Have a lovely weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We’re going on a walking food tour downtown with Ruth Reichl—former New York Times food critic and Gourmet Magazine editor in chief—to celebrate her new book. I’ve loved her work for years and am geeking out over getting to meet her. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun posts from around the web…

The truth about the creative process.

Wouldn’t you like to visit this cottage?

How to drink all night without getting drunk.

The two-ponytail trick.

Toby laughed out loud at this book, more than any other we’ve read. I’d highly recommend it.

Sweet Mother’s Day gift.

Maps that will teach you funny things about your state.

Can you pass this sleep deprivation test? (I didn’t.)

Tiny houses you can rent on Airbnb.

What chefs keep in their fridges.

The world’s craziest intersection. Yikes.

Made me laugh.

I’d love to wear these this summer.

The new movie Boyhood looks fantastic. (And took 12 years to make.)

This little girl’s reaction is so, so sweet.

Christopher Wahl’s portraits of Heather Ogden, a principal dancer from the National Ballet of Canada, show how athletic and tough ballet really is.

Also, a few readers asked for Caroline‘s lipstick recommendations, so she’s going to wear a different lipstick every day of the month of May and report back. We’ll show photos each Friday, starting next week. Anyway, thank you so much, and have a good one. xo

(Photo of the Paris Opera Ballet School by David Elofer)

  1. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.

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  2. Love the creative cartoon process! So accurate. Nothing like a deadline to make those creative juices flow!

    Spring weekends are the best! I took my girls to the National Cathedral for Flower Mart, and they had a blast!

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  4. Oh my goodness, the little girl was too adorable! The ballet portraits were gorgeous too. Love your Friday posts!

  5. Oh, I love that pj set. So sweet. You always find the sweet spot between decadent and simple.

  6. I’m so excited to see Boyhood! At first, I thought the main character was actually Ethan Hawke’s son cos he looks so much like him!

    Also adding that Octopus book to my Amazon wishlist. My little one loves to read!

    Maria xx

  7. wow i just tried the two ponytail trick! its awesome!!

  8. Love the ballet picture too, always fresh content..good post…

  9. Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me totally just referenced your blog!!!!!! There was a limerick about a “New York parenting blog” that use the bathroom as an extra bedroom in their apartment. Ha!

  10. Every Saturday morning I read your “have a lovely weekend” posts and I just love them. Your blog is a much appreciated part of my weekend routine – thank you.

  11. There’s nooo way that yeast can prevent hangovers! Alcohol is broken down in two steps (yeast speeds up the first), so you’ll need to take something else to speed up the second step (but there’s nothing available for that yet). Otherwise the alcohol will be stuck between steps 1 and 2 and you’ll just end up with Asian glow :/ Pepsid AC stops the red face but you’ll still feel sick.

    That intersection is anxiety inducing!

  12. Hi Joanna! Awesome links as always. I loved the post about Heather Ogden.

    Here’s a link to my favourite Canadian dance photographer.

    Enjoy your weekend! xo

  13. These are fantastic posts, as always. I especially like the Creative Process one!! I’m a creative, and yup. That’s the process lol.

  14. The little girl was going nuts over the baby, and it wasn’t even born yet! I think her brother was a little less impressed, but he’ll grow into it.

  15. A hilarious book I read lately to a 6 year old girl is Lilly’s Big Day by Kevin Henkes (same author as Chrysanthemum, which I remember from my childhood) and it was so surprising, it had both of us laughing out loud.

    Also, that intersection is crazy and that movie looks really good. I wonder how many times he changed the direction of where we wanted the film to go.

  16. Would love to see a post about perfume as well. Looking for cool girl scents that are unique, not cheesy or sexy, and are possibly handmade or that come from a small business.

  17. Love that ponytail trick! My grandmother taught me that when I was a tiny gal. What a nice way to remember her today. :)

  18. That intersection video was crazy! Watching the pedestrians scares me the most. When I visited Cairo, it was very similar, you just walk and keep a steady pace and hope you don’t get killed. I quickly learned just to cross the street with locals, just walk right next to them and keep their pace. Thanks for sharing. Love your Friday round ups from the web. I always look forward to them.

  19. Oh, I had the chance to see Boyhood at Berlinale a few months back – it was simply mesmerizing! I can’t wait to see it once again when it is released…

  20. Yes, you must write a post about the tour with Ruth Reichl! I want to be her when I grow up! I, too, failed the sleep test, hard! so I watched the other videos on how to sleep better, the 90min sleep cycles video was really neat!

  21. The tour with Ruth Reichl sounds amazing! Hope you do a post to tell us all about it.

  22. Gillian O’Malley at Target has a pajama set like the Splendid one. Just bought it for my mom but wanting one of my own!

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  24. Nice plan! I’m in Geneva (Switzerland) supporting my husband who will run the marathon on Sunday :-)
    (and then back to Italy;-)

  25. SUCH a good roundup. I got lost in it. Have a fabulous weekend!

  26. That intersection makes me very nervous. Those pedestrians are BRAVE.

  27. I can’t believe you’re going to meet Ruth Reichl!!! You are so lucky. Have an amazing time!

  28. I’ve notice how almost never the weekend posts say that your grand plan is to just……do nothing. There’s always (even if small) plan to go out and do something.

    It sounds exhausting for me. Maybe it’s very exciting for you.

    Do you guys ever plan downtime just because?

  29. A walking food tour sounds amazing, enjoy!!

  30. I read “garlic and sapphires” and loved it. I’ll have to get the new one. Have a good weekend!

  31. As a student in an adult absolute beginner ballet class, I love all these ballet posts! Out of curiosity, why do you like ballet so much? Have you done it in the past?

  32. I’m so excited about the lipstick reviews! Can Caroline please review Lipstick Queen in the shade Medieval? The Elle accessories editor only wears this sheer, bright red shade and swears by it after she discovered it for her wedding. It looks awesome on her and apparently is a favorite on all skin shades :) I would love to know if it’s long lasting.

  33. Oh my gosh, that little girl is too cute! So sweet when she said “I can’t thank you enough”.

  34. meeting up in lexington with a friend tonight, the derby is tomorrow (i’m a kentuckian), and I need to somehow try to fit in a round of golf and two final term papers. Eek!

    Happy weekend, Joanna!

  35. Yay for Caroline and lipstick! That is a great idea, can’t wait to see :) xoxo

  36. So great… I always look forward to your Friday links. That traffic in Ethiopia was crazy! I kept thinking the pedestrians would be squished!

  37. That sleep deprivation test freaked me out! I didn’t notice any of the changes haha. Oh dear….

  38. making a note of the Octopus book. My son just turned 18 – so not for him – but looks like a great gift :)