Of a Kind Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Of a Kind, the online store run by two wonderful women. Each week, they feature limited-edition pieces by emerging designers. The beautiful designs (like leather sandals, handmade jewelry, breezy silk dresses) are offered exclusively on their site until they sell out.

Today they’re giving away this gorgeous Aquamarine Pebble Ring ($195) which is handmade in Virginia and set in 10k gold. You could wear it every day this summer.

For a chance to win, please visit Of a Kind (and consider signing up for their newsletter, so you’ll never miss any of their limited editions) then leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow. Good luck! Update: The winner has been emailed. Thanks for playing!

  1. That is perfect! And my fiery firstborn’s birthstone. ;). It would be a great piece to someday hand down.

  2. My mom always wears a beautiful aquamarine ring and I’d love one of my own :)

  3. it’s absolutely beautiful

  4. Everything is simply too beautiful for words! amazing!

  5. Oh, that ring is just gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful ring! I’d love to sport this all summer long!

  7. Love this ring & Of A Kind.

  8. So delicate & lovely. Perfect for summer!

  9. That ring is so beautiful. So delicate and sweet!

  10. The color of that ring reminds me of my infant daughter’s eyes.

  11. Wear it all summer? How about wear it every day forever? It is gorgeous.

  12. love the company… I’ve been eyeing the arrow earring studs… so beautiful and modern.

  13. Want!

  14. gorgeous. i am crossing my fingers!

  15. I love Of A Kind, they have such beautiful unique things. LOVE this ring!! swoon!!!

  16. I love Of A Kind!! been following them for a while! love this ring, so simple and elegent. love it!

  17. What beautifully simple jewelry. I would love any of their pieces!

  18. Beautiful. Thank you for the introduction!

  19. Pick me! Aquamarine is my baby’s birthstone!

  20. Love this ring ! Now I want those sapphire studs too!

  21. I fell in love with this ring. It’s so beautiful and dainty

  22. I fell in love with this ring. It’s so beautiful and dainty

  23. delicate and beautiful!

  24. delicate and beautiful!

  25. This is my birthstone, I would love to wear it!

  26. Of a Kind has some wonderful pieces…I learned about them from your site and have a zigzag bracelet you featured.

  27. Lovely. My engagement ring was similar — but I think I actually like this one better!

  28. So simple and perfect.

  29. I love this website! So beautiful!

  30. gc says...

    Such a lovely ring! I love Of a Kind and have looked and looked but never purchased anything. Love all the jewelry editions and their meet the designers inside info…

  31. Beauty! Perfectly minimal.

  32. Gorgeous! Love the double cluster ring also :)

  33. Gorgeous! Love the double cluster ring also :)

  34. So pretty! They have a lovely selection.

  35. wow! I could totally see myself wearing that. They have beautiful things!

  36. so pretty!

  37. this ring (and their whole site) is beautiful! xo kelly

  38. Love this ring, love this shop!

  39. so pretty and simple, the only way I like my jewelry!

  40. So lovely! I would really be thrilled to win :)

  41. So dainty and perfect!!!

  42. swoon. (fingers crossed)

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  44. maybe it’s kind of late, but i wanna play. Such a classy ring, love it!

  45. Of a Kind always has such beautiful, delicate pieces. Makes me want to learn how to make jewelry.

  46. Signed up for the newsletter! This ring is stunning!!

  47. I love the jewellery!

  48. Stunning! Love Of A Kind and know about the brand thanks to you!

  49. Stunning – Love Of A Kind and know about them thanks to you!

  50. Stunning – Love Of A Kind and know about them thanks to you!

  51. Gorgeous ring. Very unique!

  52. Eeep! In Virginia?! I’m a Virginian!

  53. Eeep! In Virginia?! I’m a Virginian!

  54. Eeep! In Virginia?! I’m a Virginian!

  55. This is beautiful – both wild and delicate!

  56. So beautiful! Hope it’s not too late :)

  57. What a lovely website, there are so many pieces I want to own! :)

  58. So many pretty things!! What a great site! :)

  59. Such a gorgeous, dainty ring!!

  60. Would love that ring

  61. Would love that ring :)

  62. Beautiful! So many pretty pieces on the website, too.

  63. my birthstone is aquamarine. would love this!!

  64. Love their stunning and simple jewellery designs!

  65. I love this concept of a limited number of each item being created! It’s like a club…I want to join the club of wearers of this lovely ring!

  66. Perfect! This ring is simple and feminine. Love it.

  67. so delicate and beautiful

  68. Such a beautiful ring

  69. so delicate and beautiful

  70. Their stuff is so amazing. This ring is to DIE. I would have a hard time choosing between wearing it for myself, or giving it to my hopelessly boho chic daughter as a gift!

  71. Exquisite. What a perfect hand gem. I also love the kathryn-bentlely Turquoise Organic Amulet!! Stunning pieces!

  72. I love that Lapis Dibeh necklace…and the giveaway ring is so lovely!

  73. Simply stunning. I love how dainty this ring is, and aquamarine is my birth stone!

  74. I love this piece! So gorgeous!

  75. So timeless!

  76. My husband doesn’t “get” the look of jewelry like this, and I know he would say “you spent $200 on THAT?” Oh please pick me so that I may wear it and bask in smug confidence when I receive it’s compliments in his presence! (Love you, honey. Muaa)

  77. Oh god! I put this ring on my Mother’s Day wish list. I’m not usually a jewelry kind of woman, but I have my heart set on this ring!

  78. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

  79. I absolutely love these delicate gold rings with stones! They’ve got beautiful stuff! Cheers!

  80. Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!

  81. Love that site and the ring is so delicate and beautiful!

  82. my birthstone! love aquamarine for its ability to help clear the throat chakra

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  84. Beautiful! The perfect ring for summer :)

  85. my birthstone and current obsession for its ability to open up your throat chakra!

  86. So pretty ahhh!!

  87. All their stuff is amazing. What a beautiful ring!

  88. I love Of a Kind! Excellent collections

  89. That is such a pretty and feminine ring.

  90. Is it too late to enter? If not, please add me! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  91. Gorgeous and delicate. I love it.

  92. Such a beautiful ring!

  93. Wow! So classic and timeless!


  95. I’m so in love with that ring! It’s beautiful!

  96. I love it and I would wear it every day this summer!

  97. Gorgeous! Love their website.

  98. Such a delicate and beautiful ring!

  99. Pretty!

  100. Pretty!

  101. Love.This. Ring.

  102. Pretty!

  103. Lovely ring!

  104. S says...

    Love this!

  105. I’ve been looking for a gold skinny ring like this one for a while now. I hope I win!

  106. That is gorgeous! Simple but so unique. Here’s hoping!