pubic symphysis pain this morning! Just gutted I didn’t get one in the other pregnancies – but who knew.

  15. I loved, loved my pregnancy pillow when I was pregnant! It was my best friend. My hubby joked about it as well, saying it was my “new boyfriend.” This one is much cuter than mine was!

  16. Do you get a cap or is it donated when you purchase a pillow? I didn’t see anything about a hat coming with it.

  17. Yay, thanks for the code! I was just about to order one today ( I am 19 weeks but after my last pregnancy I said to myself I won’t miss the opportunity of sleeping with a body pillow, I know it will help so so much!).
    I can’t wait! I had no idea about the cap – I was thinking of getting the yellow flower-ish one, but as I am expecting a boy…hmmm, I might have to reconsider the pattern! :-)

  18. my husband said he missed cuddling mine after i delivered our first daughter, and i got rid of it. ( : i have a u-shaped one (hand me down) that goes all the way around, so i can switch positions.

    what did our poor foremothers do without all of these pregnancy “necessities”?

  19. I love your headboard and your other pillows!!

  20. I love my Bump Nest and couldn’t live without it at 36 weeks pregnant. I didn’t get the free cap for baby when I ordered mine though. :-(

  21. I’m not pregnant but I would love to have one of this pillows. I sleep with 5 pillows in my “hospital bed” (90 x 190 cm… don’t know this in inches, but is pretty small) cause I love the feeling of being cuddled!! (And when I sleep with someone is terrible: I want them to cuddle me but then I need my space… I’m a nightmare) Maybe I’ll get one of this soon!

  22. joanna – serious question so i hope you respond. do you ever have doubts about using your children to sell products? or exposing so much about them on the internet? i’ve always wondered that about your site, so would be really curious to understand your thinking. thanks!

  23. I love it!

    I have a colour stripe one (it’s now
    borrowed to a friend). It’s a must-have, definetly!

    Extra softness is a bonus, indeed!

  24. I never used a pregnancy pillow with either pregnancy. I couldn’t seem to make it comfortable for me. Instead, I would just stuff the blanket between my knees.

    The pillow in the picture looks cute, though.

  25. lb says...

    I wish I’d had one of these pillows after I donated a kidney last December; it would have been just the thing! BumpNest really should market these pillows to prospective kidney donors.

  26. So cute.

    Have a wonderful day.

  27. I used this pillow a lot when I was pregnant, but I also used a lot afterwards. Firstly, when I was feeding my baby (I was lying it across my legs as a support for my arms holding my baby) but also as a little bed during the day (making it like a nest)! So indeed, very helpful and comfortable.

  28. I’m not pregnant, nor am I planning to be, but I want one. I like to sleep on my side and those look so comfy! haha

  29. I loved my pregnancy pillow – was sad to let it go. Holy smokes your boys are adorable.

  30. jm says...

    That Anton is the cutest – just have to say.

  31. the bump nest pillow was the first pregnancy-related thing i bought. I was 12 weeks when I bought it, 28 weeks now, and it has helped me sleep so well in the pregnancy thus far!

  32. jm says...

    Love that little yellow hat on Anton! You and your boys are so cute. Love the pillow, too.

  33. I was just about to order one from their website but they unfortunately don’t seem to want to ship to Canada! Even though it seems as though they normally do. *Sigh* Thank you for the recommendation!

  34. RR says...

    I’m 14 weeks and seriously considering purchasing this! I had an old Boppy that is just not doing it.

  35. I’ve used one of these from Boppy through 3 pregnancies now and the only downside is how hard it is to give up after the baby arrives! I almost didn’t give it up between the babies but now that our family is complete, I think I have to let that pillow go! My husband things it’s hilarious that I love it so much, but I’ve seen him use it a couple of times when he slept in.

  36. wow anton is looking more like your hubby!

  37. does it double as a nursing pillow? I’m 30 weeks pregnant with my first baby, so far so good even without the pillow but one can never be too comfortable, right? :)

  38. i used one during my pregnancy and i use it now, anyway, because it’s confortable to use it even without a belly! :)

  39. would you believe that I’m 27 weeks with my second and have never used one? and I desperately need one – I’m so uncomfortable this time. we had a full size bed my first pregnancy and I just couldn’t make the room, but now we have a king so I think we can fit a 3rd person in the bed for my comfort. have really been wanting to try bump nest!

  40. Does any pregnant woman NOT use a pillow, I can’t imagine how you could get comfy without one?!

    I loved mine, I still have it & use it in bed, my children love it too :)