Spring Dress

Now that the weather is warming up, I’ve been on the hunt for an everyday spring dress. But it’s been hard to find something flattering—dresses were either too short or too long, or the sleeves were capped (never good).

But lo and behold, I went onto last night and saw this beauty. She’s perfect! And the pattern is so pretty! What do you think? Where do you usually shop for casual dresses?

P.S. And these sandals.

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  2. I just got a sweet little cotton sundress from the Goodwill… thrift shops are my jam :)

  3. Boden. Boden. Boden.

  4. Title nine has nice dresses i also like eddie bauer and athleta. i like this dress too even though i prefer solid colors

  5. I really like Modcloth, JCrew and Zara for spring dresses. Nice find!

  6. I just bought FIVE dresses at Gap the other night. I couldn’t resist because they were all beautiful and fit perfectly! I have a larger chest but small waist, so it can be difficult to find dresses that fit so well. Jackpot!

  7. And just what’s “wrong” with cap sleeves??? I think they’re very flattering.

  8. Whistles in the uk is great for dresses, I also love Aritzia, a Canadian brand which has a store in soho nyc and Zara is always a winner. I recently bought the perfect denim summer dress from Parc Boutique, I will post it on the blog this week.
    Lucy x

  9. My go-to dresses are from Garnet Hill and Boden. This one from Madewell is also super cute!

  10. LOFT! Their casual dresses aren’t too short and for the price are SO well made. If you catch a sale, it’s even better!

  11. I wanted to see where others shopped for dresses then I read what Danielle wrote about making your own and thats exactly what I do. I troll pinterest and then make a look alike.
    I posted a few things on my pinterest sewing board erin Ladue

  12. I love Boden and Old Navy has some great causal dress at very reasonable prices. I’ve also recently become a huge fan of eShakti. So far ever dress I’ve gotten from them has exceeded my expectations. I would even say the quality is better than Jcrew or Anthropologie. I also like that they make it easy to alter the dresses – which means I can always have pockets and the hemline I want.

  13. Sophia and Georgina, same!! I just stocked up on some from old navy that are cute. Either wrap or faux-wrap, and they have lots of options on length, sleeves, and color!

  14. Oh, Joanna! I think this dress would look perfect on you! I have it in a muted striped pattern from a year ago (or was it two…) and still wear it all the time. Madewell is great.

    I have also really been enjoying the perfection of Black Crane lately. Casual, breezy dresses that are of a minimalist style. I usually go to NeedSupply or La Garconne for my online dress shopping!

  15. Agreed on the capped sleeves! Ugh!

  16. $138 for a cotton dress?! You have got to be kidding me.

  17. $138 for a cotton dress?! You have got to be kidding me.

  18. I am always on the lookout for an everyday dress that I can breastfeed in. Boat necks are lovely, but impossible.

  19. I’ll have to look into Madewell! I had my baby 9 months ago and I’m looking for free flowing dresses! Hello sunshine!

  20. I second old navy! I find that they have so many dresses for cheap that I don’t mind buying several for the season. So many options and patterns too!

  21. I bought a dress that is that exact silhouette but is white and navy striped from Anthro in 2012…it’s still my go-to spring and summer dress!

  22. I actually don’t mind Old Navy for casual dresses. I get bored of clothes so fast that by the time a season is over, I don’t mind getting rid of something so inexpensive. What’s wrong with cap sleeves? I think they’re cute.

  23. Boden USA makes supercute dresses, and many of them are knee-length. They also have petite and long sizes (I am 5.11, and as a mom, I need a dress that does not show everything when I bend over).

  24. I have the same problem! Everything right now is either “mini” (too short) or “midi” (too long!). That is a very cute dress though, I love the sleeve length.

  25. Jo, you are really a style icon (you looked so effortlessly amazing in that recent Ergo post) and totally accessible at the same time- unlike anyone else I know of. Your blog is a daily treat and, unbelievably, only gets better over the years. Thank you! I’m so inspired by you! BTW I love Boden dresses.

  26. YES. I just saw this dress the other day and was swooning hardcore. Unfortunately, I live in Switzerland and they don’t ship internationally : ( Drats! But, hopefully it comes to Shopbop? Or I make my family ship it to me?

    Dresses for the win!

  27. I’ve fallen in love with Piperlime. It’s a collection of designers so there’s lots of options in terms of style, price, etc. It’s always free shipping and they send packaging for easy returns if it doesn’t fit!

  28. I would so like to wear spring dresses, but most are a disaster for breastfeeding… I know you did a post on this a while back, but I’d love to see another roundup of breastfeeding-friendly clothes for spring and summer!

  29. And Jill – good to know about Lularoe! I’m going to check them out!

  30. That’s pretty. Yes, I have the same problems (length, sleeves). I like the Boden day dresses, esp. when they’re having a big sale, which is often. Many pretty dresses…

  31. Dresses are the only things I wear in the summer! I don’t have kids and Texas summers are a BEAST, so I try to go with the lightest fabric possible that won’t show sweat. Modcloth and Target have been good to me. :)

  32. oh yes madewell! i love their dresses are so easy to dress up or down.

  33. while in thailand i came up on a Mango store. it’s not a new brand but it’s not widely available in the states and i am in love with their stuff. i was just perusing their dresses online this morning and regretting not snagging everything when i was at the actual store.

    i also love Free People stuff, though it’s very music festival/bohemian and not exactly appropriate for office wear…

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  35. So pretty! My first baby is due June 14th, so of course I’m starting to kind of obsess over getting back into normal clothes. I also bought a few Sonnet James dresses (which I hope ship out soon from preorders!) and I’m thrilled to wear those all summer.

  36. Hooray for letting your legs breathe. I wasn’t sure how my transition from head-to-toe black, navy, and charcoal was going to go this season. Now after a week of showing my knee freckles, I am happy to announce that this will be my spring of Zara pencil skirts. Pencil skirts (still black, navy, and charcoal) and SPF 70.

  37. You can find almost the exact same dress “the Amelia dress” (in different prints) from for a fraction of the price. Just sayin.’

  38. So pretty! I have trouble with casual dresses being too short as well, especially with being a mom! I need to be able to bend over if you know what I mean! :-)

  39. Without trying to sound endorse-y, Everlane’s won me over with their silk blouses. Paired with shorts and skirts, they’re definitely my summer uniform.

  40. Cute :) Spring dresses always remind me that I should learn to sew! Seems like making your own could be so simple and satisfying. If only I could thread the machine…

  41. LOVE this dress. Although, to be fair, I pretty much love anything from Madewell. I just bought a varsity jacket that was on sale and have not stopped wearing it. It has been perfect for the cool spring nights we’ve been having in DC. Thanks for sharing!